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Miss Nippon
TypeBeauty pageant
  • Japan
General Incorporated Association Miss Nippon Association
Official language
Contest chair
Ai Wada
External video
video icon <LIVE>53rd Miss Nippon Contest 2021/第53回ミス日本コンテスト2021生中継 on YouTube
video icon <LIVE>52nd Miss Nippon Contest 2020/第52回ミス日本コンテスト2020生中継 on YouTube
Miss Nippon
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Years activeJanuary 10, 2012 –
Total views152,051[1]

Updated: January 25, 2022
Keio Plaza Hotel, the venue for the final round
(Tokyo Shinjuku)
Blond statue, crystal trophy presented to the winners
53rd Miss Nippon Contest 2021 (Shinjuku Keio Plaza Hotel Eminence Hall)
5 winners of the 52nd Miss Nippon Contest 2020

The Miss Nippon Contest (ミス日本コンテスト, Misu nippon kontesuto) is Japanese beauty pageant. In the past 56 competitions, the total number of applications is 118,794 people and the Grand Prix is 54 people. It started in 1950 by the Yomiuri Shimbun.[2] and is held every year by the "Miss Nippon Association".


1st (1950) Miss Nippon Fujiko Yamamoto

In 1945, after the end of World War II, Japan entered a difficult era of reconstruction. Relief supplies "LARA supplies" sent from the United States saved Japanese children suffering from malnutrition. An urgent resolution of appreciation was adopted at the plenary session of members of the House of Representatives in 1947 for this act.[2]

In 1950, a female goodwill ambassador was sent to thank the American people.[2]The "Miss Nippon Contest" was held to select goodwill ambassadors. Fujiko Yamamoto, who later became one of Japan's leading movie actresses, won the first Miss Nippon.[3]

After that, there was a time of interruption, and in 1968 it was the Wada Laboratory (formerly Wada Milk), a beauty research group represented by Shizuo Wada, who advocated and practiced the Wada-style figure ring method as slimming health beauty. It was. At that time, Shizuo Wada was also in the limelight as a leader of television calisthenics.[4]

"Miss Nippon" visited countries around the world with the letter of former Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi and helped pave the way for the success of the Expo '70.[5]

Wada Laboratory (Wada Shoji Co., Ltd.), which hosted the first revival tournament in 1968 to the 49th tournament in 2017, was formed on July 1, 2017, with the aim of further developing Miss Nippon. The hosting of the Miss Nippon Contest and the management of Miss Nippon were transferred to the Miss Nippon Association, and the philosophy was inherited.[5][6]

Meanwhile, Yuko Wada of Miss Nippon (later married to Kaoru, the second son of Shizuo) from 1995 to 1979 became the chairman of the Miss Nippon Contest.[5]

In 2019, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Miss Nippon's resurrection, "50 Years of Japanese Beauty, Showa, Heisei, and New Age Beauty" was released.[2]

Ai Wada, who has been the "Miss Nippon Chief Manager" since August 1, 2020, has been appointed as the "Miss Nippon Contest Tournament chairman". Kentaro Wada is appointed as "Miss Nippon Contest Secretariat Representative". A new system by brothers and sisters has started.[7]

Eligibility for application[edit]

Participants are open to the public, and anyone who meets the following conditions can apply (as of 2021).[2]

  1. Having Japanese nationality
  2. Being unmarried

Selection method[edit]

Applicants who pass the document screening participate in any of the regional competitions held in several locations nationwide. Participants selected as "finalists" at the district tournament advance to the finals of the Miss Nippon Contest, and the winners of the Miss Nippon Grand Prix and others are decided in the end.[8]

As with many modern Miss Contests, the criteria for selection are not limited to appearance, but the Japanese national team will be selected based on the world competition to be held at a later date, such as "Miss Universe Japan". Unlike the contest, Miss Nippon's basic policy is to select "the highest level of Japanese beauty that is completed in Japan." In particular, in the internal examination, "education" and "feeling" are emphasized.[8]


Tasuki presented to Miss Nippon winners (replica of the one presented to Mitsumi Tomita, the winner of the 1973 Grand Prix)
  • Miss Nippon Grand Prix[2]
    • "The highest level of beauty of Japanese women" that represents the year and is full of young and beautiful possibilities
  • Miss Nippon Miss Kimono (from the first resurrection)[2]
    • Play a role in conveying the beauty of Japan in the world by pretending to be the traditional beauty of Japan
  • Miss Nippon "Marine Day" (newly established in 1996)[2]
    • Thank you for the blessings of the sea that are indispensable to Japan, an island country, and play a role in raising understanding and interest in the marine industry.
  • Miss Nippon "Water for Life" (newly established in 2012)[2]
    • "Water public relations officer" who widely conveys Japan's excellent water cycle and the hearts and skills of the people who support it
  • Miss Nippon Greenery for Life (newly established in 2015)[9][2]
    • Thank the ancestors who have protected and nurtured the abundant greenery that will lead to the future, and play a role in spreading familiarity with greenery and forests.
  • Miss Nippon Miss Sports (new in 2019)[2]
    • Encourage physical and mental training and play a role in spreading the joy of taking on healthy challenges
  • Semi-Miss Nippon[2]
    • Semi-Miss Nippon in the Miss Nippon Contest is treated as the second prize after Miss Nippon, which is selected more than once. In other words, the order is Miss Nippon Grand Prix> Miss Nippon Awards> Semi-Miss Nippon.
  • Shizuo Wada Special Award Miss Nippon (newly established in 2015)[2]
    • Until now, Miss Nippon has been selected by open recruitment, but Shizuo Wada, the founder of Wada Laboratory (1922–2006), worked hard to revive Miss Nippon and laid the foundation for Japan's diet. To those who have already shown remarkable performance and cannot easily enter the contest in a busy position, with the idea of "giving honor and profit to beautiful women" in honor of Shizuo's achievements. This is a celebrity special award to commend a woman with great potential as Miss Nippon from the desire to support women with wonderful qualities of beauty and health, regardless of whether or not they have. Judging is a collegial recommendation system by the contest secretariat with four disciples who supported Miss Nippon together with Shizuo. As of 2021, only three people, Airi Hatakeyama and Marin Minamiya and Kiyou Shimizu, received this recommendation award.[10][11]
  • In the past, Miss Elegant, Miss Venus, Miss Nippon "Photogenic", Miss Nippon "Sky Day", Miss Nippon "International Friendship", Miss Nippon "Miss Swimsuit", Miss Nippon "Nature" (2003–2014) ) And other awards. In addition, there was a time when the contestants of the final tournament were also given the title of Miss Nippon. In fact, until the early 1990s, all the people who participated in the Grand Prix deciding tournament attended the Grand Prix deciding tournament with red and white letters and a sash that says "Miss Nippon" on the border. Currently, no sashes are hung during the judging of the final competition, but after the winners of each award are decided, the sashes on which the award-winning awards are written will be hung by the judges. At the official event of Miss Nippon attendance, we will attend with the award-winning tasuki.[12]

Miss Nippon Grand Prix[edit]

Number of times Year Number of participants Winners Japanese Name Later occupations, etc.
1st 1950 Unpublished
(a little less than 700 people)[13]
Fujiko Yamamoto 山本富士子 Actress (Daiei Film Exclusive → Free)
2nd 1952 Unpublished Keiko Hibino 日比野恵子 Actress (Shintoho Exclusive → Free)[14]
Resurrection Tournament
Resurrection 1st 1968 2,328 Noriko Suzuki (*) 鈴木紀子 (*)
2nd 1969 1,476
3rd 1970 2,310 Sachiko Takeuchi 竹内幸子
4th 1971 1,006 Yumiko Yoshimura 吉村由美子
5th 1972 1,925 Chimomo Sakamoto 坂本千桃 At the time of award Active actress → Retired Kanagawa and villa restaurant management
6th 1973 1,470 Mitsumi Hasegawa 長谷川みつ美 TV presenter, lyricist, essayist
7th 1974 2,373 Sawako Takubo 田窪佐和子
8th 1976 1,723 Takami Asai 浅井孝美 Stage name: Takami Kyo, actress ("Mito Komon" etc.), talent model (Shiseido exclusive model), reporter)
9th 1977 1,114 Keiko Tezuka 手塚圭子 Doctor of Medicine, Cosmetology Researcher
10th 1978 1,249 Yasue Enomoto 榎本安江
11th 1979 1,329 Chikako Murata 村田知嘉子
12th 1980 1,654 Junko Kuwahara (*) 桑原順子(※)
13th 1981 3,310
14th 1982 2,256 Minegishi Fusako 峰岸房子
15th 1983 2,661 Hiromi Yamaguchi 山口裕美
16th 1984 2,051 Akiko Tsuneoka 常岡昭子
17th 1985 2,445 Satomi Nemoto 根本里美
18th 1986 2,557 Mami Nakamura 中村麻美 presenter / painter
19th 1987 1,555 Keiko Ibi 伊比恵子 Film Director (1999 Academy Award for Best Directing in Short Documentary)
20th 1988 1,778 Mika Tamai
(Mika Kano)
talent ( Kano sisters)
21st 1989 1,866 Reie Sawamoto 澤本礼江
22nd 1990 1,760 Tomomi Soma 相馬知実 At the time of award Shizuoka Broadcasting's active announcer → Retired company
23rd 1991 1,634 Emi Okamoto 岡本恵美
24th 1992 1,722 Norika Fujiwara 藤原紀香 Talents and actresses[2]
25th 1993 1,942 Yoko Koiwai 小岩井陽子
26th 1994 2,668 Naoko Matsuda 松田直子 Ministry of International Trade and Industry
27th 1995 2,572 Chihiro Nagai 長井千尋
28th 1996 2,046 Miho Chikazawa 近澤美歩 talent / Singer → After her retirement Tochigi Prefecture Japanese-style restaurant proprietress
29th 1997 2,423 Keiko Tamura 田村桂子 After working as a model, became a designer
30th 1998 2,476 Yoshiko Wada 和田淑子 At the time of award University of Tokyo Currently in school
31st 1999 2,888 Yuri Komatsuda 小松田有理 United Nations To the official moderator
32nd 2000 3,192 Saori Amakawa
(Saori Amakawa)
At the time of award Musashi University Student. To actress / talent
33rd 2001 2,128 Ruriko Yate 野手るりこ To dentists
34th 2002 2,088 Kumi Sano 佐野公美 At the time of award University of the Sacred Heart Currently in school. She later married Ryuichi Kawamura
35th 2003 2,364 Reiko Aizawa 相沢礼子 To the talent presenter
36th 2004 2,528 Yuriko Saga
(Yuriko Saga)
Ferris Jogakuin University Currently attending school. To the talent
37th 2005 2,289 Risa Kume 久米里紗 After that she worked as a secretary at a company in Shizuoka.
38th 2006 2,461 Rie Kokubo 小久保利恵 At the time of award Active talent model ・ Waseda University Currently in school
39th 2007 2,432 Mika Hagi 萩美香 At the time of award Rikkyo University Currently in graduate school. To the talent "Mie no Kuni Tourism Ambassador"
40th 2008 2,941 Eri Suzuki 鈴木恵理 At the time of award Nihon University Currently in school. Go to Flight Attendant
41st 2009 3,508 Marino Miyata 宮田麻里乃 Awarded high school student. Go to Waseda University
42nd 2010 3,663 Fumino Hayashi 林史乃 At the time of award Sophia University Currently in school
43rd 2011 3,169 Marie Yanaka 谷中麻里衣 Received the Eiken Foundation of Japan Award, TOEIC 990 points. At the time of award Keio University Currently in school. Then she became a talent caster[2]
44th 2012 3,028 Kiko Arai 新井貴子 Flying Disc Players. Her father is a former professional baseball player Hiromasa Arai.
Her sister in 2011 missed kimono Hisae Arai. She then she became a Paris Fashion Week model.Husband is Keita Inagaki, the representative of Japan for rugby.
45th 2013 2,825 Erika Suzuki 鈴木恵梨佳 2010 Miss Nihon University (Miss Campus) Award → After graduation, engaged in landscaping and horticulture[15]
46th 2014 2,533 Moeka Numata 沼田萌花
47th 2015 2,426 Chisato Haga 芳賀千里 Former Artistic Swimming Japan National Team
48th 2016 2,804 Mika Matsuno 松野未佳 At the time of the award Keio University Currently in school. My father is Yorihisa Matsuno and my grandfather is Yorizo Matsuno[16][17]
49th 2017 2,156 Shiho Takada 高田紫帆 At the time of award Osaka University Currently in school. Former Athletics Junior Olympics[18]
50th 2018 2,803 Rei Ichihashi 市橋礼衣 Office worker at the time of award[19]
51st 2019 2,354 Aiko Watarai 度会亜衣子 At the time of award University of Tokyo Currently in school[20]
52nd 2020 2,525 Yasushi Oda 小田安珠 At the time of award Keio University Currently active as a freelance announcer.[21]
53nd 2021 Unpublished Asami Matsui 松井朝海 At the time of award Kansai_University Currently in school.The third daughter of boat racer Shigeru Matsui.[22]
54th 2022 Mizuka Kouno 河野瑞夏 At the time of award International Christian University Currently in school.Model activity.[23]
54 times in total 118,794 people Grand Prix 52 people (*)
(※)Noriko Suzuki and Junko Kuwahara won the award for the second consecutive year.

Famous winners / contestants other than the Grand Prix[edit]

Number of times Year Name Japanese Name Later occupations, etc.
9th 1977 Yuko Wada 和田優子 Miss Nippon for the second consecutive year, former Miss Nippon Contest chairman (1995~2020)
10th 1978
16th 1984 Hiroko Kawasaki 川崎博子 Model
17th 1985 Kaoru Oda 小田かおる Actress
Tomomi Akasu 赤須知美 Cosmetology researcher later 1988 Miss World Associate Japan representative
18th 1986 Yumi Kotani 小谷ゆみ Miss Nippon, model, 1988 Toyobo Campaign Girl
19th 1987 Arai Shoko 荒井晶子 Miss Nippon, actress, singer
Tagako Kuwahara 桑原多賀子 Miss Nippon, Bicycle Racer Masamitsu Takizawa Mrs.
21st 1989 Eriko Kobayashi 小林恵里子 Semi-Miss Nippon, Present: Model, PC Writer
22nd 1990 Miho Iijima 飯島美穂 Miss Nippon, later renamed to "Arai Sumire". Actress, model
Lisa Itakura 板倉リサ Miss Nippon, actress (starring Indian movie Bollywood), dancer
23rd 1991 Sumire Arai 新井すみれ Miss Nippon, actress, model
Norie Kikuchi 菊地則江 Miss Nippon, actress, model
24th 1992 Miwa Sano 佐野美和 Miss Nippon, later elected Hachioji City Assembly member. Present: talent, Politics Journalist
Masaki Araida 新井田雅樹 Miss Flower, Narrator Voice Actor
25th 1993 Yuki Takada 高田ゆき Miss Nippon, Gravure Idol, Campaign Girl
26th 1994 Miki Otaka 大高未貴 Miss Nippon International Friendship, journalist, presenter
Hitoe Ohtake 大竹一重 Miss Nippon, actress, model
Fumi Mori 森富美 Miss Nippon, NTV Announcer
Izumi Iimura 飯村いづみ Miss Nippon, actress, model
28th 1996 Ayako Nishikawa 西川史子 Photogenic Award, Doctor, talent
29th 1997 Junko Nakazawa 中沢純子 Photogenic Award, actress, talent
30th 1998 Yu Sakoda 迫田悠 Colombian Coffee Award, later renamed to "Haruka Mizusawa". talent, weather announcer
Miki Ueyama 上山美紀 Photogenic Award, Former Fukushima Television Announcer
31st 1999 Akiko Kotani 小谷亜希子 Miss Swimwear, talent
Rina Akamine 赤嶺梨奈 Semi-Miss Nippon, Fashion Model
33rd 2001 Hiroko Murakawa 村川浩子 Photogenic Award, gravure idol under the stage name "Riri Kawamura". In 2005, she married Shogi's Tadahisa Maruyama Kudan.
35th 2003 Hitomi Fujita 藤田瞳 Kansai representative, talent
Ayako Naruo 成尾亜矢子 Semi-Miss Nippon, Pianist
36th 2004 Megumi Kaneko 金子恵美 Assembly House of Representatives. Former Niigata Broadcasting employee
Arata Tomori 友利新 Semi-Miss Nippon, Doctor, talent
37th 2005 Aya Takashita 高下彩 Photogenic Award, Fashion Model, actress
Yuka Yonehama 米浜由圭 Semi-Miss Japan, Former Oita Broadcasting System Announcer
Risa Kanayama 金山梨紗 Semi-Miss Nippon, Fashion Model
38th 2006 Rena Hashimoto 橋本麗奈 Semi-Miss Nippon, Talent
39th 2007 Kana Maruta 丸田佳奈 Miss "Nature", Obstetrician and Gynecologist Model ·talent
Sayaka Kawamura 河村さやか Miss Nippon "Marine Day", Weathernews presenter
Sayaka Kojima 小嶋沙耶香 Semi-Miss Nippon, Hiroshima Home Television Announcer
Sakiko Omura 大村咲子 Semi-Miss Nippon Active as a local talent in Nagasaki before receiving the award. Currently TV Nagasaki Announcer
Yuki Kojima 小島祐希 Semi-Miss Nippon Aomori TV Announcer
Ayumi Okawara 大河原あゆみ Kanto area representative, Yamaguchi Broadcasting Announcer
40th 2008 Asami Okada 岡田亜沙美 Miss Nippon Nature, NHK Kumamoto Broadcasting Bureau Caster
Ranmai Yu 蘭舞ゆう Semi-Miss Japan, former Takarazuka Revue affiliation
Sara Hosogai 細貝沙羅 Kanto area representative, former Fuji Television announcer
41st 2009 Konomi Kimura 木村好珠 Semi-Miss Nippon, talent
Ran Matsumoto 松本蘭 Miss Nippon Miss Kimono Violinist
42nd 2010 Yurina Takiguchi 瀧口友里奈 Kanto area representative, talent
Kyoko Honda 本田恭子 Semi-Miss Nippon Talent, Tochigi Broadcasting Program Assistant, Tochigi Television Program MC, etc.
Ami Suzuki 鈴木亜美 Miss Nippon "Marine Day" model
43rd 2011 Hisae Arai 新井寿枝 Miss Nippon Miss Kimono Painter, Fashion Model. Professional Baseball |The eldest daughter of a former player Hiromasa Arai, the sister of the 2012 Grand Prix Kiko Arai
Yui Ugajin 宇賀神唯 Tohoku area representative, NHK Niigata Broadcasting Station presenter
44th 2012 Kana Ebisawa 海老澤佳奈 Miss Nippon Miss Kimono, Sponichi Special Award talent, Journey to Follow Basan Starring
Miho Sakai 酒井美帆 Miss Nippon "Water Angel" <First Winner>, TV Niigata Network Free from announcer. "International News 2018" (NHK BS1) Caster)[24]
Mami Ando 安藤麻実 Semi-Miss Nippon KADOKAWA at the 28th Comic Essay Petit Awards <pen name "Ando Mami">.

Her Miss Won the A Award for her manga "It's not a Miss Stake Miss" depicting her experience in Japan.
"Until I'm a quasi-miss Japan with low communicative power", which was made into a book by the company, will be released on 2016 January 22

Moemi Katayama 片山萌美 Miss Nippon Nature[25] Actress
45th 2013 Keaki Watanabe 渡辺けあき Miss Nippon "Marine Day" Active Pro Bowler
Sayuri Iha 伊波紗友里 Kyushu / Okinawa area representative, worked at Radio Okinawa at the time of participation, then TBS News Bird after working as a caster, Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting announcer
Moena Takegami 竹上萌奈 Miss Nippon Nature 2015 Kansai Telecasting Joined as an announcer
47th 2015 Airi Hatakeyama 畠山愛理 Shizuo Wada Special Award = No. 1 Winner Rhythmic Gymnastics Japan Representative[10]
Mina Shibata 柴田美奈 Miss Nippon "Water Angel" 2018 Tokai Television Broadcasting Joined as an announcer
48th 2016 Rio Orimo 織茂璃穏 Miss Nippon Miss Kimono Actress "Orimorio" My father is Masao Orimo[26][27]
Kotono Sugiura 杉浦琴乃 Miss Nippon "Marine Day" talent[28]
The 49th 2017 Azusa Miyazaki 宮崎あずさ[29] Miss Nippon "Angel of Water" From 2018 NHK Announcer
50th 2018 Fumika Mizukusa
Finalist Gravure Idol[30]
51st 2019 Marin Minamiya 南谷真鈴 Shizuo Wada Special Award No. 2 The youngest world in women's history Climbing the Seven Summits Explorer Grand Slam Achieved﹚
Nana Nishio 西尾菜々美 Semi-Miss Nippon / Miss Nippon "Water Angel" 2020 Nagoya Broadcasting Network Joined as an announcer
52nd 2020 Mikumo Moriya 森谷美雲 Miss Nippon "Marine Day" Sendai Television "Ara Ara Kashiko" Reporter
53rd 2021 Kiyou Shimizu 清水希容 Shizuo Wada Special Award No. 3 Winner Karate Japan Representative[31]
Momoka Mine 嶺百花 Miss Nippon "Water Angel 2021" was selected as a weather reporter TBS Television (Japan) "THE TIME,"[32]

History representative

Year Representative Japanese Name Award history
2013 Hisae Arai 新井寿枝 2011 Miss Kimono
2014 Marie Yanaka 谷中麻里衣 2011 Grand Prix
2015 Erika Suzuki 鈴木恵梨佳 2014 Grand Prix
2016 Chisato Haga 芳賀千里 2015 Grand Prix
2017 Mika Matsuno 松野未佳 2016 Grand Prix

TV Show[edit]


  • "Dream is the future you live in" (2018, Gachinko Film)[2]
    • Produced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Miss Nippon's resurrection in 2018. In 2016, it was drawn in close contact with the 48th tournament contest and its winners, with interviews with related parties.


  • "Miss Nippon Beauty Diet" (Nihon Bungeisha Yuko Wada << Miss Nippon Contest Tournament Steering Committee Chair >> October 2002) ISBN 4537201649
  • "Miss Nippon-style diet that has been passed down for 50 years" (Sanctuary Publishing, Yuko Wada << Miss Nippon Contest Tournament Steering Committee chairman >> January 22, 2010) ISBN 4861139384
  • "Until I'm a little nerdy with low communicative power until I become a quasi-miss Japan" (KADOKAWA << 2012 quasi-miss Japan award >> January 22, 2016) ISBN 4040680723
  • "Miss Nippon Beauty Food" (Shogakukan Miss Nippon Contest Secretariat, Ai Wada << Miss Nippon Contest Tournament Steering Committee chairman >> co-authored January 24, 2017) ISBN 9784093104593
  • "50 Years of Japanese Beauty: What is the Beauty of the Showa, Heisei, and New Era?" (Modern Fire Department, Miss Nippon Association, January 17, 2019)[2] JAN 4910029060397
  • "Miss Nippon Revival 50th Anniversary Magazine" "Ai Wada Cover"

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