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Miss Universo Italia
Motto Elegance and Beauty
Formation 1951
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Milan
Miss Universe
Official language
Edward Walson
Website Official website

Miss Universo Italia is a national pageant that currently selects the Italian representative for the Miss Universe pageant. The pageant was first organized in 1951 and it is not related to Miss Italia, although some delegates have crossed over from one format to the other throughout the years.


Daniela Bianchi was 1st runner-up at the Miss Universe 1960

Since 1951, the official winner of Miss Italy represented at the Miss Universe until 1999 with the exception of a few select years in which a delegate was selected by casting or an independent pageant.

In 2005, Miss Universo Italia was created. From 2000 to 2004, the Italian representative was selected by the now defunct The Miss for Miss Universe pageant. Maria Teresa Francville had already won the right to represent Italy that year by virtue of winning The Miss for Miss Universe. When that pageant lost the franchise and was discontinued, she entered the newly created Miss Universo Italia competition and won again.

The most notable winners of the Miss Universo Italia pageant are Claudia Ferraris, who finished 9th at Miss Universe 2008, and Valentina Bonariva, who advanced to the Top 15 at the Miss Universe 2014 pageant.


Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
Year Miss Universo Italia Region Placement Special Awards
2005 María Teresa Francville Veneto Unplaced
2007 Valentina Massi Emilia-Romagna Unplaced
2008 Claudia Ferraris[1] Lombardia Top 10
2009 Laura Valenti[2] Tuscany Unplaced
2010 Jessica Cecchini[3] Piedmont Unplaced
2011 Elisa Torrini[4] Lazio Unplaced
2012 Grazia Maria Pinto[5] Sicily Unplaced
2013 Luna Voce[6] Calabria Unplaced
2014 Valentina Bonariva[7] Lombardia Top 15
2015 Giada Pezzaioli Lombardia Unplaced
2016 Sophia Sergio Campania Unplaced


  • No pageant was held in 2006, resulting in Italy not being represented at Miss Universe 2006

Former pageants[edit]

The Miss for Miss Universe[edit]

Delegates between 2000 and 2004 were chosen by The Miss for Miss Universe pageant. In 2005, Maria Teresa Francville competed in both The Miss for Miss Universe and Miss Universe Italy, which was created when The Miss for Miss Universe lost the franchise. She won both pageants.

Year Miss Universo Italia Placement Special Awards
2000 Annalisa Guadalupi Unplaced
2001 Stefania Maria Unplaced
2002 Anna Rigon Unplaced
2003 Silvia Ceccon Unplaced
2004 Laia Manetti Unplaced Miss Congeniality

Miss Italia 1951-1998[edit]

Before the creation of Miss Universo Italia, the winner of Miss Italia represented her country at Miss Universe. On occasion, when the winner did not qualify (e.g. due to age) for either contest, a runner-up was sent.

Year Miss Italia Edition Placement Special Awards
1951 Giovanna Mazzotti 1952 Unplaced
1952 Rita Stazzi 1953 Unplaced
1953 Maria Teresa Paliani 1954 Top 16
1954 Elena Fancera 1955 Unplaced
1955 Rossana Galli 1956 4th Runner-Up
1956 Valeria Fabrizi 1957 Top 16
1957 Clara Coppola 1958 Unplaced
1958 Maria Grazia Buccella 1959 Unplaced
1959 Daniela Bianchi 1960 1st Runner-Up Miss Photogenic
1960 Viviana Romano 1961 Unplaced
1961 Isa Stoppi 1962 Unplaced
1962 Gianna Serra 1963 Top 15
1963 Emanuela Stramanna 1964 Top 15 Miss Photogenic
1964 Erika Jorger 1965 Unplaced
1965 Paola Bassolino 1966 Unplaced
1966 Paola Rossi 1967 Top 12
1967 Cristina Businari 1968 Unplaced
1968 Diana Coccorese 1969 Unplaced
1969 Anna Zamboni 1970 Top 12
1970 Mara Palvarini 1971 Unplaced
1971 Isabella Specia 1972 Unplaced
1972 Antonella Barci 1973 Unplaced
1973 Loretta Persichetti 1974 Unplaced
1974 Diana Salvador 1975 Unplaced
1975 Diana Scapolan 1976 Unplaced
1976 Paola Bresciano 1977 Unplaced
1977 Andreina Mazzotti 1978 Unplaced
1978 Elvira Puglisi 1979 Unplaced
1979 Loredana Del Santo 1980 Unplaced
1980 Anna Kanakis 1981 Unplaced
1981 Cinzia De Ponti 1982 2nd Runner-Up
1982 Federica Moro 1983 Top 10
1983 Raffaella Baracchi 1984 Unplaced
1984 Beatrice Papi 1985 Unplaced
1985 Susanna Huckstep 1986 Unplaced Miss Photogenic
1986 Roberta Capua 1987 1st Runner-Up
1987 Simona Ventura 1988 Unplaced
1988 Cristiana Bertasi 1989 Unplaced
1989 Annamaria Malipiero 1990 Unplaced
1990 Maria Pia Biscotti 1991 Unplaced
1992 Elisa Jacassi 1993 Unplaced
1993 Arianna David 1994 Top 10
1994 Alessandra Meloni 1995 Unplaced
1995 Anna Valle 1996 Unplaced
1996 Denny Mendez 1997 Top 6
1997 Claudia Trieste 1998 Unplaced
1998 Gloria Bellicchi 1999 Unplaced

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