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Miss U.S Virgin Islands
MottoThe Confident Beauty of the U.S Virgin Islands
TypeBeauty Pageant
HeadquartersCharlotte Amalie
Miss Universe
Miss World
Miss International
Miss Earth
Official language
Lulu Orange Tyson
Key people
Lulu Orange Inc.
Aniska Tonge is crowned Miss Universe U.S Virgin Islands on August 11, 2018 in St. Thomas

Miss U.S Virgin Islands is a beauty pageant in the US Virgin Islands.


Between 1961 and 1978, the National Committee of Virgin Islands celebrated Miss Virgin Islands contest, in which the grand winners competed at the Miss Universe and other beauty pageants. Beginning in 1979, the official name changed to Miss U.S. Virgin Islands.

Franchise Ownership and Extended History[edit]

The Miss U.S. Virgin Islands competition began in 1956 when Miriam Edna Golden was crowned as the first Miss Virgin Islands in June 1956 (sponsored by Virgin Islands Hotel Association.) In 1961 was the second edition of Miss Virgin Islands, which saw the first international delegate Priscilla Bonilla representing the territory at Miss Universe 1961 in the United States. The pageant was then owned by Sam King (Owner of Pan American Finishing School) and the U.S Virgin Islands Carnival Committee. In franchise history, Cherrie Raphaelia Creque has been the only Miss Universe U.S Virgin Islands to place in the Top 12 at Miss Universe. The only other international pageant finalist from the U.S Virgin Islands has been Esonica Veira of St. Thomas, who was awarded 4th Runner up in The Miss Supranational in Minsk, Belarus in September 2013.

Through the 1990s, franchise ownership of the Miss U.S Virgin Islands title belonged to The Lions Club of St. Thomas and also to Debra Gottlieb; a local staple in pageantry.[1] Beginning in 2010, the title of Miss Universe U.S. Virgin Islands had been handled by a Miss Universe USVI Committee; Debra Gottlieb (Chair of the Lions Club), Helen Hart, and Denise Green. In 2011, the Miss Universe U.S Virgin Islands competition selected three national titleholders, the winner went to Miss Universe and runners-up went to Miss World and Miss Earth pageants.

Between 1978 and 2007, the Miss United States Virgin Islands contest has branched into multiple titles. Representatives visit international franchises according to those titles and franchise owners. Titles have included: Miss Virgin Islands, Miss U.S Virgin Islands, Miss Universe U.S Virgin Islands, and Miss U.S Paradise. The pageants have become the most prestigious contests in the territory, however franchise ownership changes have led to a dwindling in existing competitions. As of 2018, the only franchise with an official pageant to send representatives to international pageants is Miss Universe U.S Virgin Islands (held annually in the summer.)

After 2011, the title of Miss Universe U.S Virgin Islands took a hiatus with no official representation in the international pageant. The franchise was again purchased in 2016 by Tom Youth of U.S Ventures, LLC. Carolyn Carter of St. Croix, represented as Miss Universe U.S Virgin Islands at the 65th Miss Universe pageant.

In 2017, the franchise ownership of Miss Universe U.S. Virgin Islands was granted by the Miss Universe Organization to Lulu Orange Tyson of Lulu Orange, Inc. Esonica Veira was crowned in Boca Raton, Florida after Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma devastated the islands leaving them incapable of hosting the pageants within the territory. Veira represented the territory at the 66th Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada.

On August 11, 2018 Aniska Tonge was crowned the new Miss Universe U.S Virgin Islands in St. Thomas. She is set to represent the USVI at the 67th Miss Universe Pageant in Bangkok, Thailand.


Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

The winner of Miss U.S. Virgin Islands represents the U.S territory at the Miss Universe. Between 1961 and 1978 Miss Virgin Islands winners went to Miss Universe with a Virgin Islands sash before a constitutional referendum was declared. On March 6, 1979 the queen was officially referred to as Miss U.S Virgin Islands. The Miss US Virgin Islands represents the islands to Miss Universe. The celebration of Miss U.S. Virgin Islands was not held in 2000, 2003-2004, 2008-2009, 2012-2015. It made a return in 2016.

Year Miss USVI Placement at Miss Universe Notes
1956 Miriam Edna Golden Did not compete Semifinalist at Miss United States
1961 Priscila Bonilla Unplaced 1st Runner-up Miss St Croix. Sam King purchased Miss Universe franchise for USVI
1962 Juanita Monell Poblete Unplaced
1967 Gail Garrison Unplaced
1968 Elodie Sadie Sargeant[2] Unplaced Virgin Islands Festival Queen 1967
1971 Cherrie Raphaelia Creque[3] Top 12 Miss Cariba 1971
1972 Carol Krieger Unplaced
1973 Cindy Richards Unplaced
1974 Thelma Yvonne Santiago Unplaced
1975 Julia Florencia Wallace Unplaced
1976 Lorraine Patricia Baa Unplaced
1977 Denise Naomi George Unplaced
1978 Barbara Henderson Unplaced
1979 Linda Torres Unplaced
1980 Deborah Velisa Mardenborough Unplaced
1981 Marise Cecile James Unplaced
1982 Ingerborg Hendricks Unplaced
1983 Julie Elizabeth Woods Unplaced
1984 Patricia Maria Graham Unplaced
1985 Mudite Alda Henderson Unplaced
1986 Jasmine Olivia Turner Unplaced
1987 Feliza Ramone Bencosme Unplaced
1988 Heather Carty Unplaced
1989 Nathalie Lynch Unplaced
1991 Monique Lindesay Miss Congeniality The Lions Club of St. Thomas held the Miss U.S. Virgin Islands
1992 Cathy-Mae Sitaram Unplaced
1993 Sheryl Simpson Unplaced
1995 Kim Marie Ann Boschulte Unplaced
1997 Vania Thomas Unplaced
1998 Leah Webster Unplaced
1999 Sherece Shurmain Smith Unplaced Miss U.S. Virgin Islands "The Essence of the Caribbean", held at Wyndham Sugar Resorts, St. Thomas
2001 Lisa Hasseba Wynne Unplaced
2002 Merlisa Rhonda George Miss Congeniality
2005 Tricia Homer Miss Congeniality
2006 JeT’aime Cerge Grant Unplaced Miss Earth U.S. Virgin Islands 2007
2007 Renata Christian Unplaced Sponsored by Department of Tourism
2010 Janeisha John Unplaced Miss Virgin Islands for Miss America 2008
2011 Alexandrya Evans Unplaced
2016 Carolyn Carter[4] Unplaced Tom Youth from US Ventures LLC. Directorship; Miss World USVI 2010, Miss Supranational USVI 2011 & Miss Earth USVI 2012
2017 Esonica Veira Unplaced Lulu Orange Tyson Directorship; Miss World USVI 2011, Miss Supranational USVI 2013 & Miss Earth USVI 2014
2018 Aniska Tonge TBD Miss US Virgin Islands for Miss America 2013 & Miss World USVI 2014

Miss World U.S. Virgin Islands[edit]

Between 1982 and 2005 the Miss American Virgin Islands went to Miss World. In 2010, the Miss World USVI committees appointed the delegate to Miss World 2010 in Sanya. In 2011 the 1st Runners-up of Miss U.S. Virgin Islands represented the U.S territory at the Miss World pageant. Since 2012 the Miss US Paradise winner is the selected delegate to the Miss World pageant.

Year Miss World US Virgin Islands Placement at Miss World
1982 Benedicta Acosta Unplaced
1983 Chandra Theresa Ramsingh Unplaced
1984 Sandy Lewis Unplaced
1985 Connie Mary Colaire Unplaced
1986 Carmen Rosa Acosta Unplaced
1987 Lisa Pitram Unplaced
1988 Cathy-Mae Sitaram Unplaced
1989 Vania Thomas Top 15 & Queen of the Caribbean
1990 Keima Akintobi Unplaced
1991 Cheryl Leiba Milligan Unplaced
1992 Leah Webster Unplaced
1993 Suzanne Palermo Unplaced
1994 Jessalyn Pearsall Unplaced
1995 Roshini Nibbs Unplaced
1996 Emoliere Williams Unplaced
1997 Taisha Regina Gomes Unplaced
1998 Wendy Sanchez Unplaced
1999 Shani Afua Smith Unplaced
2000 Luciah Hedrington Unplaced
2001 Cherrisse Wood Unplaced
2002 Hailey Cagan Unplaced
2005 Kmisha-Victoria Counts Top 16 & Miss World Talent
2010 Carolyn Carter Miss World Sport (Top 20)
2011 Esonica Veira Top 15
2012 Taiesa Annique Lashley Miss World Talent (Top 16)
2013 Petra Cabrera-Badia Miss World Beach Beauty (Top 32)
2014 Aniska Tonge Unplaced
2015 Jahne Massac Unplaced
2016 Kyrelle Thomas Unplaced

Miss Earth U.S. Virgin Islands[edit]

The Winner or Runner-up of Miss U.S. Paradise competes at the Miss Earth pageant. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent. This pageant promotes Environment and does a climate program. Since 2012, the Miss Earth U.S. Virgin Islands may select by appointing candidate in under Miss U.S. Paradise.

Year Miss Earth US Virgin Islands Placement at Miss Earth
2007 JeT’aime Cheree Cerge Unplaced
2011 Kara Williams Unplaced
2012 Carolyn Carter 3rd, bronze medalist(s)
Walk with M.E
2nd, silver medalist(s)
I Love My Planet School Campaign
1st, gold medalist(s)
Evening Gown
2013 Vanessa Mari Donastorg Unplaced
2014 Esonica Veira 1st, gold medalist(s)
Best Talent
1st, gold medalist(s)
Teacher Challenge
2017 Kaylee Carlberg Unplaced

Miss International U.S. Virgin Islands[edit]

The 1st Runner-up of Miss U.S. Paradise competes at the Miss International pageant. This title does not exist since 2013. There is only one candidate from U.S. Virgin Islands who competed in Miss International.

Year Miss International USVI Placement at Miss International
2012 Vanessa Mari Donastorg Unplaced

Miss Supranational U.S. Virgin Islands[edit]

Year Miss International USVI Placement at Miss Supranational
2011 Carolyn Carter Unplaced
2013 Esonica Veira 4th Runner-up


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