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Miss U.S. International
Formation1960; 62 years ago (1960)
TypeBeauty pageant
HeadquartersBurton, Michigan
Miss International
Official language
National Director
Britt Harrison
WebsiteMiss U.S. International Official Website

Miss U.S. International is the official United States preliminary to the Miss International Beauty Pageant (officially titled The International Beauty Pageant).[1] The United States has sent a representative to the Miss International pageant since its inception in 1960. The only year a representative was not sent was in 2006.[citation needed]

The current titleholder is Corrin Stellakis of New York, who was crowned on June 25, 2021 will representing USA at Miss International 2022 beauty pageant in Japan.


During the early 1960s the United States was represented by Miss National Press Photographer.[2][3] From 1963-1967 the organizers ran the Miss American Beauty section candidates a few days before the Miss International finals, and after that the U.S. representative's sash was changed to American Beauty instead United States.[4][5]

Since the Miss International Beauty Pageant moved to Japan in 1968. From 1968–1970, They invited Miss Welcome to Long Beach, which sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce selected the winner to compete at Miss International in Japan.[6][7]

Alfred Patricelli of Bridgeport, Connecticut, who was the executive director of the Miss World USA were asked to selected contestants.[8] From 1971–1976, he handpicked the representatives from their lists of Miss World USA contestants.[9][10] However, he organized the Miss International USA pageant only 2 times, which was held in 1973 and 1975.[11][12]

From 1977–1983, California Beauty Pageant Inc. lead by Leonard Stallcup were the license holders for Miss International.[13] He organized Miss California International, and the winner every years will represent as American Beauty at Miss International.[14]

From 1984–1989, the Miss Universe organization were the license holders, and sent delegates from runner-up of Miss USA to Miss International. In 1987, the U.S. representative's sash was changed back to United States and USA respectively and continued to the present.[15][16] It is unknown who was in charge of selecting the contestants from 1990–2006, but mostly they sent Californian girls to Japan.

Currently,[when?] Harrison Productions, LLC is the license holders for Miss International in the United States since 2007 and the winner of the Miss U.S. International pageant will competes at the Miss International Beauty Pageant every years.[citation needed]

Results summary[edit]

Placements in Miss International[edit]

USA holds a record of 32 placements at Miss International.

  • Miss International: Brucene Smith (Miss International 1974), Katherine Ruth (Miss International 1978), Christie Claridge (Miss International 1982)
  • 1st Runners-up: Linda Taylor (1964), Gail Krielow (1965), Anna Rapagna (1979), Charissa Ewing (1980), Sarie Joubert (1985), Dana Richmond (1988), Amy Holbrook (2004)
  • 2nd Runners-up: Pamela Elfast (1967), Karen MacQuarrie (1968)
  • 3rd Runners-up: Joyce Bryan (1963), Jacqueline Jochims (1971), Patricia Bailey (1975), Susan Carlson (1976)
  • 4th Runners-up: Charlene Lundberg (1960), Carolyn Joyner (1962), Lindsay Bloom (1972), Laura Bobbitt (1977), Lindsay Becker (2015), Kaitryana Leinbach (2016)
  • Top 15: Gayle Kovaly (1969), Randi Blesener (1970), Lisa Schuman (1981), Kimberly Bleier (1983), Cindy Williams (1986), Paula Morrison (1987), Deborah Husti (1989), Shawna Bouwman (1990), Amanda Delgado (2012), Andrea Neu (2013)



This is a list of women who have represented the United States at the Miss International pageant.[17]

Color key
  •   Declared as Winner
  •   Ended as Runner-up
  •   Ended as one of the Semi-finalists
Year Name Age[a] State Represented Hometown Placement at Miss International Notes
1960 Charlene Lundberg 19  Illinois Joliet 4th Runner-up
1961 Jo Ann Dyer 22  Ohio Lima
1962 Carolyn Joyner† 19  Kansas Freeport 4th Runner-up
1963 Joyce Bryan† 20  Florida Miami 3rd Runner-up
1964 Linda Ann Taylor 18  California San Diego 1st Runner-up
1965 Gail Krielow 21  Ohio Richmond Heights 1st Runner-up Miss Ohio USA 1964, Top 15 at Miss USA 1964.
1966 No Pageant (cancelled)
1967 Pamela Elfast 19  New Jersey East Orange 2nd Runner-up
1968 Karen MacQuarrie 21  California Long Beach 2nd Runner-up
1969 Gayle Kovaly 20  California Long Beach Top 15
1970 Randi Blesener 21  California Long Beach Top 15
1971 Jacqueline Jochims 23  Iowa Carroll 3rd Runner-up Miss Iowa USA 1970.
1972 Lindsay Bloom 22  Arizona Scottsdale 4th Runner-up 2nd Runner-up at Miss World USA 1971.
1973 Pia Canzani 23  Maryland Baltimore
1974 Brucene Smith 23  Texas Port Lavaca Miss International 1974 Miss World USA 1971, Top 7 at Miss World 1971.
1975 Patricia Bailey 20  Virginia Norfolk 3rd Runner-up
1976 Susan Carlson 21  New York Schenectady 3rd Runner-up Miss New York USA 1973, 1st Runner-up at Miss USA 1973.
1977 Laura Bobbitt 19  California Fresno 4th Runner-up
1978 Katherine Ruth 20  California Los Angeles Miss International 1978
1979 Anna Rapagna 22  California Burbank 1st Runner-up
1980 Charissa Ewing 19  California Los Angeles 1st Runner-up
1981 Lisa Schuman 19  California Cypress Top 15
1982 Christie Claridge 19  California Los Angeles Miss International 1982 Miss Photogenic.
1983 Kimberly Bleier 19  California Los Angeles Top 15
1984 Desiree Daniels 24  Tennessee Chattanooga Did not compete Daniels couldn't compete due to overage requirement; Miss Tennessee 1982, 1st Runner-up at Miss America 1983; Miss Tennessee USA 1984, 2nd Runner-up at Miss USA 1984.
Sandra Percival 21  Missouri Sunrise Beach Elevated to replace Daniels; Miss Missouri USA 1984, 3rd Runner-up at Miss USA 1984.
1985 Laura Bach 23  Illinois Elmhurst Did not compete Bach didn't compete for unknown reasons; Miss Illinois USA 1985, 2nd Runner-up at Miss USA 1985.
Sarie Joubert 22  Louisiana Shreveport 1st Runner-up Elevated to replace Bach; Miss Louisiana USA 1985, 3rd Runner-up at Miss USA 1985.
1986 Tami Tesch 21  Georgia Hephzibah Did not compete Tesch didn't compete for unknown reasons; Miss Georgia USA 1986, 2nd Runner-up at Miss USA 1986.
Cindy Williams 22  Mississippi Hattiesburg Top 15 Elevated to replace Tesch; Miss Mississippi USA 1986, 3rd Runner-up at Miss USA 1986.
1987 Diane Martin 24  Arizona Tucson Did not compete Martin couldn't compete due to overage requirement; Miss Arizona 1985; Miss Arizona USA 1987, 2nd Runner-up at Miss USA 1987.
Paula Morrison 22  West Virginia Barboursville Top 15 Selected to replace Martin because any of runners-up couldn't compete for unknown reasons; Miss West Virginia USA 1987, Top 11 at Miss USA 1987.
1988 Donna Rampy 24  Georgia Riverdale Did not compete Rampy couldn't compete due to overage requirement; Miss Georgia USA 1988, 2nd Runner-up at Miss USA 1988.
Dana Richmond 21  Mississippi Madison 1st Runner-up Elevated to replace Rampy because Richmond was only the runners-up who meet age requirement; Miss Mississippi USA 1988, 4th Runner-up at Miss USA 1988.
1989 Deborah Husti 22  New Jersey Rockaway Top 15 Miss New Jersey USA 1989, 2nd Runner-up at Miss USA 1989.
1990 Shawna Bouwman 20  California Artesia Top 15
1991 Kimberly Byers 22  California Oxnard
1992 Sandra Lee Allen 22  California Los Angeles
1993 Lynette MacFee 23  California Pasadena
1994 Karen Kristie Doyle 21  Texas Houston
1995 Krista Loskota 19  California San Gabriel
1996 Maya Yadira Kashak 18  California Palm Desert
1997 Tanya Miller 19  California Barstow
1998 Susan Paez 22  California South Gate
1999 Jennifer Glover 20  California Castro Valley Miss California USA 2001; Miss California 2002.
2000 Kirstin Cook 22  Florida Miami
2001 Eleana Thompson 19  California Lake Elsinore
2002 Mary Elizabeth Jones 21  California Mira Loma
2003 Masielle Otero 24  Florida Miami
2004 Amy Holbrook 19  California San Diego 1st Runner-up
2005 Anna Ward 24  California Long Beach
2006 Sara Harrigfeld 26  California Palm Springs Did not compete Harrigfeld was disqualified due to overage requirement. No runners-up were sent to Miss International 2006.
2007 April Strong 19  Illinois Chicago
2008 Kelly Best 22  Michigan Troy Miss Michigan USA 2007, Top 15 at Miss USA 2007.
2009 Aileen Jan Yap 21  Texas Willis Miss Mobile Beauty.
2010 Casandra Tressler 25  Maryland Oakland Miss Maryland USA 2008.
2011 Kristen Little 22  New Mexico Atlanta, GA
2012 Amanda Delgado 22  California Victorville Top 15
2013 Andrea Neu 23  Colorado Pueblo Top 15 Miss Earth United States 2014, 1st Runner-up at Miss Earth 2014.
2014 Samantha Brooks 24  California Highland
2015 Lindsay Becker 25  Minnesota Apple Valley 4th Runner-up
2016 Kaitryana Leinbach 18  North Carolina Charlotte 4th Runner-up
2017 Shanel James 26  Maryland Fort Meade
2018 Bonnie Walls 24  New York New York City
2019 Ghazal Gill 24  California Fremont
2020 Maritsa Platis 19  South Carolina North Myrtle Beach No Pageant Miss International 2020 and 2021 cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
2022 Corrin Stellakis 23  New York Bridgeport TBA Miss New York Teen USA 2014; Top 12 at Miss World America 2015; Miss Earth United States 2016, 3rd Runner-up at Miss Earth 2016 (Originally placed Top 8, later elevated after original 3rd runner-up was resigned).


  • † Now deceased

By number of states[edit]

States Titles Years
 California 28 1964, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982,
1983, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999,
2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006[b], 2012, 2014, 2019
 New York 3 1976, 2018, 2022
 Maryland 1973, 2010, 2017
 Texas 1974, 1994, 2009
 Illinois 1960, 1985[b], 2007
 Florida 1963, 2000, 2003
 New Jersey 2 1967, 1989
 Mississippi 1986, 1988
 Georgia 1986[b], 1988[b]
 Arizona 1972, 1987[b]
 Ohio 1961, 1965
 South Carolina 1 2020/2021
 North Carolina 2016
 Minnesota 2015
 Colorado 2013
 New Mexico 2011
 Michigan 2008
 West Virginia 1987
 Louisiana 1985
 Missouri 1984
 Tennessee 1984[b]
 Virginia 1975
 Iowa 1971
 Kansas 1962
  1. ^ Age when competed at Miss International or held the title.
  2. ^ a b c d e f Took over or held the title for a brief period of time after the original winner resigned, or before they unable to participate, and thus did not compete at Miss International.

Winners' gallery[edit]

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