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Miss Flora Spider is the title character in the bestselling children's books by David Kirk. She originally appeared in cartoon format in the movie Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids (with Brooke Shields providing Miss Spider's voice), which spun off the Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends series (with Kristin Davis providing her voice this time around), and Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends - Harvest Time Hop and Fly video game. She is also the star of the Miss Spider apps for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Sunny Patch Family[edit]

  • Flora Spider (spider) - The Mother of the Sunny Patch Kids
  • Holley (spider) - Miss Spider's husband
  • Bounce (bed bug) - the youngest of the Spider Family
  • Dragon (dragonfly) - the oldest of the Spider family
  • Pansy (spider) - an identical twin to Snowdrop
  • Spinner (spider)
  • Shimmer (jewel beetle)
  • Snowdrop (spider) - Pansy's twin sister
  • Squirt (spider)
  • Wiggle (spider)

Neighbors in Sunny Patch[edit]

  • Spiderus & Spindella - (spiders) Married spiders who live in the Hollow Tree
  • Betty Beetle - (beetle) The kids' grandmother
  • Gus - (beetle) Betty's son, the kids's uncle
  • Ned & Ted - (ants) Two less than completely honest (and usually hungry) ants
  • Mr. Mantis - (praying mantis) The kids' art teacher. He also officiated at Holley and Miss Spider's wedding.
  • Stinky - (stink bug) Lives in Dribbly Dell
  • Felix - (frog) Lives in Taddy Puddle. He was an early friend of the kids, but was originally feared by the adults
  • Barry - (crane bug) A lifeguard
  • Beatrice - (bee) - lives in the Hollow Tree