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Miss Nederland Organisatie
Logo of Miss Universe Netherlands.jpg
Formation 1991
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Amsterdam
Miss Universe
Miss World
Official language
Kim Kötter
Website www.missnederland.nl

Miss Nederland by Kim Kötter (previously known as Miss Nederland Universe) is a national pageant in the Netherlands. This pageant is unrelated to Miss Holland pageant.


Former pageant[edit]

In 1929-1931 Netherlands held for the first time of national pageant in Amsterdam. It called as "Miss Holland" contest. In 1932-1949 the pageant was stopped and continued in 1951 by Miss Holland Organization.[1]

In 1951 the Netherlands debuted at the Miss World and Miss Universe in 1956. The national beauty pageant was called "Miss Holland" from 1950 until 1990, since that year the winner competed at the Miss Universe, while runner-ups traditionally competed at the Miss World and Miss International. Since 1991 it became known as "Miss Nederland" whose winner went to Miss World pageant. In 1991-2008 Miss Universe representatives selected from "Miss Universe Netherlands" pageant. It was live showed on Veronica television.[2][3]

Miss Nederland Organisation[edit]

In 2009 Kim Kötter became national director of the Netherlands, she was competed at the Miss Universe 2002 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Usually, Miss Nederland titleholder will compete both at the Miss Universe and Miss World pageant.In 2013 and 2014, two winners were crowned as the Miss Netherlands Universe and Miss Netherlands World to represent their country at the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants,respectively.


Below are list of Miss Universe Netherlands winners since 1991.

Year Miss Nederland Region
1991 Paulien Huizinga Utrecht
1992 Vivian Jansen North Brabant
1993 Angelique van Zalen North Holland
1994 Irene van de Laar South Holland
1995 Chantal van Woensel Zeeland
1996 Marja de Graaf Drenthe
1998 Jacqueline Rotteveel North Holland
2000 Chantal van Roessel North Brabant
2001 Reshma Roopram South Holland
2002 Kim Kötter Overijssel
2003 Tessa Amber Brix South Holland
2004 Lindsay Pronk North Holland
2005 Sharita Sopacua North Brabant
2008 Charlotte Labee South Holland
2009 Avalon Chanel Weyzig Flevoland
2010 Desirée van den Berg North Holland
2011 Kelly Weekers Limburg
2012 Stephanie Tency North Holland
2013 Yasmin Verheijen North Holland
2015 Jessie Jazz Vuijk North Holland

Provincial rankings[edit]

Provinces Titles Years
North Holland 7 1993, 1998, 2004, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015
South Holland 4 1994, 2001, 2003, 2008
North Brabant 1992, 2000, 2005
Limburg 1 2011
Overijssel 2002
Flevoland 2009
Drenthe 1996
Zeeland 1995
Utrecht 1991

List of Miss Netherlands at International pageants[edit]

Representatives at Miss Universe[edit]

Color key
  •      Winner
  •      Runner-up
  •      Finalists or semifinalist

Below are Miss Universe representatives from the Netherlands in under Miss Holland Company (1956-1990), Miss Universe Nederland Organization (1991-2008) and Miss Nederland Organisatie (2009-present). On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent.

Year Miss Nederland Placement Special Awards Miss Holland/Nederland
1956 Rita Schmidt Unplaced Miss Holland 1956
1958 Corine Rottschafer Top 16 Miss Photogenic Miss Holland 1958
1959 Peggy Erwich Unplaced Miss Holland 1959
1960 Carinna Verbeck Unplaced 3rd Runner-up
1961 Gita Kamman Unplaced 1st Runner-up
1962 Marianne Van Der Hayden Unplaced 1st Runner-up
1963 Elsa Onstenk Unplaced 2nd Runner-up
1964 Henny Deul Unplaced Best National Costume 3rd Runner-up
1965 Anna Schuit 4th Runner-up Miss Holland 1965
1966 Margo Domen Top 15 Miss Holland 1966
1967 Irene van Campenhout Top 15 Miss Holland 1967
1968 Nathalie Heyl Unplaced 1st Runner-up
1969 Welmoed Hollenberg Unplaced Miss Holland 1969
1970 Maureen Renzen Unplaced Miss Holland 1970
1971 Laura Mulder Smid Unplaced Miss Holland 1971
1972 Jenny Ten Wolde Unplaced Miss Holland 1972
1973 Monique Borgeld Unplaced Contestant
1974 Nicoline Broeckx Unplaced Miss Holland 1974
1975 Lynda Snippe Unplaced Miss Holland 1975
1976 Nannetje Nielen Unplaced 1st Runner-up
1977 Ineke Berends Top 10 Miss Holland 1977
1978 Karin Ingrid Gustafsson Top 10 Miss Holland 1978
1979 Eunice Bharatsingh Unplaced Miss Holland 1979
1980 Karin Gooyer Unplaced Miss Holland 1980
1981 Ingrid Schouten Top 10 Miss Holland 1981
1982 Brigitte Dierickx Unplaced Miss Holland 1982
1983 Nancy Lalleman Heynis Unplaced Miss Holland 1983
1984 Nancy Neede Top 10 Miss Holland 1984
1985 Brigitte Bergman Unplaced Miss Holland 1985
1986 Caroline Veldkamp Unplaced 2nd Runner-up
1987 Janny Tervelde Unplaced Miss Holland 1986
1988 Annabet Berendsen Unplaced 3rd Runner-up
1989 Angela Visser Miss Universe 1989 Miss Holland 1988
1990 Stephanie Halenbeek Unplaced Miss Holland 1989
1991 Paulien Huizinga 1st Runner-up Miss Universe Nederland 1991
1992 Vivian Jansen Top 6 Miss Universe Nederland 1992
1993 Angelique van Zalen Unplaced Miss Universe Nederland 1993
1994 Irene van de Laar Unplaced Miss Universe Nederland 1994
1995 Chantal van Woensel Unplaced Miss Universe Nederland 1995
1996 Marja de Graaf Unplaced Miss Universe Nederland 1996
1998 Jacqueline Rotteveel Unplaced Miss Universe Nederland 1998
2000 Chantal van Roessel Unplaced Miss Universe Nederland 2000
2001 Reshma Roopram Unplaced Miss Universe Nederland 2001
2002 Kim Kötter Unplaced Miss Universe Nederland 2002
2003 Tessa Amber Brix Unplaced Miss Universe Nederland 2003
2004 Lindsay Pronk Unplaced Miss Universe Nederland 2004
2005 Sharita Sopacua Unplaced Miss Universe Nederland 2005
2008 Charlotte Labee Unplaced Miss Universe Nederland 2008
2009 Avalon Chanel Weyzig Unplaced Miss Nederland 2009
2010 Desirée van den Berg Unplaced Miss Nederland 2010
2011 Kelly Weekers Top 16 Miss Nederland 2011
2012 Nathalie den Dekker Unplaced Best National Costume
(2nd runner-up)
2013 Stephanie Tency Unplaced Miss Nederland 2012
2014 Yasmin Verheijen 3rd Runner-up Miss Nederland 2013
2015 Jessie Jazz Vuijk TBA TBA Miss Nederland 2015

Representatives at Miss World[edit]

In 1951-1955 Netherlands was competed at the Miss World contest by Miss Holland winners. In 1956-1990 mostly the runner-ups of Miss Holland competed at the pageant. While in 1991-2008 the Miss Netherlands selected the official candidate to the Miss World pageant. According to the Miss Holland history, the Netherlands has two Miss World winners in 1959 Corine Rottschäfer of Hoorn and 1962 Catharina Lodders of Haarlem. Since 2009 Miss Nederland by Kim Kotter selects contestant to the Miss World where the second title automatically will award as Miss World Nederland. Below are Miss World representatives from the Netherlands in under Miss Nederland Organisatie (2009-present).

Year Miss Nederland Placement Special Awards Miss Holland/Nederland
2009 Avalon-Chanel Weyzig Unplaced Miss Nederland 2009
2010 Desirée van den Berg Top 25 Miss Nederland 2010
2011 Jill Lauren de Robles Unplaced 1st Runner-up
2012 Nathalie den Dekker Top 15 Designation
2013 Jacqueline Steenbeek Top 20 Miss Sport 1st Runner-up
2014 Tatjana Maul Top 25 1st Runner-up
2015 Jessie Jazz Vuijk TBA TBA Miss Nederland 2015

Representatives at Miss Earth[edit]

Below are Miss Earth representatives from the Netherlands in under Miss Nederland Organisatie (2010-2011).

Year Miss Nederland Placement Special Awards Miss Holland/Nederland
2010 Desirée van den Berg Top 14 Miss Nederland 2010
2011 Jill Duijves Unplaced 2nd Runner-up


  • In 2013: Miss Nederland 2012, Nathalie den Dekker crowned Miss CHI (Official sponsor of Miss Universe). The ceremony happened in 2013. She was crowned by Mr. Farouk in the Netherlands.


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