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Miss Teen Continents is an annual international beauty pageant held in the United States. It was formerly known as Miss Teen World. The name was changed after the legal issue between Miss World Organizotion and Miss Teen World organization.

Contestants of the pageant include teen girls, with one contestant from each country. The winner is a representative for teen girls around the world.

Miss Teen Continental Winners[edit]

Year Country Titleholder Age National Pageant Host Country Date Entrants
2009 United Kingdom United Kingdom Amy Jackson 18 Miss Liverpool United States Houston 24 November 2009 25+
2010 South Africa South Africa Tayla Robinson[1] 16 Miss Teen South Africa United States Houston 15 November 2010 25+
2011 Greece Greece Anastasia Sidiropoulou[2] 17 Miss Teen Greece United States Houston 25 August 2011 30+
2012 Brazil Brazil Gabrielle Marinho 17 Miss Brazil United States Houston 22 August 2012 33+
2012 New Zealand New Zealand Aleisha Robertson[3] 16 Miss New Zealand United States Honolulu 2 December 2012 39
2013 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Astrid Diaz 17 Miss Puerto Rico United States Houston 10 August 2013 40
2014 United States United States Ashley Southern[4] 19 Miss Teen United States United States Houston 2 September 2014 42
2015 Namibia Namibia Chanique Chani Rabe 18 Miss Namibia United States Houston, TX 5 October 2015 39
2016 England England Angali Sinha 17 Miss Teen UK United States Las Vegas NV 10 August 2016 32
2017 Argentina Argentina Tamara Navarro 17 Miss Teen Argentina United States Las Vegas, NV 25 November 2017 50


The Miss Teen World Pageant was independently produced by Gaspar Cruz and the Miss Teen World Organization now called Miss Teen Continents.

Miss World Limited, the owner of a number of trade mark registrations for the mark MISS WORLD, won a judicial battle against a Teen pageant based in the USA. Among Miss World’s registrations is a United States trade mark for MISS WORLD (no. 877221), which was first registered on 5 April 1968. Therefore, there could never be a “Miss Teen World”, if not organized by the Miss World Organization.

Miss World Limited has extensively used and developed its brand over the past 60 years, which has become a famous and well-respected trademark. Over the years, many new pageants and so-called organizations have tried to take advantage of it (just like it happens with Miss Universe as well), so Miss World Limited has always strongly protected its brand and defended its long-standing exclusive rights to the MISS WORLD name and trade mark. After a two-year Federal Court lawsuit and trial in the United States, Miss World won it and the pageant formerly known as “Miss Teen World” produced by Gaspar Cruz has no right to use such name any longer.

The Court found in favor of the Miss World organisation on all its claims of federal trade mark infringement, dilution and unfair competition. Crucially, United States District Judge Vanessa D. Gilmore also found that as a result of Miss World’s continuous usage and promotion, “the MISS WORLD mark has become well-known and famous in the United States and internationally”.

The Court also went on to find that Mr Cruz’s use of the word “world” as part of his competitions as a trade marked name or as a title for his pageant winners caused actual confusion amongst the public and led to actual contempt of the Court’s earlier injunction.

The United States litigation highlighted Mr Cruz’s unauthorised international licensing of “Miss Teen World” where third parties are using the “Miss Teen World” name to run branded competitions in their own countries. The Court order enjoined Mr Cruz and all those acting in concert with or behalf of him from a number of activities including using the “Miss Teen World” name or any name which is similar to the MISS WORLD mark or likely to dilute its distinctive quality. Miss World Limited takes the protection of its intellectual property and famous brand very seriously and will take any required action against an infringer of its MISS WORLD mark. Such judicial decision should set an example and stop others from stealing intellectual property from Miss Universe, Miss World, or any other pageant.


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