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Miss Universe Slovenia
MottoConfidently Beautiful
TypeBeauty pageant
Miss Universe
Official language
Sejem kozmetike in Lepote

The Miss Universe Slovenia (Slovene: Miss Universe Slovenija) is a national beauty pageant that selected Slovenia's representative to the Miss Universe pageant.


In 2001 Slovenia began to participate in the Miss Universe history. Minka Alagič was crowned a very first Miss Universe Slovenia pageant. In 2012, the main national pageant organizer "Delo Revije", a magazine company, lost the franchise license due to company's bankruptcy filed in 2011. In 2013, the franchise was acquired by "Vladimir Kraljevic", who is also the national director of Miss Universe Croatia. On March 30, 2017 "Sejem kozmetike in Lepote" had a right to control a new Miss Universe Slovenia to be an ambassador in Miss Universe history.

The Miss Universe Slovenia has officially broadcast on TV3 Slovenija.

In Mexico City, where Miss Universe 2007 was held, Tjaša Kokalj, Miss Universe Slovenia 2007, placed in the Top 15, becoming the first Slovenian semifinalist at the Miss Universe pageant in history.


Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
Year Miss Universe Slovenia Municipality Placement Special Awards
2017 Emina Ekić Ptuj Unplaced
2016 Lucija Potočnik[citation needed] Ljubljana Unplaced
2015 Ana Haložan Slovenske Konjice Did not compete
2014 Urška Bračko[1] Maribor Unplaced
2013 Nina Đurđević[2] Maribor Unplaced
2011 Ema Jagodič Ljubljana Unplaced
2010 Marika Savšek Šmartno pri Litiji Unplaced
2009 Mirela Korač Ljubljana Unplaced
2008 Anamarija Avbelj Lukovica Unplaced
2007 Tjaša Kokalj Ljubljana Top 15
2006 Nataša Pinoza Sevnica Unplaced
2005 Dalila Dragojevič Vrhnika Unplaced
2004 Sabina Remar Trbovlje Unplaced
2003 Polona Baš Maribor Unplaced
2002 Iris Mulej Kranj Unplaced
2001 Minka Alagič Maribor Unplaced


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