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Miss Teen International

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Miss Teen International
Formation1966;1 1993;2 2002;3 2018;4 20195
TypeBeauty pageant
  • United States2,3
    Costa Rica3
1Hollywood independent pageant (1966–1969).
2Costa Rica independent pageant
(1993–2014, Enrique González, owner).
3United States independent pageant (2002 to present, International Pageants, Inc., owner).
4India independent pageant (2018 to present, Glamanand Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., owner).
5Ecuador independent pageant (2019 to present, Rodrigo Moreira, owner).

Miss Teen International is the name of independently operated annual beauty pageants currently being held in the United States, India, and Ecuador.

In the United States, applicants must be aged 13 to 18 and never have been married or given birth. The pageant is owned by Mary C. Richardson of International Pageants, Inc.

In India, the competition is for teenage girls across the world aged between 14 and 19. The pageant is owned by Nikhil Anand, Indian businessman, founder and chairman of Glamanand Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

In Ecuador, the pageant is for girls aged 15–19 years of all nationalities and is owned and operated by businessman Rodrigo Moreira.

History and pageant versions

There have been different pageants called Miss Teen International going back to 1966.

United States

1966 to 1969

The first contest bestowing the title of Miss Teen International took place on Wednesday, April 4, 1966 in Hollywood and was hosted by Adam West, star of TV's Batman, with guest appearances by actresses Mia Farrow and Barbara Parkins, actors Vic Morrow and John Astin, singers Robert Goulet and Sonny & Cher, and 1965 Miss Teen USA Susan Henning.[1][2]

The 1967 Miss Teen International pageant was held again in Hollywood on Saturday, March 20, and was hosted by actress Sally Field and actor-singer Noel Harrison, with 1966 Miss Teen USA Cindy Lewis making an appearance, along with the current 1966 and first Miss Teen International, Ewa Aulin, 17, who crowned her successor.[3]

At the 1968 pageant in Hollywood on Saturday, April 13, there were 12 girls from different countries participating in the event, with Miss Teen USA Pamela Martin, 18, representing the United States.[4]

The pageant was produced by Al Burton and the final competition aired as a single one-hour special nationally in prime time in the United States for each of four consecutive years on the ABC Television network in the United States and syndicated airing in foreign TV markets.[5][6][7]

Titleholders — Hollywood, United States
  • 1966: Ewa Aulin, 17, Sweden.
  • 1967: Alice Alfeim, Norway.
  • 1968: Jeanette McLeod, Australia.
  • 1969: Mary Louise Lewis, England.

The pageant ceased operation after the 1969 competition.

2002 to present

A new pageant unrelated to the original 1966 version was initiated in the United States in 2002 that bestows the title of Miss Teen International. It is owned by Mary C. Richardson of Roanoke, Virginia, Executive Director and owner of International Pageants, Inc.[8] Richardson owns the trademark in the United States for "Miss Teen International" for beauty pageant use.[9]

The contestants in the United States version of the pageant mainly represent individual U.S. states and currently a limited number of international countries, which over the years has included Australia, Bahamas, Canada, China, Great Britain, Haiti, Hungary, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, and St. Marrten.

The winner receives a university scholarship. The current 2021 Miss Teen International in the United States is Katie Hoang of Keller, Texas.[10]

Recent titleholders — United States
  • 2021: Katie Hoang[10]
  • 2020: Jayden Luberto
  • 2019: Madeline Wright
  • 2018: "Georgia" Katherine Clark
  • 2017: Carly Peeters
  • 2016: Garin Harris
  • 2015: Jules Fletcher
  • 2014: Blair Wortsmith
  • 2013: Haley Pontius
  • 2012: Caroline Crowley

Costa Rica

1993 to 2014

A version of the pageant unrelated to the original 1966 Hollywood pageant based in Costa Rica began in 1993 by Enrique Gonzalez, who also operated the Mr Costa Rica and Miss Teen Costa Rica pageants. It was held through 2014 with the winner that year being Ailin Adorno, 17, of Paraguay.[11]

Titleholders — Costa Rica pageant
Year Country Miss Teen International Venue Country/Territory 1 Ref.
Enrique González pageant ownership era
1993  Sweden Sofia Andersson San José Costa Rica 23
1994  Brazil Ana Carina Góis 29
1995  Sweden Kristen Hungerford 23
1996  Brazil Renata Cavazzana 22
1997  Puerto Rico Katherine González 21
1998  Brazil Vanessa Martins Guatemala City Guatemala 17
1999  Aruba Carolina Raven San José Costa Rica 12
2000  Curacao Mary Ann Statia Oranjestad Aruba 14
2001  Puerto Rico Yaraliz Lasanta Willemstad Curacao 12
2002  Costa Rica Fabriella Quesada San José Costa Rica 13
2003  Costa Rica Teresa Rodríguez Ibarra Ecuador 18
2004  Australia Lauryn Eagle San José Costa Rica 21
2005 No pageant held
2006  Puerto Rico Mayra Matos San José Costa Rica 16
2007  Mexico Jenny Quiroga Lima Peru 18
2008  Brazil Isabele Sánchez San José Costa Rica 16
2009  Costa Rica Nazareth Cascante 15
2010  Aruba Lynette Nascimiento 14
2011  Nicaragua Adriana Paniagua 12
2012  Puerto Rico Valerie Hernández[12] 10
2013  Brazil Isabella Novaes 10
2014  Paraguay Ailin Adorno Guanacaste 11 [13]
1Number of delegates.


2016 to present

In 2016, plans for a new version of the pageant began by Glamanand Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., owned by Nikhil Anand.[14] Since the first pageant in 2018, it is held annually in India and is considered the largest teen pageant in the word.[14][15] Glamanand Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. owns the trademark in India for "Miss Teen International" for beauty pageant use.[16]

Odalys Duarte from Mexico emerged as the first winner of Miss Teen International under the ownership of Glamanand Entertainment and Nikhil Anand.[17]

The current Miss Teen International is Aayushi Dholakia[18] of India who was crowned by the outgoing titleholder, Odalys Duarte as her successor on 19 December 2019 in New Delhi, India.[19][20]

Titleholders — India pageant
Year Country Miss Teen International Hometown Country/Territory Age Ref.
Glamanand Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. pageant ownership era
2018  Mexico Odalys Duarte Tulancingo Mexico 17 [21]
2019  India Aayushi Dholakia New Delhi India 16 [22]
2020 No pageant held1
1No pageant was held in 2020 due to the global restrictions on public events and international travel imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.


2019 to present

A version of the Miss Teen International pageant based in Ecuador is held annually. It began planning operation in 2018 by Rodrigo Moreira, who filed a trademark application that year in Ecuador for "Miss Teen International" (in English) and was approved in 2019.[23] The pageant was previously called Miss Teenager International from 2014 to 2018.[24] The first winner of the Miss Teen International pageant in Ecuador in 2019 was Luciana Begazo of Peru.[25][26][27] The current 2021 Miss Teen International winner is Aurora Villalobos of Mexico.[28][29]

Titleholders — Ecuador pageant
Year Country Miss Teen International City Country/Territory Age Ref.
Rodrigo Moreira pageant ownership era
2019  Peru Luciana Begazo Camaná Peru 19 [26]
20201  Panama Maria Alejandra Royo Panama 19 [30]
2021  Mexico Aurora Villalobos Ocotlán Mexico 19 [28][29]
1Judging of the competition took place outside of the normal pageant environment due to the global restrictions on public events and international travel imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The winner was crowned in a live-streamed event.

Countries/Territories by winning number – All pageants

This list includes title winners in all five pageants from the original Miss Teen International in 1966 to the present day.

Nation Titles Year(s)
 Brazil 5 1994, 1996, 1998, 2008, 2013
 Puerto Rico 4 1997, 2001, 2006, 2012
 Costa Rica 3 2002, 2003, 2009
 Sweden 1966, 1993, 1995
 Mexico 2007, 2018, 2021
 Aruba 2 1999, 2010
 Australia 1968, 2004
 Panama 1 2020
 India 2019
 Peru 2019
 Paraguay 2014
 Nicaragua 2011
 Curacao 2000
 United Kingdom 1969
 Norway 1967
 United States     Indeterminate1
1Insufficient information to provide a specific number.

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