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Mis Lietuva
Motto Beauty and Destiny
Formation 1988
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Vilnius
Miss Universe
Miss World
Official language
National Director
Benas Gudelis
Website Official site

Miss Lithuania (Lithuanian: Mis Lietuva) is a national Beauty pageant in Lithuania.


Miss Lithuania 2007 Jurgita Jurkutė

Miss Lithuania began in 1988 and debuted at the Miss World competition. The pageant traditionally broadcast live on "Lietuvos rytas TV". Since 2012, the Miss Lithuania Organization sends the second title to the Miss Universe pageant. The Miss Lithuania pageant organizes by Benas Gudelis in Vilnius, Lithuania.


The following is a list of all Miss Lithuania titleholders since 1988.

Year Mis Lietuva County Miss Universe Lithuania Miss World Lithuania
2014 Agnė Kavaliauskaitė Vilnius Patricija Belousova[1] Agnė Kavaliauskaitė
2013 Rūta Elžbieta Mazurevičiūtė Kaunas Simona Burbaitė[2] Rūta Elžbieta Mazurevičiūtė
2012 Rasa Vereniūtė Vilnius Greta Mikalauskytė[3] Rasa Vereniūtė
2011 Ieva Gervinskaitė Klaipėda N/A Ieva Gervinskaitė
2010 Gritė Maruškevičiūtė Vilnius N/A Gritė Maruškevičiūtė
2009 Vaida Petraškaitė Vilnius N/A Vaida Petraškaitė
2008 Gabrielė Martirosianaitė Vilnius N/A Gabrielė Martirosianaitė
2007 Jurgita Jurkutė Vilnius N/A Jurgita Jurkutė
2004 Agnė Maliaukaitė Vilnius N/A Agnė Maliaukaitė
2003 Vaida Grikštaitė Vilnius N/A Vaida Grikštaitė
2002 Oksana Semenišina Vilnius N/A Oksana Semenišina
2000 Martyna Bimbaitė Vilnius N/A Martyna Bimbaitė
1998 Kristina Pakarnaitė Vilnius N/A Kristina Pakarnaitė
1997 Asta Vyšniauskaitė Vilnius N/A Asta Vyšniauskaitė
1996 Daiva Anužytė Vilnius N/A Daiva Anužytė
1995 Gabrielė Bartkutė Vilnius N/A Gabrielė Bartkutė
1994 Jurga Tautkutė Vilnius N/A Jurga Tautkutė
1993 Jūratė Mikutaitė Vilnius N/A Jūratė Mikutaitė
1992 Rasa Kukenytė Vilnius N/A Rasa Kukenytė
1989 Liucija Gruzdytė Vilnius N/A Liucija Gruzdytė
1988 Ingrida Mikelionytė Vilnius N/A Ingrida Mikelionytė


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