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Miss Switzerland
(German) Miss Schweiz
(French) Miss Suisse
(Italian) Miss Svizzera
(Romansh) Miss Svizra
Formation 1951-2014
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Bern
Official language
National Director
Christopher Locher
Website www.miss.ch
Alina Buchschacher, Miss Switzerland 2011.

Miss Switzerland is a national Beauty pageant in Switzerland.


Miss Switzerland pageant was held for first time in 1951. The pageant is the national franchise holder for Miss Universe until 2014. The organisation held the franchise for Miss World until 2005, Miss International until 1993, and Miss Europe until 2006.

Candidates are selected by television viewers and a jury. The winner is awarded the title Miss Switzerland (German: Miss Schweiz, French: Miss Suisse, Italian: Miss Svizzera, Romansh: Miss Svizra). Since 1976, the pageant is organized by "Miss Schweiz Organisation AG".


Year Miss Schweiz Represented Notes
1951 Jacqueline Genton Vaud
1952 Sylvia Müller Basel-Stadt
1953 Danielle Oudinet Appenzell Ausserrhoden
1960 Elaine Maurath Ticino
1961 Liliane Burnier Fribourg
1962 Francine DeLouille Ticino
1963 Diana Tanner Grisons
1964 Sandra Susler Vaud
1965 Yvette Revelly Glarus
1966 Hedy Frick Schwyz
1967 Elsbeth Ruegger Basel-Landschaft
1968 Jeanette Biffiger Valais
1969 Patricie Sollner Aargau
1970 Diane Jane Roth Thurgau
1971 Anita Andrini Ticino
1972 Anne Lisse Weber Zürich
1973 Barbara Schottli Zürich
1974 Christine Lavanchy Zürich
1975 Beatrice Aschwanden Solothurn Elected by Sylvia Grivelli (Valais)
1976 Isabelle Fischbacher Vaud
1977 Anja Terzi Geneva
1978 Sylvia Vonarx Appenzell Innerrhoden
1979 Barbara Mayer Fribourg
1980 Margrit Kilchoer Geneva
1981 Brigitte Voss Bern
1982/1983 Lolita Morena(*) Geneva
1984 Silvia Anna Affolter Zürich
1985 Eveline Nicole Glanzmann Aargau
1986/1987 Renate Walther Lucerne
1988 Karina Berger (**) Zürich Miss Globe International 1989
1989 Catherine Mesot Fribourg
1991 Sandra Aegerter Aargau
1992 Valérie Bovard Vaud
1993 Patricia Fässler Zürich
1994 Sarah Briguet Valais
1995 Stéphanie Berger Zürich
1996 Melanie Winiger Ticino
1997 Tanja Gutmann Solothurn
1998 Sonja Grandjean Zürich
1999 Anita Buri Thurgau
2000 Mahara McKay Aargau
2001 Jennifer Ann Gerber Aargau
2002 Nadine Vinzens Grisons
2003 Bianca Nicole Sissing Lucerne
2004 Fiona Hefti Zürich
2005 Lauriane Gilliéron Vaud
2006 Christa Rigozzi Ticino
2007 Amanda Ammann St. Gallen
2008 Whitney Toyloy Vaud
2009 Linda Fäh St. Gallen
2010 Kerstin Cook[1] Lucerne
2011 Alina Buchschacher Bern
2013 Dominique Rinderknecht Zürich
2014 Laetitia Guarino(***) Vaud

(*) Jeanette Linkenheil was handpicked for Miss Universe 1982.
(**) Gabriela Bigler of Zurich was handpicked for Miss Universe 1988 and Miss World 1987.
(***) Zoé Metthez was handpicked for Miss Universe 2014.

Representatives at Miss Universe[edit]

Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

Since 1953 Switzerland debut at Miss Universe pageant. The winner of Miss Switzerland represented her country at the Miss Universe between 1953 and 2014. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent.

Year Miss Schweiz Placement Special Awards
1953 Danielle Oudinet Unplaced
1960 Elaine Maurath Top 15
1961 Liliane Burnier Top 15
1962 Francine DeLouille Unplaced
1963 Diana Tanner Unplaced
1964 Sandra Susler Unplaced
1965 Yvette Revelly Unplaced
1966 Hedy Frick Unplaced
1967 Elsbeth Ruegger Unplaced
1968 Jeanette Biffiger Unplaced
1969 Patricie Sollner Top 15
1970 Diane Jane Roth Top 15
1971 Anita Andrini Unplaced
1972 Anne Lisse Weber Unplaced
1973 Barbara Schottli Unplaced
1974 Christine Lavanchy Unplaced
1975 Beatrice Aschwanden Unplaced
1976 Isabelle Fischbacher Unplaced
1977 Anja Terzi Unplaced
1978 Sylvia Vonarx Unplaced
1979 Birgit Krahel Unplaced
1980 Margrit Kilchoer Unplaced
1981 Brigitte Voss Unplaced
1982 Jeanette Linkenheil Unplaced
1983 Lolita Morena 3rd Runner-up Miss Photogenic
1984 Silvia Anna Affolter Unplaced
1986 Eveline Nicole Glanzmann Top 10
1987 Renate Walther Unplaced
1988 Gabriela Bigler Unplaced
1989 Karina Berger Unplaced
1990 Catherine Mesot Unplaced
1992 Sandra Aegerter Unplaced
1993 Valérie Bovard Unplaced
1994 Patricia Fässler Top 10
1995 Sarah Briguet Unplaced
1996 Stéphanie Berger Unplaced
1997 Melanie Winiger Unplaced
1998 Tanja Gutmann Unplaced
1999 Sonja Grandjean Unplaced
2000 Anita Buri Unplaced
2001 Mahara McKay Unplaced
2002 Jennifer Ann Gerber Unplaced
2003 Nadine Vinzens Unplaced
2004 Bianca Nicole Sissing Top 15
2005 Fiona Hefti Top 10
2006 Lauriane Gilliéron 2nd Runner-up
2007 Christa Rigozzi Unplaced
2008 Amanda Ammann Unplaced
2009 Whitney Toyloy Top 10
2010 Linda Fäh Unplaced
2011 Kerstin Cook Unplaced
2012 Alina Buchschacher Unplaced
2013 Dominique Rinderknecht Top 16
2014 Zoé Metthez Unplaced


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