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Miss Seychelles
Motto Beauty with A Purpose
Formation 1969
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Victoria
Miss World
Official language
Seychelles Tourism Board
Website Official website

Miss Seychelles is a national Beauty pageant of Seychelles responsible for selecting representatives to Miss World.


The Miss Seychelles Beauty Pageant was relaunched in 2012 after 4 year’s absence from the Seychelles’ events calendar, the Seychelles Tourism Board will be hosting on the 4th edition of the Miss Seychelles another world Beauty Pageant on Saturday 30 May 2015. The aim is to "highlight the high standards of feminine beauty and elegance found among our islands".[citation needed]


The pageant's mission is to continue to

"propose a new era of involvement for the winner of the competition, opening the door of opportunity in the form of travelling abroad to represent Seychelles, not only in the Miss World pageant, but also at trade fairs and other international events as an ambassadress and spokesperson for our islands - their culture, spectacular natural beauty and national identity."

National franchise[edit]

The National Contest is conducted in agreement with Miss World Limited, the owners and organizers of the Miss World Contest, to elect "Miss World" and it is also an official preliminary contest to select a representative to participate in the Miss World Contest.


Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
Year Miss World Seychelles Hometown Placement at Miss World
1969 Sylvia Labonte Victoria
1970 Nicole Barallon Victoria
1971 Nadia Morel du Boil Victoria
1972 Jane Edna Straevens Victoria Top 15
1973 June Gouthier Victoria Top 15 and Miss Personality
1975 Amelie Lydia Michel Victoria
1992 Myrna Chantal Hoareau La Digue
1994 Marquise David Victoria
1995 Shirley Low-Meng Victoria
1996 Christina Pillay Victoria
1997 Michelle Lane Victoria
1998 Alvina Antoinette Grandcourt Victoria
1999 Anne-Mary Jorre Victoria
2008 Elena Angione Mahé
2012 Sherlyn Ferneau Victoria
2013 Agnes Gerry Victoria
2014 Camila Estico Victoria
2015 Linne Freminot Mahé Miss World Sport (1st Runner-up)
2016 Christine Barbier Mahé
2017 Hilary Joubert[1] Victoria


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