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Miss República Portuguesa
Motto Beauty With A Cause
Formation 1960
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Lisbon
Miss Universe
Miss World
Miss International
Official language
Edward Walson
Key people
Isidro de Brito
Website missportuguesa.pt

Miss República Portuguesa or formerly known as Miss Portugal is a national Beauty pageant in Portugal.


Miss República Portuguesa was made in 2011 by Isidro de Brito. In 2014 after undergoing a major restructuring process, the organization separated the two national pageants into separate events - Miss Universo Portugal and Miss World Portugal.[1] The Miss República Portuguesa also handles representatives to the Miss International, Miss Supranational and Miss Grand International.

Before Miss República Portuguesa, the traditional pageant Miss Portugal was held in 1960 for the first time. The pageant used to send representatives for Portugal to the Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International pageants. From 2003 to 2009, Portugal did not participate at Miss Universe.

In 2016 Edward Walson became the owner of Miss Universo Portugal. He is also organizing Miss Universo Italia competition.


Miss Universe Portugal[edit]

Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

The winner of Miss Portugal represents her country at the Miss Universe. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent.

Year Miss Portugal District/Region Placement Special Awards
2016 Flávia Brito Madeira Unplaced
2015 Emília Araújo Azores Unplaced
2014 Patrícia Da Silva Aveiro Unplaced
2011 Laura Gonçalves[2] Lisbon Top 10 Internet Vote
2010 Belen Galarraga Porto Unplaced
2002 Iva Lamarão Madeira Unplaced
2001 Claúdia Borges Setúbal Unplaced
2000 Licinia Macedo Madeira Unplaced
1999 Marisa Ferreira Santarém Unplaced Miss Congeniality
1998 Icília Berenguel Porto Unplaced
1997 Lara Antunes Lisbon Unplaced
1996 Rita Carvalho Bragança Unplaced
1995 Adrianna Iria Faro Unplaced
1994 Mónica Sofia Borges Lisbon Unplaced
1993 Carla Marisa da Cruz Angola Unplaced
1992 Maria Fernanda Silva Lisbon Unplaced
1990 Maria Angélica Rosado Setúbal Unplaced
1989 Ana Francisca Gonçalves Lisbon Unplaced
1988 Isabel Rodrigues Martins Lisbon Unplaced
1987 Noélia Cristina Chaves Lisbon Unplaced
1986 Mariana Dias Carriço Lisbon Unplaced
1985 Alexandra Paula Gomes Lisbon Unplaced
1984 Maria Fátima Rodrigues Lisbon Unplaced
1983 Anabela Elisa Vissenjou Lisbon Unplaced
1982 Ana Maria Valdiz Wilson Lisbon Unplaced
1981 Paula Machado de Moura Lisbon Unplaced
1979 Marta Mendonça Gouvêia Lisbon Unplaced
1974 Ana Paula da Silva Freitas Lisbon Unplaced
1973 Carla de Barros Lisbon Unplaced
1972 Iris Maria dos Santos Mozambique Unplaced
1971 Maria Celmira Pereira Angola Unplaced
1970 Ana Maria Lucas Lisbon Unplaced
1965 Maria do Carmo Sancho Lisbon Unplaced
1962 Maria Santos Trindade Lisbon Unplaced
1960 María Teresa Cardoso Lisbon Unplaced

Miss World Portugal[edit]

Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
Year Miss Portugal District/Region Placement Special Awards
2016 Cristiana Viana Porto Unplaced
2015 Rafaela Pardete Setúbal Unplaced
2014 Zita Oliveira Santarém Unplaced
2013 Elisabete Rodrigues Porto Unplaced
2012 Melanie Vicente Lisbon Top 30
2011 Bárbara Franco Madeira Unplaced
2010 Catarina Aragonez Portalegre Unplaced
2009 Marta Ferriera Cadilha Viana do Castelo Withdrew
2008 Andréia Rodrigues Lisbon Unplaced
2006 Sara Almeida Lisbon Unplaced Best Talent (Top 10)
2005 Ângela Maria Fonseca Spínola Setúbal Unplaced
2004 Patricia Oliveira Raposa de Oliveira Lisbon Unplaced
2003 Vanessa Job Lisbon Unplaced
2001 Claudia Jesus Lopez Borges Lisbon Unplaced
2000 Gilda Dias Pe-Curto Lisbon Unplaced
1999 Joana Ines Texeira Castelo Branco Unplaced
1998 Marcia Vasconcelos Braga Unplaced
1997 Icilia Silva Berenguel Lisbon Unplaced
1996 Ana Mafalda Schaefer de Almeida Santos Lisbon Unplaced
1995 Suzana Leitao Robalo Lisbon Unplaced
1994 Leonor Filipa Correia Leal Rodrigues Lisbon Unplaced
1993 Ana Luisa Barbosa Moreira Porto Unplaced
1992 Fernanda Manuela Santos Lisbon Unplaced
1991 Maria do Carmo Ramalho Lisbon Unplaced
1990 Filomena Paula Dias Miranda Marques Lisbon Unplaced
1989 Maria Angelica Mira Rosado Lisbon Unplaced
1988 Helena Isabel de Cunha Laureano Setúbal Unplaced
1987 Paula Isabel Leal do Sousa Lisbon Unplaced
1986 Elsa Maria Rodrigues Lisbon Unplaced
1985 Maria de Fátima da Silva Alves Raimundo Lisbon Unplaced
1984 Maria Leonor Mendes Correia Lisbon Unplaced
1983 Cesaltina de Conceiçao Lopes da Silva Lisbon Unplaced
1982 Suzana Walker dos Santos Dias Lisbon Unplaced
1979 Ana Gonçalves Vieira Lisbon Unplaced
1973 Maria Helene Pereira Martins Lisbon Unplaced
1972 Anita Marques Mozambique Unplaced
1971 Ana Paula de Almeida Mozambique 2nd Runner-up
1970 Ana Maria Diozo Lucas Lisbon Unplaced
1967 Teresa Amaro Mozambique Unplaced
1964 Rolanda Campos Lisbon Unplaced
1963 Maria Penedo Lisbon Unplaced
1962 Palmira Ferreira Lisbon Unplaced
1959 Maria Teresa Motoa Cardoso Lisbon Unplaced

Miss International Portugal[edit]

Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
Year Miss Portugal District/Region Placement Special Awards
2016 Carina Frazão Lisbon Unplaced
2015 Isabel Maria Pinho Vieira Porto Unplaced
2014 Rafaela Pardete Setúbal Unplaced
2013 Ana Claudia Ornelas Bonfim Madeira Unplaced
2012 Joana Peta Lisbon Unplaced
2011 Patrícia Da Silva Aveiro Unplaced
2000 Tania Isabel Campanacho Ferreira Lisbon Unplaced
1999 Andreia Antunes Lisbon Unplaced
1998 Icilia Silva Berenguel Lisbon Unplaced
1997 Lara Kátia Fonseca Lisbon Unplaced
1996 Fernanda Alves Lisbon Miss International 1996
1995 Patrícia Trigo Lisbon Unplaced
1994 Sónia Maria Marques Abel Lisbon Unplaced
1993 Anabela Pacheco Centeno Lisbon Unplaced
1991 Gisela Galhavano Lisbon Unplaced
1990 Maria José dos Santos Cardoso Lisbon Unplaced
1989 Helena Cristina da Silva Teixeira Lisbon Unplaced
1988 Maria Helena Raposo Canelas Lisbon Unplaced
1987 Susana Paula Neto da Silva Nunes Lisbon Unplaced
1986 Ana Rosa Pequito Antunes Lisbon Unplaced
1985 Ana Paula Machado Charepe Lisbon Unplaced
1984 Teresa Alendouro Pinto Lisbon Top 15 Miss Photogenic
1983 Cesaltina da Conceição Lopes da Silva Lisbon Unplaced
1982 Helena Sofia Sousa Botelho Lisbon Unplaced Best National Costume
1979 Maria Luisa da Silva Lisbon Unplaced
1974 Irene Mendes Teixeira Lisbon Unplaced
1973 Aida Silva Tavares Lisbon Unplaced
1972 Gilda Isabel Abreu Lisbon Top 15
1971 Marie de Castro Lisbon Unplaced
1970 Maria do Rosário de Freitas Lisbon Unplaced
1969 Maria Isabela Rosa Pinho Lisbon Unplaced
1960 Maria Josabete Silva Santos Lisbon Unplaced


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