Miss Susan Gay's Falmouth chronology

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Falmouth Church of St. Charles, view from Events Square

A chronology of the town of Falmouth was described by Miss Susan E. Gay in Old Falmouth (1903), pages 230–238.

Before the eighteenth century[edit]

Eighteenth century[edit]

Nineteenth century[edit]











Twentieth century[edit]



  1. ^ Miss Gay probably means James Hamilton (1606–1649), 1st Duke of Hamilton
  2. ^ This would have been the 18th Baron Clinton.
  3. ^ The Diving Heritage site has an account of the wreck and the finding of its remains.
  4. ^ E.I.C.= East India Company
  5. ^ Falmouth Packet and Cornish Herald = a newspaper
  6. ^ The Poor Law Unions were bodies representing a group of Parishes, set up to run a "Union Workhouse" to deal with the poor of those parishes. Budock Hospital (recently closed: 2007) was formerly the Union Workhouse.
  7. ^ HMS Astraea was a 36-gun fifth rater launched in 1810, on harbour service from 1823 and broken up in 1851.
  8. ^ The mine, opened in 1852, was a lead mine. Subsequently, the works was used for processing arsenic. Archived 30 August 2011 at the Wayback Machine.
  9. ^ The Falmouth Packet newspaper, started 1855, is still in publication (2008).
  10. ^ The National Maritime Museum Cornwall opened a permanent display on the effects of the telegraph on Falmouth: "Falmouth for orders" in 2008.
  11. ^ So named in memory of action of the Portuguese ship Maria Camilla, which rescued 17 British seamen from a foundering ship. see The Times 13 March 1862; pg. 5; col B
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  15. ^ 1873 Quaker Meeting House in Gyllyng lane, now sold and divided into apartments.
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