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Miss Universe Great Britain
Motto Empowerment and Development
Formation 1952
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters London
Miss Universe
Official language
Paula Abbandonato
Website missuniversegb.co.uk

Miss Universe Great Britain (Miss Universe GB) is a national beauty pageant that selects Britain's representative in the Miss Universe contest.


When created as Miss Universe Great Britain in 1952, 30 women around the island of Great Britain and Northern Ireland competed. Aileen Chase would be the only contestant to compete at Miss Universe as Miss Great Britain or Miss UK until the 1990s. For four decades there would be no Miss Universe GB/UK.

There was no UK participant at Miss Universe in 1953-1954. From 1955-1990 (except 1956), the winner of Miss England competed. Miss Scotland and Miss Wales first competed in 1961 and again, competed every year until 1990, except 1987 in Scotland's case, as that year's Miss Scotland, Eileen Catterson, was disqualified for being under age.

In Miss Universe 1991, Helen Upton, the winner of the 1990 Miss United Kingdom pageant, became the first contestant since 1952, to compete at Miss Universe under the Miss GB or Miss UK banner. She competed as Miss United Kingdom.

In 1992 Miss Great Britain Universe came back until 2000. There was no British representative at Miss Universe from 2001 to 2004.

In 2005 it came back with the name Miss Universe United Kingdom and the pageant had 30 delegates representing subdivision of British Overseas, Crown Dependencies, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

In 2008 the rights to the pageant were awarded to Welsh Modelling agency Vibe Models, and the name was changed again to Miss Universe UK. The contest was revitalized, with a show being held in Central London to determine the winner; 38 contestants competed for the title.

In 2009 the name of the pageant was changed once again to Miss Universe Great Britain and has since stayed the same. The event is now held at the Birmingham ICC.

In 2010, Miss Universe Great Britain took on new sponsors Front Agency in London.

In 2018, Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers from Anguilla, a British Overseas Territory, became the first black woman to win the crown. The dreadlocked beauty is title holder of Miss Anguilla, a past Commonwealth Games heptathlete and a barrister at law.


Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

The winner of Miss Universe Great Britain represents the country at Miss Universe. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) a runner-up is sent.

Year Miss Universe Great Britain City Country Placement Special Awards
2018 Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers Birmingham England TBD TBD
2017 Anna Burdzy Leicester England Top 16
2016 Jaime-Lee Faulkner Sheffield England Unplaced
2015 Narissara France London England Unplaced
2014 Grace Levy London England Unplaced
2013 Amy Willerton London England Top 10
2012 Holly Hale Llanelli Wales Unplaced
2011 Chloe-Beth Morgan Torfaen Wales Unplaced
2010 Tara Hoyos-Martínez London England Unplaced
2009 Clair Cooper London England Unplaced
Miss Universe United Kingdom
2008 Lisa Lazarus Llanelli Wales Unplaced
2006 Julie Doherty London England Unplaced
2005 Brooke Johnston London England Unplaced
Miss Great Britain Universe
2000 Louise Lakin Manchester England Unplaced
1999 Cherie Pisani Clacton England Unplaced
1998 Leilani Anne Dowding Bournemouth England Unplaced
1996 Anita Saint Rose London England Unplaced
1995 Sarah Jane Southwick Birmingham England Unplaced
1994 Michaela Pyke Cardiff Wales Unplaced
1993 Kathryn Middleton Chesterfield England Unplaced
1992 Tiffany Stanford Birmingham England Unplaced
Miss United Kingdom
1991 Helen Upton Birmingham England Unplaced
1952 Aileen Chase London England Unplaced


The Miss Universe Great Britain final results:

Year Miss Universe GB Represented First Runner-up Represented Second Runner-up Represented Third Runner-up Represented Fourth Runner-up Represented
2018 Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers Birmingham Simren Vernon Farnham Cara Frew London - - - -
2017 Anna Burdzy Leicester Saffron Corcoran London Victoria Turner Newcastle Samantha Hancock Cardiff Maria Wilkes London
2016 Jaime-Lee Faulkner Sheffield Christina Chalk Scotland Samantha Hancock Cardiff Victoria Tooby England Jessica Page Liverpool
2015 Narissara France London Victoria Winterford Essex Kelly Rowland Carmarthenshire Luissa Burton Worcestershire Rebecca John Cardiff
2014 Grace Levy London Sophie Loudon Glasgow Anna Burdzy Leicester Amy Townsend Pembrokeshire Sara Pender Glasgow
2013 Amy Willerton London Roxy Osborne Norfolk Maisie Lake Norwich Sarah Guildford Stockport Naomi Duncan Bristol
2012 Holly Hale Llanelli Sandra Lees Coventry Margarita Nazarenko London Hannah Higgins Rotherham Bethany Tamsett Essex
2011 Chloe-Beth Morgan Torfaen Natasha Crook London Summer Ghanavati Cardiff Anastasia Smith York Sara McLean Edinburgh
2010 Tara Hoyos-Martínez London Kelly Pesticcio Cardiff Kathryn Lane Cardiff Amy Baldock Preston Lorraine Stretch Bristol
2009 Clair Cooper London Lydia Yhnell Newport Alize Lily Mounter Rhondda Cynon Taf Rissikat Bade London Ellie Duncannon Brighton
2008 Lisa Lazarus Llanelli Holly Ann Hill Brighton Jamie Lee Williams London Claire Heaton Durham Hannah Jackson Reading
2006 Julie Doherty Manchester Anastia McCarkin Jersey Laura Quinton London Susan Anermaly Northern Ireland Ann Marie Castile Scotland
2005 Brooke Johnston London Ambuyah Ebanks Cayman Islands Lucy Avril Evangelista Northern Ireland Samantha Carlin Scotland Ana Joseph England
2000 Louise Lakin Manchester Susie Anndam London Anna Harlder England Louise Shanklin Skegness Katie Sorennio Cleethorpes
1999 Cherie Pisani Edinburgh Rafaela Van Anderwits Shetland Sandra Theodro London Ryuki Fujia Norwich Tamara Katie Gateshead
1998 Leilani Anne Dowding Shetland Linda McCarperkin Belfast Alana Marison London Kathy O'Neal Manchester Louise Gregory Liverpool
1996 Anita Saint Rose London Wanda Timothy Bermuda Mary Peters Virgin Islands Wen Banjamani China Eliza Grossman Sunderland
1995 Sarah Jane Southwick London Julisa Saint Mary England Ana Lucia Reyes Rodriguez Gibraltar Melanie Abdoun London Abigail Varnish Leeds
1994 Michaela Pyke Wales Anajulie Winters England Cindy Ferrel London Kathy Beckett Wales Rebecca Orgill Northern Ireland
1993 Kathryn Middleton England Heidi Jones Wales Katieliana Willias Fahastra Indian Ocean Territories Racquel Bovery-Jones England Carla Groichevi-Edmondsons Scotland
1992 Tiffany Stanford England Aileen Wilernes Scotland Melisaa Jones Northern Ireland Sandra Pack England Catherine Blackpool Wales
1991 Helen Upton England Simone Whiterstone London Gerona Quinkos Shetland Chloe Scout Manchester Amnishia Okinwaro Sheffield
1952 Aileen Chase London Sarah Fetherstone Manchester Ana Marie Candom West Indies Federation Kimberly Adams Liverpool Cindy Ann Covigton York

List of British representatives at Miss Universe[edit]

Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

There was no UK participant at Miss Universe in 1953-1954. From 1955-1990 (except 1956), the winner of Miss England competed. Miss Scotland and Miss Wales first competed in 1961 and again, competed every year until 1990.

Year Miss England Miss Scotland Miss Wales
1955 Margaret Rowe
Top 15
x x
1956 Iris Alice Kathleen Waller
3rd Runner-up
x x
1957 Sonia Hamilton
2nd Runner-up
x x
1958 Dorothy Hazeldine x x
1959 Pamela Anne Searle
3rd Runner-up
(Miss Photogenic)
x x
1960 Joan Ellinor Boardman
Top 15
x x
1961 Arlette Dobson
3rd Runner-up
Susan Jones
Top 15
Rosemarie Frankland
1st Runner-up
1962 Kim Carlton
Top 15
(Best National Costume)
(Miss Photogenic)
Vera Parker Hazel Williams
1963 x Grace Calder W. Taylor
(Miss Congeniality)
Maureen Thomas
1964 Brenda Blackler
1st Runner-up
Wendy Barrie Marilyn Joy Samuel
1965 Jennifer Warren Gurley Mary Young Joan Boull
1966 Janice Carol Whiteman
Top 15
Linda Ann Lees Christine Heller
1967 Jennifer Lynn Lewis
2nd Runner-up
Lena MacGarvie Denise Elizabeth Page
Top 15
1968 Jennifer Lowe Summers
Top 15
Helen Davidson Judith Radford
1969 Myra Van Heck Sheena Drumond Shirley Jones
1970 Yvonne Anne Ormes Lee Hamilton Marshall Sandra Cater
1971 Marilyn Ann Ward
Top 12
Elizabeth Montgomery Dawn Cater
1972 Jennifer Mary McAdam
4th Runner-up
Elizabeth Joan Stevely Eileen Darroch
1973 Veronica Ann Cross Caroline Meade Deirdre Jennifer
1974 Kathleen Anders
Top 12
Catherine Robertson Helen Morgan
1st Runner-up
1975 Vicki Harris
Top 12
Mary Kirkwood Georgina Kerler
1976 Pauline Davies
Top 12
(Miss Photogenic)
Carol Jean Grant
3rd Runner-up
Sian Adey-Jones
2nd Runner-up
1977 Sarah Louise Long Sandra Bell
2nd Runner-up
Christine Anne Murphy
1978 Beverly Isherwood Angela Mary Kate Macleod Elizabeth Ann Jones
1979 Carolyn Ann Seaward
2nd Runner-up
(Miss Photogenic)
Lorraine Davidson
Top 12
Janet Beverly Hobson
Top 12
1980 Julie Duckworth Linda Gallagher
1st Runner-up
Kim Ashfield
1981 Joanna Longley Anne McFarlane Karen Ruth Stannard
1982 Della Frances Dolan
Top 12
Georgina Kearney Michele Donnelly
1983 Karen Lesley Moore
4th Runner-up
Linda Renton Lianne Patricia Gray
1984 Louise Gray May Monaghan Jane Ann Riley
1985 Helen Westlake Jackie Hendrie Barbara Christian
1986 Joanne Ruth Sedgley Natalie M. Devlin Tracey Rowlands
1987 Yvette Dawn Livesey Julia Henderson Nicola Gail Davies
1988 Tracey Williams Amanda Laird Lise Marie Williams
1989 Racquel Jory Victoria Susannah Lace Andrea Caroline Jones
1990 Carla Barrow Karina Ferguson Jane Lloyd

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