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Miss Mabel is a 1948 stage play by R. C. Sherriff. It has been adapted for television at least five times.

1950 version[edit]

A live version aired as part of British anthology series BBC Sunday Night Theatre in 1950. Cast included Mary Jerrold, Clive Morton, Richard Warner, W. E. Holloway, Josephine Middleton, Herbert C. Walton, Anne West, Ronald Marriott, Rowland Winterton and Anthony Farmer.[1] It was performed on 26 March 1950 with a repeat performance on 29 March 1950. Both performances are lost, as the live broadcasts were not recorded.[2][3]

1953 version[edit]

A live version aired in 1953 as part of American anthology series Kraft Television Theatre on NBC. Cast included Lloyd Bochner, Malcolm Keen, Estelle Winwood and Frederick Worlock.[4]

1956 version[edit]

A version aired in 1956 as part of American anthology series Lux Video Theatre on CBS. Cast included Irene Anders, Anthony Eustrel, Ruth Hammond, Terrence Kilburn, Elsa Lanchester, J. Pat O'Malley, Richard Peel, Roland Winters and Frederick Worlock.[5]

1958 version[edit]

A version aired in 1958 on Australian television. Originally broadcast live in Sydney,[6] a kinescope ("telerecording") was made of the broadcast and later shown in Melbourne.[7] It is not known if the kinescope recording still exists. Cast included Minnie Love, Walter Pym, Charles Tasman, Ida Newton, Geoffrey King, John Bluthal, Lewis Fiander, Derani Scarr and Peter Owen.[8]

1980 version[edit]

A version aired in 1980 as part of French television series Au théâtre ce soir. Cast included Jandeline, Annick Alane, Vannick Le Poulain, Brigitte Winstel, Jean-Pierre Delage, Jacques Dynam, Robert Le Béal, Jean Barney, Bernard Lanneau, Edward Sanderson, and Bernard Durand.[9]


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