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Miss Universe Japan
MottoIntelligence, Sensitivity, Humanity, Inner Surface-Confidence
TypeBeauty pageant
Miss Universe
Official language
Hiroko Mima
WebsiteOfficial website

Miss Universe Japan (Japanese: ミス・ユニバース・ジャパン) is a national Beauty pageant in Japan to select an official candidate for the Miss Universe pageant.

Since 2018, the national director of Miss Universe Japan is Hiroko Mima.


When the Miss Universe Japan pageant was founded in 1998, it was run by French national director Ines Ligron. Until 2007, the organisation managed to produce one winner, two top 5 runners-up and one top 15 semifinalist at the Miss Universe pageant. Ligron was catapulted to the international spotlight when Riyo Mori won the second Miss Universe crown for Japan in 2007. In 2009, Ligron left the organisation which resulted in a different team now leading the organisation.


Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

In 1998 the pageant was renamed Miss Universe Japan. The winner of Miss Universe Japan (MUJ) represents her country at Miss Universe. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent.

Year Miss Japan Japanese Represented Placement Special Awards
2018 Yuumi Kato 加藤遊海 Mie Unplaced
2017 Momoko Abe 阿部 桃子 Chiba Unplaced Best National Costume
2016 Sari Nakazawa 中沢 沙理 Shiga Unplaced
2015 Ariana Miyamoto 宮本 エリアナ Nagasaki Top 10
2014 Keiko Tsuji 辻 恵子 Nagasaki Unplaced
2013 Yukimi Matsuo 松尾 幸実 Mie Unplaced Best National Costume
(4th Runner-up)
2012 Ayako Hara 原 綾子 Miyagi Unplaced
2011 Maria Kamiyama 神山 まりあ Tokyo Unplaced Best National Costume
(9th Runner-up)
2010 Maiko Itai 板井 麻衣子 Ōita Unplaced
2009 Emiri Miyasaka 宮坂 絵美里 Tokyo Unplaced
2008 Hiroko Mima 美馬 寛子 Tokushima Top 15
2007 Riyo Mori 森 理世 Shizuoka Miss Universe 2007
2006 Kurara Chibana 知花 くらら Okinawa 1st Runner-up Best National Costume
2005 Yukari Kuzuya 葛谷 由香里 Aichi Unplaced
2004 Eri Machimoto 町本 絵里 Hiroshima Unplaced
2003 Miyako Miyazaki 宮崎 京 Kumamoto 4th Runner-up
2002 Mina Chiba 千葉 美苗 Tokyo Unplaced
2001 Misao Arauchi 荒内 美沙緒 Tokyo Unplaced
2000 Mayu Endo 遠藤 真由 Tokyo Unplaced
1999 Satomi Ogawa 小川 里美 Saitama Unplaced
1998 Nana Okumura 奥村 ナナ Tokyo Unplaced


The Miss Japan pageant existed from 1952 to 1995. During that period, the pageant managed to produce a winner and three top 5 finalists at the Miss Universe pageant. In 1959, Akiko Kojima claimed the first crown for Japan.[1] After a top 12 semifinalist placement in 1975, Japan managed to place only one more time prior to 1995, when Mizuho Sakaguchi took fourth place in 1988.

Year Miss Japan Placement Special Awards
1995 Narumi Saeki Unplaced
1994 Chiaki Kawahito Unplaced
1993 Yukiko Shiki Unplaced
1992 Akiko Ando Unplaced
1991 Atsuko Yamamoto Unplaced
1990 Hiroko Miyoshi Unplaced
1989 Eri Tashiro Unplaced
1988 Mizuho Sakaguchi 3rd Runner-up
1987 Hiroe Namba Unplaced
1986 Hiroko Esaki Unplaced
1985 Hatsumi Furusawa Unplaced
1984 Megumi Niiyama Unplaced
1983 Yuko Yamaguchi Unplaced
1982 Eri Okuwaki Unplaced
1981 Mineko Orisaku Unplaced
1980 Hisae Hiyama Unplaced
1979 Yurika Kuroda Unplaced Miss Amity
1978 Hisako Manda Unplaced
1977 Kyoko Sato Unplaced
1976 Miyako Iwakuni Unplaced
1975 Sachiko Nakayama Top 12
1974 Eriko Tsuboi Unplaced
1973 Miyoko Sometani Top 12
1972 Harumi Maeda Top 12
1971 Shigeko Taketomi Top 12
1970 Jun Shimada 3rd Runner-up
1969 Kikuyo Osuka 4th Runner-up
1968 Yasuyo Iino Unplaced Miss Amity
1967 Kayoko Fujikawa Unplaced
1966 Atsumi Ikeno Unplaced
1965 Mari Katayama Unplaced
1964 Chizuko Matsumoto Unplaced
1963 Noriko Ando Top 15
1962 Kazuko Hirano Unplaced
1961 Akemi Toyama Unplaced
1960 Yayoi Furuno Top 15
1959 Akiko Kojima Miss Universe 1959
1958 Tomoko Moritake Top 15 Miss Friendship
1957 Kyoko Otani Top 15
1956 Yoshie Baba Unplaced
1955 Keiko Takahashi 4th Runner-up
1954 Mieko Kondo Unplaced
1953 Kinuko Ito 2nd Runner-up
1952 Himeko Kojima Unplaced

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