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Miss Wales
Formation 1961 (For Miss Universe)
1999 (For Miss World)
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Cardiff
Miss World
Official language
National Directors
Paula Abbandonato and Clare Birt
Website Official website

Miss Wales is a national Beauty pageant in Wales.

The reigning titleholder Miss Wales 2016 is Ffion Moyle.[1] She succeeds Miss Wales 2015 Emma Jenkins from Llanelli.[2]


Miss Wales, 15th of September 1960 at Rhyl.

Miss Wales is open to unmarried women from age 16 to age 24, and organized by Vibe Models. Contestants must not have had children, must be British citizens and must reside in Wales. Winners are expected to support "Welsh issues, charities, or other good causes ".There is also a corresponding Mister Wales contest for men.

Miss World from Wales[edit]

In 1961, Rosemarie Frankland finished 1st runner-up at Miss Universe 1961, she then became the first Welsh woman to win Miss United Kingdom. In the same year, she became the first British woman to capture the Miss World crown.

1974's Miss Wales, Helen Morgan, achieved exactly the same feat as Rosemarie Frankland, when she finished as 1st runner-up at Miss Universe 1974, before going to win the Miss United Kingdom and Miss World titles. At Miss World however, she was dethroned only four days after her victory, when it was discovered that she was an unmarried mother (and thus ineligible).[3] Morgan did not actually break any rules, as the rules only stated that the contestants must not be married and made no mention of motherhood.

Wales at Miss World since 1999[edit]

Wales has been taking part in the Miss World pageant directly ever since 1999, since devolution. The first woman to compete at Miss World as Miss Wales was Clare Daniels, who competed alongside Stephanie Norrie who was Miss Scotland. The Final Miss United Kingdom contest had already taken place earlier in the year, so at Miss World 1999, there was the unusual situation of a Miss UK competing along with the Miss Scotland and Miss Wales winners. Miss England and Miss Northern Ireland competed at the Miss World contest for the first time in 2000.

Since 1999, the highest placed contestant from the four constituent countries of the UK wins the Miss United Kingdom title. Three Welsh woman have won. In 2004, Welsh Amy Guy became the only British woman to be named as one of the 15 semifinalists, after winning the fast track event Sports Competition, becoming the first contestant under the Miss Wales banner to advance to the semifinals. In 2008, Chloe-Beth Morgan won the Miss UK title. Shen then went on to competes as Miss UK at Miss International 2009 and placed as 2nd runner-up. In 2012, Sophie Moulds achieved the highest placement ever among the four constituent countries when she finished as 1st Runner-up. She also claimed both the Beach Fashion award and the Continental Queen of Europe title.


Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

The winner of Miss Wales represents her country at Miss World. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent.

Year Miss Wales Placement Special Awards Notes
United States 2016 Ffion Moyle TBA
China 2015 Emma Jenkins Unplaced Top 14 at Miss World Talent
United Kingdom 2014 Alice Ford Unplaced 4th Runner Up at Miss World Sport
Indonesia 2013 Gabrielle Shaw Unplaced Top 12 at Miss World Talent
China 2012 Sophie Moulds 1st Runner-Up Queen of Europe Miss World Beach Beauty
Miss United Kingdom 2012
United Kingdom 2011 Sara Manchipp Unplaced
China 2010 Courtenay Hamilton Unplaced
South Africa 2009 Lucy Whitehouse Unplaced
South Africa 2008 Chloe-Beth Morgan Unplaced Miss United Kingdom 2008
Miss International 2009 (2nd Runner-up)
Miss Universe Great Britain 2011
China 2007 Kelly-Louise Pesticcio Unplaced
Poland 2006 Sarah Fleming Unplaced
China 2005 Claire Evans Unplaced
China 2004 Amy Guy Top 15 Miss World Sport
Miss United Kingdom 2004
China 2003 Imogen Thomas Unplaced
United Kingdom 2002 Michelle Bush Unplaced
South Africa 2001 Charlotte Faicheney Unplaced
United Kingdom 2000 Sophie Kate Cahill Unplaced
United Kingdom 1999 Clare Daniel Unplaced

List of winners (From 1961 to 1998)[edit]

Year Miss Wales Notes
1998 Anna Bartley
1997 Melanie Jones
1996 Sarah Smart
1995 Rachael Liza Warner Later Miss United Kingdom 1996
1994 Julie Davies
1993 Lisa Roberts
1992 Natalie Lee
1991 Sharon Dale Isherwood
1990 Jane Lloyd
1989 Suzanne Younger Later Miss United Kingdom 1989 and Top 10 of Miss World 1989
1988 Lise Williams
1987 Nicola Davies
1986 Tracy Rowlands
1985 Barbara Christian Later Miss United Kingdom 1985 2nd runner-up
1984 Jane Riley
1983 Lianne Gray
1982 Caroline Williams
1981 Sally Douglas Williams
1980 Kim Ashfield Later Miss United Kingdom 1980 and Miss World 1980 4th runner-up
1979 Beverley Neals
1978 Elizabeth Ann Jones Later Miss United Kingdom 1978 and Miss World 1978 5th runner-up
1977 Christine Anne Murphy
1976 Sian Helen Adey-Jones Later Miss Universe 1976 2nd runner-up and Miss United Kingdom 1976 1st runner-up
1975 Georgina Kerler
1974 Helen Elizabeth Morgan Later Miss Universe 1974 1st runner-up, Miss United Kingdom 1974 and Miss World 1974 (resigned after four days due to being the mother of an 18-month-old son)
1973 Deirdre Jennifer Greenland
1972 Eileen Darroch
1971 Dawn Cater
1970 Sandra Cater
1969 Shirley Jones
1968 Judith Radford
1967 Denise Elizabeth Page Later Top 15 of Miss Universe 1967
1966 Christine Heller
1965 Joan Boull
1964 Veda Kathleen McCarthy
1963 Maureen Thomas
1962 Hazel Williams Later Miss Congeniality (tie with Dominican Republic) of Miss Universe 1962
1961 Rosemarie Frankland Later Miss Universe 1961 1st runner-up, Miss United Kingdom 1961 and Miss World 1961
1957 Valerie Parkinson also Miss Top of the Milk
1953 Hazel Roper
1952 Betty Geary

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