Miss Madagascar

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Miss Madagascar
Motto Pour notre Pays pour nos Miss
Formation 1960
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Antananarivo
Miss World
Official language
Comité Miss Madagascar
Website http://www.missmadagascar.org/

Miss Madagascar is a national Beauty pageant in Madagascar.


Miss Madagascar was founded in 1960 as part of the festivities of the country's independence from France. Rajaobelina Bedovoahangy became the first woman from Madagascar to participate in Miss World 1960. Ever since its inception, the organization of the national beauty contest has experienced several years of hiatus at different intervals. The winners of Miss Madagascar traditionally competed in Miss World. In 1998, Helen Hodgson, a Madagascar-based British businesswoman, took over the reigns of Comite Miss Madagascar and brought the country back to Miss World. Today, Miss Madagascar is organized by Comite Miss Madagascar and TVM under the auspices of the Office of the First Lady of Madagascar.

Miss Madagascar 1974


Year Miss Madagascar Placement
2017 Njara Windye Harris[1] TBA
2016 Samantha Todivelou[2] Did not compete
2015 Hanja Ranjalahy[3] Did not compete
2012 Tanzia Asmina[4] Did not compete
2002 Nirina Rasoamananarivo Unplaced
2001 Tassiana Boba Unplaced
2000 Julianna Todimarina Unplaced
1999 Tantely Ramonjy Unplaced
1990 Ellys Razan Unplaced
1974 Raobelina Harisoa Unplaced
1961 Jeanne Rakatomahanina Unplaced
1960 Rajaobelina Bedovoahangy Unplaced
  • Notes:
    • Complete list of the names of the winners of all editions of Miss Madagascar is not available.
    • Miss Madagascar is a registered trademark and the contest is not related to Miss RTA Madagascar or Miss Earth Madagascar.

Rajaobelina Bedovoahangy, the first Miss Madagascar 1960


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