Miss Universe 2003

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Miss Universe 2003
Amelia Vega
Miss Universe 2003
Date 3 June 2003
Presenters Billy Bush and Daisy Fuentes
Entertainment Bond and Chayanne
Venue Figali Convention Center, Panama City, Panama
Broadcaster NBC
Entrants 71
Placements 15
Debuts Serbia & Montenegro
Withdraws British Virgin Islands, Chile, Ghana, Honduras, Iceland, Kenya, Northern Marianas, Portugal, Uruguay, US Virgin Islands, Yugoslavia
Returns Argentina, Barbados, Belize, New Zealand, Chinese Taipei.
Winner Amelia Vega
 Dominican Republic
Congeniality Kai Davis
 Antigua & Barbuda
Best National Costume Amelia Vega
 Dominican Republic
Photogenic Carla Tricoli
 Puerto Rico

Miss Universe 2003, the 52nd Miss Universe pageant, was held at Figali Convention Center, Panama City, Panama on 3 June 2003. 71 delegates from around the universe competed for the crown. At the conclusion of the final night Amelia Vega of the Dominican Republic was crowned as the new Miss Universe 2003 by Miss Universe 2002, Justine Pasek of Panama.

Panama hosted the pageant for the second time. In 1986, Panama hosted the Miss Universe Pageant for the first time, the pageant final was held at ATLAPA Convention Center, in Panama City.

This was the first Miss Universe edition to be aired on NBC.


Countries and territories which sent delegates and results.


Final Results Contestant
Miss Universe 2003
1st Runner-Up
2nd Runner-Up
3rd Runner-Up
4th Runner-Up
Top 10
Top 15

Special Awards[edit]

Award Contestant
Best National Costume
Miss Congeniality
Miss Photogenic

Order of announcements[edit]


All music by Bond.

  • Opening Number: "Victory"
  • National Costume Presentation: "Gypsy Rhapsody "
  • Placement Number: "Allegretto"
  • Evening Gown Competition: "Shine", "Strange Paradise", "Libertango"
  • Swimsuit Competition: "Fuego"


Telecast Judges[edit]

The following celebrities judged the final competition.


National competitions[edit]




Pageant notes[edit]

  • Manuela Osk Hardarsdottir of Iceland withdrew from the pageant, when dehydration caused by the weather prevented her from competing in the Preliminaries. She stayed in Panama until the pageant was over, joined by her boyfriend.
  • In terms of regional representation, this was one of the most balanced top fives in recent years, with delegates from Africa (South Africa), the Asia-Pacific Region (Japan), Europe (Serbia & Montenegro), South America (Venezuela), and the Caribbean (Dominican Republic) all making the top five. Something similar would happen in 2010.
  • India's Nikita Anand failed to place, breaking the 11 year Indian streak of placing in the Top 10 from 1992 to 2002 which produced 2 winners (1994-Sushmita Sen,2000-Lara Dutta), a 1st runner up (1995-Manpreet Brar), a 2nd runner up (1992-Madhu Sapre) and a 4th runner up (2001-Celina Jaitley).
  • Angola and Serbia & Montenegro placed in the semi-finals for the first time.
  • Venezuela, South Africa, Canada, and Panama were the only countries in this year's semi-finals who were also called out in last year's semi-finals.
  • As for the other semi-finalists, Japan last placed in 1988, Namibia in 1992, Czech Republic in 1993, the Dominican Republic in 1995, Peru in 1996, both Brazil and Trinidad & Tobago in 1998, and both the USA and Greece in 2001.
  • Alexsandra Vodjanikova of Germany went on to win Top Model of the World 2007 in Egypt. She changed her last name and won with the name of Alessandra Alores.
  • Due to China's obstruction, Taiwan was forced to change her sash label to Chinese Taipei. However, pageant organizers allowed Szu-Yu Chen to use the Taiwan sash while off of the stage, but the Chinese Taipei sash while on stage.[1][2][3]
  • For the first time, scores are not revealed to public viewers.
  • Algeria was supposed to debut this year but due to dissatification it withdrew

International Broadcasters[edit]

These networks televised the 2003 Miss Universe pageant live (or recorded it earlier for future broadcast) in their respective countries and territories:


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