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Miss Trinidad and Tobago
TypeBeauty pageant
HeadquartersPort of Spain
Miss World
Miss Grand International
Official language
Miss Trinidad & Tobago
Key people
Brian Gopaul, Reiaz Mohammed, Peter Elias
Valene Maharaj, Miss Trinidad and Tobago 2007

The Miss Trinidad & Tobago Pageant is a beauty pageant that has been held annually since 1954. The contest is meant to select a suitable delegate from the twin island republic, to compete in the Miss World pageant. The nation has one Miss World, Miss World 1986, Giselle Laronde.


Miss Trinidad & Tobago registered trademark started in 1954 exclusively for Miss World. The first Miss Trinidad and Tobago contest started in 1954 where the eventual winner, Seeta Indranie Mahabir represented the British Commonwealth country at the fourth edition of the contest. Trinidad and Tobago have never withdrawn from the Miss World contest since the 70's. It is the only international contest (Miss World) that they have been consistent in sending a representative to. The Miss World brand is the most established pageant brand in the country. According to Google trends, T&T is ranked 4th as per most searches for Miss World. The British High Commissioner in Trinidad and Tobago (1950's to 1970's) were responsible for sending Miss Trinidad and Tobago winner to Miss World. Then in 1979, they gave the rights to local socialite and businesswoman, Kim Sabeeny. Kim Sabeeny died in 1999. Peter Elias then took over the franchise with Trinidad and Tobago first Miss World, Giselle Laronde. Peter Elias resigned after Gabrielle Walcott placed 2nd runner-up at the 58th edition of the Miss World contest. He gave the directorship to Micheal Raghunanan and Daniel Seebaran in 2009. In 2013, Athaliah Samuel held the franchise and there was a dispute between the franchise holder and the then-titleholder, Shereece Villafana, who was then stripped of her title by the national franchise holder after competing in Miss World. In 2014, Vanessa Manoo and Nicaraguan Businessman, Gregory Lewin took over the company for the next three years. The current directors of Miss T&T Company are Brian Gopaul and Dr. Reiaz Mohammed (Vice National Director) who took over the franchise for Miss Trinidad and Tobago in 2018.


Miss Trinidad and Tobago's mission are to inspire and empower the young women of Trinidad and Tobago to become the best version of themselves.

Official broadcaster[edit]

  • TTT, 1962 - 2004
  • Television 4 (TV4), 2005
  • CTV, 2006 – 2012
  • CNC3, 2013 – present

Team Members[edit]

The Miss World Trinidad and Tobago Board of Directors for 2018 are:

  • Brian Gopaul - National Director
  • Dr. Reiaz Mohammed - Co National Pageant Director
  • Sheree Ann Ramsingh - Chief Operating Officer
  • Jevon King - Dep. Chief Operating Officer
  • Peter Sheppard - Art, History, & Culture Director
  • Richard Ahong - Producer
  • Vaughnette Bigford - Fashion & Entertainment Director
  • Kavita Maharaj (Genie) - Photography / Social Media Manager
  • Kiran Maharaj - Digital Media Manager
  • Jarell Alder - Training & Development Coordinator


Miss Trinidad and Tobago[edit]

Gabrielle during Miss World 2008
Color key
  •      Winner
  •      Runner-up
  •      Finalist or semifinalist
Year Miss Trinidad and Tobago Placement Special Awards
1954 Seeta Indranie Mahabir Top 10
1966 Diane DeFreitas
1971 Maria Jordan
1975 Donna Sandra Dalrymple
1976 Patricia Anderson Leon Top 15
1977 Marlene Villafana
1978 Kathleen Thomas
1979 Marlene Coggins Top 15
1980 Maria Octavia Chung
1981 Rachel Ann Thomas Top 15
1982 Althea Ingrid Rocke 4th Runner-up
1983 Esther Juliette Farmer
1984 Ria Judy Joanne Rambardan
1985 Ulrica Christina Phillip
1986 Giselle Laronde Miss World 1986 Miss World Americas
1987 Maria del Valle Xavier
1988 Mintee Narine
1989 Samantha Bhagan
1990 Guenevere Helen Kelshall
1991 Sastee Bachan
1992 Renee Garib
1993 Denyse Michelle Paul
1994 Anabel Thomas
1995 Michelle Khan 2nd Runner Up Miss World Caribbean
1996 Sharda Ramlogan
1997 Mandy Jagdeo
1998 Jeanette Marie La Caillie
1999 Sacha Anton
2000 Rhonda Rosemin
2001 Sacha St. Hill
2002 Janelle Rajnauth
2003 Magdalene Walcott Top 20
2004 Kenisha Thom Top 15
2005 Jenna Marie Andre
2006 Tineke De Freitas
2007 Valene Maharaj 3rd Runner-up Miss World Caribbean
2008 Gabrielle Walcott 2nd Runner-up Miss World Caribbean
Beauty with a Purpose
2009 Ashanna Arthur Top 6 at Miss World Sport
2010 Davia Chambers Top 20 at Beach Beauty
2011 Lee-Ann Forbes Top 25 Top 24 at Miss World Sport
Top 77 at Beauty with a Purpose
2012 Athaliah Samuel Top 20 at Miss World Top Model
Top 20 at Beach Beauty
2013 Sherrece Villafana Top 10 at Miss World Talent
2014 Sarah Jane Waddell Top 25 Top 20 at Miss World Sport
Top 20 at Beauty with a Purpose
Top 15 Interviews
2015 Kimberly Farrah Singh[1]
2016 Daniella Walcott Top 24 Beauty with a Purpose
2017 Chandini Chanka [2] Top 20 Miss World Talent
2018 Ysabel Bisnath Top 20 Head to Head Challenge[3]

Top 25 Beauty with a Purpose[4]

2019 Tya Janè Ramey TBA

Miss International[edit]

Year Miss International Trinidad and Tobago Placement Special Awards
1971 Dixy Ann Hepburn
2011 Renee Bhagwandeen[5] Top 10

Miss Asia Pacific[edit]

Year Miss Asia Pacific Trinidad and Tobago Placement Special Awards
2013 Dr Greer Anjelica Iton Top 10
2014 Tiffany Haunte Winner

Best Model of the Universe[edit]

Year Best Model of the Universe Trinidad and Tobago Placement Special Awards
2013 Soowan Bramble[6] Winner Best National Costume, Best Catwalk, Best Body, Miss Photogenic

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