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Mis Crne Gore
Formation 2006
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Podgorica
Miss World
Miss Universe
Miss Earth
Official language
Vesna de Vinča[1]
Website www.missyu.rs

Miss Montenegro (Montenegrin: Mis Crne Gore) is a national Beauty pageant in Montenegro.


Prior to the birth of Miss Montenegro in late 2006, Ivana Knežević was handpicked to become the first official international representative of Montenegro as an independent state to Miss World 2006, after the union of Serbia and Montenegro came to an end on 3 June 2006. Ivana was a Montenegrin finalist in the last Miss Serbia and Montenegro ever held, won by Serbian Vedrana Grbović in 2006.[2]


Vesna de Vinča president of Miss Montenegro is a TV author, journalist, TV director, editor, and screenwriter. Since 1993, she has been the TV programme editor on the documentary programme, RTS, the biggest radio and TV network in Serbia & Montenegro. Her TV programs are broadcast via satellite. She has been running her own TV production company since 2004.[3]

Miss Crne Gore[edit]

Marija Ćirović, Miss Montenegro 2007
Mariana Mihajlović, Miss Montenegro 2008

The winner of Miss Crne Gore represents her country at the Miss World. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent. Since Serbia and Montenegro split to two countries, Montenegro has not achievement from debuting in 2006 to present.

Year Miss Crne Gore Municipality Miss Universe Crne Gore Municipality
2006 Ivana Knežević[2] Bar Snežana Bušković[2] Podgorica
2007 Marija Ćirović[4] Nikšić Daša Živković[4] Nikšić
2008 Mariana Mihajlović[5] Plavnica Anja Jovanović[5] Podgorica
2009 Marijana Pokrajac[6] Kotor Nikolina Lončar
2010 Milica Milatović[7] Podgorica Biljana Peković
2011 Maja Maraš Podgorica Andrea Radonjić Podgorica
2013 Ivana Milojko Kotor Nikoleta Jovanović
2014 Nataša Novaković Podgorica Maja Čukić Podgorica
2015 Nataša Milosavljević Herceg Novi Katarina Keković Cetinje
2016 Tea Babić Podgorica Adela Zoranić Bar

Big Four pageants[edit]

Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

Miss Universe Montenegro[edit]

Year Miss Crne Gore Municipality Placement Special Awards Notes
2007 Snežana Bušković[2] Podgorica Unplaced
2008 Daša Živković[4] Nikšić Unplaced 2nd Runner-up Miss Tourism Queen 2008
2009 Anja Jovanović[5] Podgorica Unplaced
2011 Nikolina Lončar Pljevlja Unplaced Miss Congeniality Miss Universe Montenegro 2010
2012 Andrea Radonjić Podgorica Unplaced
2015 Maja Čukić Podgorica Unplaced
2017 Adela Zoranić Bar TBA

Miss World Montenegro[edit]

Year Miss Crne Gore Municipality Placement Special Awards Notes
2006 Ivana Knežević Bar Unplaced
2007 Marija Ćirović[4] Nikšić Unplaced
2008 Mariana Mihajlović[5] Plavnica Unplaced
2009 Marijana Pokrajac[6] Kotor Unplaced
2010 Milica Milatović[7] Podgorica Unplaced
2011 Maja Maraš Podgorica Unplaced
2012 Nikolina Lončar Pljevlja Unplaced Miss Universe Montenegro 2010
2013 Ivana Milojko Kotor Unplaced
2014 Nataša Novaković Podgorica Unplaced
2015 Nataša Milosavljević Herceg Novi Unplaced
2016 Katarina Keković Cetinje Unplaced Top 24 Miss World Sport Miss Universe Montenegro 2016
2017 Tea Babić Podgorica TBA TBA TBA


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