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Miss Sri Lanka
Miss Universe Sri Lanka
Motto Beauty, Confidently and Personality
Formation 1953
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Colombo
Miss Universe
Miss International
Official language
Rosita Wickramasinghe
Website www.misssrilanka.lk

Miss Universe Sri Lanka (formerly known as Miss Ceylon) is a national pageant in Sri Lanka to choose ambassador for the Miss Universe pageant.


Miss Sri Lanka identified in 1953 with Manel Illangakoon of Colombo and became the oldest national pageant in Sri Lanka.[1] The name of Sri Lanka previously named as British Ceylon between 1902 and 1948 then made an independence in 1948 as Ceylon. In 1953 was the first beauty pageant era in Sri Lanka by its government in Colombo. The first Miss Ceylon went to Miss World and debuted at Miss Universe in 1955 with Maureen Neliya Hingert of Colombo.[2][3]

In 1973 Ceylon changed its name as Sri Lanka as permanent. Miss Sri Lanka crowned national winner to Miss Universe and also runners-up to Miss World, Miss International and Miss Asia Pacific International.

In 1997 beauty pageant in Sri Lanka had separated and did not exist at Miss Universe until 2004 where Sri Lanka had no national franchise holder in that period. Shivanthini Dharmasiri is the last Miss Sri Lanka between 1953 and 1996.[4]

In 2005 the Miss Sri Lanka was like going back in time, with the spectacular production at the Waters Edge, where a full house sat down to watch twelve finalists vie for the title.[5] The pageant nowadays is in under Mrs. Rosita Wickramasinghe and sponsoring in different companies per year.[6][7][8][9]

National franchise holders[edit]

Miss Sri Lanka has become national franchise holder for Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Tourism International.


The winner of Miss Sri Lanka represents her country at the Miss Universe. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent.

Year Miss Sri Lanka Venue Notes
1953 Manel Illangakoon Colombo Miss World Sri Lanka 1953
1954 Jeannette de Jonk Colombo Miss World Sri Lanka 1954
1955 Maureen Neliya Hingert Colombo
1957 Camellia Rosalia Perera Colombo
1958 NO PAGEANT FROM 1958-1959
1960 Yvonne Eileen Gunawardene Colombo Miss International Sri Lanka 1960
1961 Kamala Athauda Horana Miss International Sri Lanka 1961
1962 Yvonne D'Rozario Colombo
1963 Manel de Silva Colombo
1964 Dona Annette Felicia Kulatunga Colombo
1965 Shirlene Minerva de Silva Colombo Miss World Sri Lanka 1965
1966 Lorraine Roosmalecocq Colombo
1967 Seedevi de Zoysas Tewaitta Ragama Colombo
1968 Sheila Jayatilleke Colombo Miss Asia Pacific Sri Lanka 1969
1969 Marlene Beverly Seneveratne Colombo Miss Asia Pacific Sri Lanka 1968
1970 Yolanda Shahzadi Ahlip Colombo Miss World Sri Lanka 1970
1971 Gail Abayasinghe Colombo Miss World Sri Lanka 1971
1972 Damayanthi Gunewardena Colombo
1973 Shiranthi Wickremesinghe Badulla Miss World Sri Lanka 1973
1974 Melani Irene Wijendra Colombo Miss Asia Pacific Sri Lanka 1971
1975 Shyama Hiramya Algama Colombo
1976 Genevieve Bernedette Parsons Colombo
1977 Sobodhini Nagesan Colombo
1978 Dilrukshi Wimalasoonya Colombo
1979 Vidyahari Vanigasooriyar Colombo
1980 Hyacinth Kurukulasuriya Colombo
1981 Renuka Varuni Jesudhason Matele
1982 Ann Monica Tradigo Colombo
1983 Shyama Ayesa Cecilia Fernando Colombo Miss Asia Pacific Sri Lanka 1973 Miss Universe 1983
1984 Nilmini Iddamalgoda Colombo
1985 Ramani Liz Bartholomeusz Colombo
1986 Indra Kumari Colombo
1987 Nandaine Wijiegooneratna Colombo
1988 Deepthi Alles Colombo
1989 Veronica Ruston Colombo
1990 Roshani Aluwihare Colombo
1991 Diloka Seneviratne Colombo
1992 Hiranthi Devapriya Colombo
1993 Chamila Wickramesinghe Colombo
1994 Nushara Fernando Colombo Miss World Sri Lanka 1994
1995 Shivani Vasagam Colombo Miss Asia Pacific Sri Lanka 1993
1996 Shivanthini Dharmasiri Trans Asia Hotel Marketing manager for Numark Ltd
1997 NO PAGEANT FROM 1997-2004
2005 Rozanne Diasz Waters Edge
2006 Jacqueline Fernandez Galle Face Hotel
2007 Aruni Madusha Rajapakse Hilton Colombo
2008 Faith Landers Hilton Colombo Miss International Sri Lanka 2008
2010 Ishanka Madurasinghe Hilton Colombo The first Miss Sri Lanka from Kegalle
2011 Stephanie Siriwardhana Hilton Colombo Deputy CEO of BBS Publications International
2012 Sabrina Herft Hilton Colombo
2013 Amanda Rathnayake Mount Lavinia Hotel
2014 Avanti Marianne Hilton Colombo
2016 Jayathi De Silva Hilton Colombo 1st Runner-up at Miss World Sri Lanka 2015
2017 Christina Peiris Hilton Colombo top 16 semi finals Miss Universe
2018 Ornella Gunesekere Hilton Colombo 3rd Runner Up Miss Supranational 2016/17

Big Four pageants[edit]

Miss Universe Sri Lanka[edit]

Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
Year Miss Universe Sri Lanka Placement Special Awards
1955 Maureen Neliya Hingert 2nd Runner-up
1957 Camellia Rosalia Perera Unplaced
1961 Kamala Athauda Unplaced
1962 Yvonne D'Rozario Unplaced
1963 Manel de Silva Unplaced
1964 Dona Annette Felicia Kulatunga Unplaced
1965 Shirlene Minerva de Silva Unplaced
1966 Lorraine Roosmalecocq Unplaced
1968 Sheila Jayatilleke Unplaced
1969 Marlene Beverly Seneveratne Unplaced
1970 Yolanda Shahzadi Ahlip Unplaced
1971 Gail Abayasinghe Unplaced
1973 Shiranthi Wickremesinghe Unplaced
1974 Melani Irene Wijendra Unplaced
1975 Shyama Hiramya Algama Unplaced
1976 Genevieve Bernedette Parsons Unplaced
1977 Sobodhini Nagesan Unplaced
1978 Dilrukshi Wimalasoonya Unplaced
1979 Vidyahari Vanigasooriyar Unplaced
1980 Hyacinth Kurukulasuriya Unplaced
1981 Renuka Varuni Jesudhason Unplaced
1982 Ann Monica Tradigo Unplaced
1983 Shyama Ayesa Cecilia Fernando Unplaced
1985 Ramani Liz Bartholomeusz Unplaced
1986 Indra Kumari Unplaced
1987 Nandaine Wijiegooneratna Unplaced
1988 Deepthi Alles Unplaced
1989 Veronica Ruston Unplaced
1990 Roshani Aluwihare Unplaced
1991 Diloka Seneviratne Unplaced
1992 Hiranthi Devapriya Unplaced
1993 Chamila Wickramesinghe Unplaced
1994 Nushara Fernando Unplaced
1995 Shivani Vasagam Unplaced
1996 Shivanthini Dharmasiri Unplaced
2005 Rozanne Diasz Unplaced
2006 Jacqueline Fernandez Unplaced Best National Costume (Top 20)
2008 Aruni Madusha Rajapakse Unplaced
2010 Ishanka Madurasinghe Unplaced
2011 Stephanie Siriwardhana Unplaced
2012 Sabrina Herft Unplaced Best National Costume (4th Runner-up)
2013 Amanda Rathnayake Unplaced
2014 Avanti Marianne Unplaced
2016 Jayathi De Silva Unplaced
2017 Christina Peiris Top 16
2018 Ornella Gunesekere TBA TBA

Miss International Sri Lanka[edit]

Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

The 1st Runner-up of Miss Sri Lanka represents her country at the Miss International pageant.

Year Miss Sri Lanka Placement Special Awards
1960 Yvonne Eileen Gunawardene Unplaced
1961 Kamala Athauda Top 15
1962 Jennifer Labrooy Unplaced
1963 Christina Selvanayagam Unplaced
1964 Kathleen Antoinette Foenander Top 15
1965 Christine Muriel de Souza Unplaced
1967 Pearl Nazaria Cooray Unplaced
1968 Manel Eriyagama Unplaced
1969 Shirline Clara Perera Unplaced
1970 Shirlene Minerva De Silva Unplaced
1972 Damayanthi Gunewardena Unplaced
1973 Yvonne Muttupulle Unplaced
1974 Dayangani Priyanthi Nanayakkara Unplaced
1975 Salangshaala Jerrie Ahlip Unplaced
1976 Sudhaama Kitchilan Unplaced
1977 Sobodhini Nagesan Unplaced
1990 Desana Danika Dedigama Unplaced
1994 Sharmila Tamara Kariyawasam Unplaced
2005 Gayesha Perera Wickramarachchige Unplaced
2007 Aruni Madusha Rajapakse Top 15
2008 Faith Landers Unplaced
2010 Ornella Gunesekere Unplaced
2012 Madusha Rushani Mayadunne 2nd Runner-up
2014 Tamara Shanelle Makalanda Unplaced
2015 Angela Richard Jayatissa Unplaced
2016 Ayesha Fernando Unplaced


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