Miss World 1980

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Miss World 1980
Miss World 1980 - Thames TV.png
Miss World 1980 Titlecard
Date 13 November 1980
Presenters Peter Marshall, Judith Chalmers, Anthony Newley
Venue Royal Albert Hall, London, UK
Broadcaster Thames Television
Entrants 67
Placements 15
Debuts Zimbabwe
Withdrawals Chile, El Salvador, Iceland, Nigeria, Portugal, Tahiti
Returns Curaçao, Papua New Guinea, Venezuela

Gabriella Brum[1]
West Germany (resigned)[2]

Kimberley Santos
Guam (successor)
← 1979
1981 →

Miss World 1980, the 30th edition of the Miss World pageant, was held on 13 November 1980 at the Royal Albert Hall in London, UK. The winner was Gabriella Brum from Germany. She was crowned by Miss World 1979, Gina Swainson of Bermuda. First runner-up was Kimberley Santos representing Guam, second was Patricia Barzyk from France, third was Anat Zimmermann of Israel, and fourth was Kim Ashfield from the United Kingdom.

Brum resigned after 18 hours of holding the title,[1][2][3] and fourteen days later, first runner-up Santos was crowned the new Miss World.


Countries and territories which sent delegates and results for Miss World 1980[1][2][4]


Final results Contestant
Miss World 1980
1st runner-up
2nd runner-up
  •  France – Patricia Barzyk
3rd runner-up
  •  Israel – Anat Zimmermann
4th runner-up
5th runner-up
  •  New Zealand – Vicky Lee Hemi
6th runner-up
  •  Austria – Sonya-Maria Schlepp
  •  Bermuda – Zina Marie Minks
  •  IndiaElizabeth Anita Reddi
  •  Jamaica – Michelle Harris
  •  Puerto Rico – Michelle Torres
  •  Sweden – Kerstin Jenemark
  •  VenezuelaHilda Abrahamz
  •  Zimbabwe – Shirley Nyanyiwa


Number Nation Contestant
01  Argentina Elsa Cecilia Galotti
02  Aruba Ethline Ambrosia Dekker
03  Australia Linda Leigh Shepherd
04  Austria Sonya-Maria Schlepp
05  Bahamas Bernadette Louise Cash
06  Belgium Brigitte Biche Billen
07  Bermuda Zina Maria Minks
08  Bolivia Sonia Giovanna Malpartida
09  Brazil Loiane Rogeria Aiache
10  Canada Annette Labrecque
11  Cayman Islands Delia Devon Walter
12  Colombia María Cristina Valencia Cardoña
13  Costa Rica Marie Claire Tracy Coll
14  Curaçao Soraida Celestina de Windt
15  Cyprus Parthenopi Vassiliadou
16  Denmark Jane Bill
17  Dominican Republic Patricia Polanco Álvarez
18  Ecuador Gabriela María Catelina Ríos Roca
19  Finland Ritva Helena Tamio
20  France Patricia Barzyk
21  Germany Gabriella Brum[1][2]
22  Gibraltar Yvette Dominguez
23  Greece Vera Zacharopoulou
24  Guam Kimberley Santos
25  Guatemala Lizabeth (Ligia) Iveth Martínez Noack
26  Holland Desiree Maria Johanna Nicole Geelen
27  Honduras Rosario Etelvina (Ethel) Raudales Velásquez
28  Hong Kong Julia Chan Fung-Chi
29  India Elizabeth Anita Reddi
30  Ireland Michelle Mary Teresa Rocca
31  Isle of Man Voirrey (Flory) Melanie Wallace
32  Israel Anat Zimmermann
33  Italy Stefania de Pasquaci
34  Jamaica Michelle Ann Harris[4]
35  Japan Kanako Ito
36  Jersey Karen Rosemary Poole
37  Korea Chang Sun-ja
38  Lebanon Celeste Elias Asai
39  Lesotho Lit'sila Alina Lerotholi
40  Malaysia Callie Liew Tan Chee
41  Malta Frances Lucy Duca
42  Mauritius Christiane Carol Mackay
43  Mexico Claudia Mercedes Holley
44  New Zealand Vicky Lee Hemi
45  Norway Maiken Nielsen
46  Panama Áurea Horta Torrijos
47  Papua New Guinea Mispah Alwyn
48  Paraguay Celia Noemí Schaerer
49  Peru Silvia Roxana Vega Ramos
50  Philippines Milagros Guidote Nabor
51  Puerto Rico Michelle Torres Cintrón
52  Singapore Adda Pang
53  Spain Frances Ondiviela
54  Sri Lanka Rosy Senanayake
55  Swaziland Nomagoisa Cawe
56  Sweden Kerstin Monika Jenemark
57   Switzerland Jeannette Linkenheil
58  Thailand Unchulee Chaisawan
59  Trinidad & Tobago Maria Octavia Chung
60  Turkey Fahriye Funda Ayloglu
61  United Kingdom Kim Ashfield
62  United States Brooke Alexander
63  Uruguay Ana Claudia Carriquiry
64  Venezuela Hilda Astrid Abrahamz Navarro
65  Virgin Islands Palmira Frorup
66  Western Samoa Liliu Tapuai
67  Zimbabwe Shirley Richard Nyanyiwa


Judges for Miss World 1980 included Wilnelia Merced and Bruce Forsyth.[5] Additional judges were present at the event.



  • Last competed in 1965:
    •  Zimbabwe (as  Rhodesia)
  • Last competed in 1977:
    •  Papua New Guinea
  • Last competed in 1978:
    •  Curaçao
    •  Venezuela


  •  Chile
  •  El Salvador
  •  Iceland
  • France Tahiti


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