Miss World 1979

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Miss World 1979
Miss World 1979 Map.PNG
Countries and territories which sent delegates and results for Miss World 1979[1][2][3]
Date 15 November 1979
Presenters Sacha Distel, Esther Rantzen
Venue Royal Albert Hall, London, UK
Broadcaster BBC
Entrants 70
Debuts Lesotho
Withdrawals Curaçao, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Tunisia
Returns Bolivia, Guatemala, Lebanon, Panama, Portugal
Winner Gina Swainson [4]
Personality Anne-Marie Franke
Photogenic Karin Zorn
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1980 →

Miss World 1979, the 29th staging of the Miss World pageant, was held on 15 November 1979 at the Royal Albert Hall in London, UK. The winner was Gina Swainson from Bermuda.[4] She was crowned by Miss World 1978, Silvana Suarez of Argentina. First runner-up was Carolyn Seaward representing the United Kingdom and second runner-up was Debbie Campbell from Jamaica. Swainson was a first runner-up in Miss Universe 1979 represented Bermuda and Carolyn Seaward was a second runner-up in same pageant represented England.

Live television coverage of the contest was largely abandoned by the BBC as a result of a trade union dispute typical of the era in Britain, when sound engineers refused to work, and the BBC decided shortly beforehand that it could not show live pictures without a commentary. The parade of the contestants in their national costumes and each of the entrants in their evening wear had been recorded the night before, so this was televised, followed later in the evening with the crowning of the winner with mute pictures narrated by Ray Moore.[5] A unscheduled repeat of Futtocks End was televised to bridge the two segments. For later overseas transmission, a commentary was added to the silent pictures of the entire event, but the interviews with the final 7 contestants were never shown.



Final results Contestant
Miss World 1979
1st runner-up
2nd runner-up
  •  Jamaica – Debbie Campbell
3rd runner-up
  •  Australia – Jodie Anne Day
4th runner-up
  •   Switzerland – Barbara Meyer
5th runner-up
  •  Brazil – Lea Silvia Dall'acqua
6th runner-up
  •  Austria – Karin Zorn
  •  Germany – Andrea Hontschik
  •  Malaysia – Shirley Chew
  •  Mexico – Roselina Rosas Torres
  •  Panama – Lorelay de la Ossa
  •  Spain – María Dolores Forner Toro
  •  Trinidad & Tobago – Marlene Coggins
  •  United States – Carter Wilson
  •  Uruguay – Laura Rodríguez Delgado


Number Nation Contestant
01  Argentina Verónica Ivonne Gargani
02  Aruba Vianca Maria Magdalena van Hoek
03  Australia Jodie Anne Day
04  Austria Karin Zorn
05  Bahamas Deborah Elizabeth Major
06  Belgium Christine Linda Bernadette Cailliau
07  Bermuda Gina Swainson[4]
08  Bolivia Patricia Asbún Galarza
09  Brazil Lea Silvia dall'Acqua
10  Canada Catherine Emily Mackintosh
11  Cayman Islands Jennifer Pearl Jackson
12  Chile Marianela Verónica Toledo Rojas
13  Colombia Rosaura Rodríguez Covo
14  Costa Rica Marianela Brealy Mora
15  Cyprus Eliana Djiaboura
16  Denmark Lone Gladys Joergensen
17  Dominican Republic Sabrina Brugal Tillian
18  Ecuador Olba Lourdes Padilla Guevarra
19  El Salvador Judith Ivette López Lagos
20  Finland Tuire Venla Sulotar Pentikainen
21  France Sylvie Helene Marie Perera
22  Germany Andrea Hontschik
23  Gibraltar Audrey Lopez
24  Greece Mika (Dimitra) Dimitropoulou
25  Guam Anne-Marie Kay Franke
26  Guatemala Michelle Marie Domínguez Santos
27  Holland Nannetje Johanna (Nanny) Nielen
28  Honduras Gina María Weidner Cleaves
29  Hong Kong Mary Ng Wei Lei
30  Iceland Sigrún Sætran
31  India Raina Winifred Mendonica
32  Ireland Maura McMennamim
33  Isle of Man Kathleen Mary Craig
34  Israel Dana Feller
35  Italy Rossana Serratore
36  Jamaica Debbie Rachelle Campbell[1]
37  Japan Motomi Hibino
38  Jersey Treena Alison Foster
39  Korea Hong Yeo-jin
40  Lebanon Jacqueline (Jacky) Riachi
41  Lesotho Pauline Essie Kanedi
42  Malaysia Shirley Chew
43  Malta Elena Christine Abela
44  Mauritius Maria Lynda Allard
45  Mexico Roselina Rosas Torres
46  New Zealand Nicola Lesley (Nikki) Ducksworth
47  Norway Jeannette Aarum
48  Panama Lorelay de la Ossa
49  Paraguay Martha María Galli Romanach
50  Peru Lucía Magali Pérez Godoy Quintanilla
51  Philippines Josefina Francisco
52  Portugal Ana Gonçalves Vieira
53  Puerto Rico Daisy Marissette López
54  Western Samoa Danira Leilani Schwalger
55  Singapore Violet Lee
56  Spain María Dolores (Lola) Forner Toro
57  Sri Lanka Shamila Weerasooriya
58  Swaziland Gladys Adelaide Carmichael
59  Sweden Ingrid Marie Säveby
60   Switzerland Barbara Meyer
61 France Tahiti Thilda Raina Fuller
62  Thailand Tipar Suparbpun
63  Trinidad & Tobago Marlene Coggins
64  Turkey Sebnem Unal
65  United Kingdom Carolyn Ann Seaward
66  United States Carter Wilson[3]
67  Uruguay Laura Rodríguez Delgado
68  Venezuela Tatiana Capote[2]
69  Virgin Islands Jasmine Olivia Turner
70  Nigeria Helen Prest



  •  Lesotho


  • Last competed in 1973:
    •  Portugal
  • Last competed in 1976:
    •  Guatemala
  • Last competed in 1977:
    •  Bolivia
    •  Lebanon
    •  Panama


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