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Miss Slovenije
Motto Beauty with A Purpose
Formation 1990
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Ljubljana
Miss World
Official language
Website Official website

The Miss Slovenia (Slovene: Miss Slovenije) is a national Beauty pageant in Slovenia. Miss Slovenia is not related to the previous Miss Universe Slovenia.


Vesna Musić was crowned the first Miss Slovenia in 1990. In 1992, Slovenia began to participate in the Miss World pageant, Nataša Abram, Miss Slovenia 1992, was the first Miss Slovenia presented at Miss World Pageant.


Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

The winner of Miss Slovenije represents her country at Miss World. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent.

Year Miss World Slovenia Municipality Placement Special Awards
2016 Maja Taradi Ljubljana Unplaced Top 21 at Miss World Talent
2015 Mateja Kociper Maribor Unplaced
2014 Julija Bizjak Lesce Unplaced
2013 Maja Cotič Nova Gorica Unplaced
2012 Nives Orešnik Maribor Unplaced Top 24 at Miss World Sport
2011 Lana Mahnič Jekoš Grosuplje Unplaced Top 77 at Beauty with a Purpose
2010 Sandra Adam Dravograd Did not compete
2009 Tina Petelin Maribor Unplaced
2007 Tadeja Ternar Beltinci Unplaced
2006 Iris Mulej Ilirska Bistrica Unplaced Top 25 at Miss World Beach Beauty
2005 Sanja Grohar Kranj Unplaced Top 19 at Miss World Beach Beauty, Top 16 at Miss World Talent, 2nd Runner Up at Miss World Sport
2004 Živa Vadnov Brezovica Unplaced
2003 Tina Zajc Celje Unplaced
2002 Nataša Krajnc Celje Unplaced
2001 Rebeka Dremelj Brežice Unplaced
2000 Maša Merc Maribor Unplaced
1999 Neda Gačnik Ljubljana Unplaced
1998 Miša Novak Ptuj Unplaced
1997 Maja Šimec Novo Mesto Unplaced
1996 Alenka Vindiš Šmarje pri Jelšah Unplaced
1995 Teja Boškin Ljubljana Unplaced
1994 Janja Zupan Ljubljana Unplaced
1993 Metka Albreht Postojna Unplaced
1992 Nataša Abram Koper Unplaced
1991 Teja Skarza Ljubljana Did not compete
1990 Vesna Musić Velenje / Beograd Did not compete

Winner by Municipalities[edit]

Municipality Titles Years
Maribor 4 2000, 2009, 2012, 2015
Ljubljana 4 1991, 1994, 1995, 1999
Celje 2 2002, 2003
Nova Gorica 1 2013
Grosuplje 1 2011
Dravograd 1 2010
Beltinci 1 2007
Ilirska Bistrica 1 2006
Kranj 1 2005
Brežice 1 2001
Ptuj 1 1998
Novo Mesto 1 1997
Šmarje pri Jelšah 1 1996
Postojna 1 1993
Koper 1 1992
Velenje 1 1990

By Geographical regions[edit]

As of 2011:

Region Titles
Osrednjeslovenska 5 title(s) won by Ljubljana(4), Grosuplje(1)
Savinjska 4 title(s) won by Celje(2), Šmarje pri Jelšah(1)), Velenje(1)
Podravska 3 title(s) won by Maribor(2), Ptuj(1)
Notranjsko-kraška 2 title(s) won by Ilirska Bistrica(1), Postojna(1)
Koroška 1 title(s) won by Dravograd
Pomurska 1 title(s) won by Beltinci
Gorenjska 1 title(s) won by Kranj
Spodnjeposavska 1 title(s) won by Brežice
Jugovzhodna Slovenija 1 title(s) won by Novo Mesto
Obalno-kraška 1 title(s) won by Koper
Goriška 1 title(s)won by Nova Gorica
Zasavska 0 title(s)

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