Miss World 1995

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Miss World 1995
MW 1995 - SABC.png
Miss World 1995 Titlecard
Date 18 November 1995
Presenters Richard Steinmetz, Jeff Trachta, Bobbie Eakes
Venue Sun City Entertainment Center, Sun City, South Africa South Africa
Broadcaster SABC
Entrants 84
Withdraws China, Iceland, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria, Sri Lanka
Returns Aruba, Barbados, Bermuda, Lithuania, Zambia
Winner Jacqueline Aguilera
Personality Toyin Raji
Best National Costume Anica Martinović
Photogenic Jacqueline Aguilera

Miss World 1995, the 45th edition of the Miss World Pageant, was held on 18 November 1995 for the fourth straight year at the Sun City Entertainment Centre in Sun City, South Africa. The 1995 pageant attracted 84 delegates. The pageant was hosted by Richard Steinmetz, Jeff Trachta, and Bobbie Eakes and was also participated by Supermodels Linda Evangelista and Beverly Peele and Bruce Forsyth who acted as presenters. Aside from Sun City; Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the Comoros hosted some segments of the show. The winner was Jacqueline Aguilera of Venezuela. She was crowned by Miss World 1994, Aishwarya Rai of India.


Countries and territories which sent delegates and results


Final results Contestant
Miss World 1995
1st runner-up
2nd runner-up
3rd runner-up[1]
4th runner-up
  •  Korea - Choi Yoon-young

Continental Queens of Beauty[edit]

Continental Group Contestant
Asia & Oceania
  •  Korea - Choi Yoon-young

Special awards[edit]

Award Contestant
Best Designed National Dress
Miss Personality
Miss Photogenic

Order of announcements[edit]

Top 10
Top 5
1. Venezuela
2. Croatia
3. Israel
4. Trinidad and Tobago
5. Korea


Contestants order[edit]


Returning countries[edit]

  • Barbados last competed in 1990.
  • Zambia last competed in 1992.
  • Bermuda and Lithuania last competed in 1993.

Withdrawals and Nations not competing[edit]

  • Iceland and Sri Lanka lost its franchise for Miss World until 1999.
  • People's Republic of China, Kenya, and Mauritius failed to send their delegates.
  • Nigeria withdrew from the competition due to political reasons.

Other notes[edit]

  • Jacqueline Aguilera was the fifth Venezuelan to win the Miss World title. Before she competed on Miss World, she won Top Model of the World 1995 in Miami.
  • Two contestants competed in Miss Universe 1995: Nigeria and Peru
  • Seven contestants competed in Miss Universe 1996: Belgium, Cayman Islands, Lebanon, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, and Trinidad and Tobago
  • Trinidad and Tobago, Michelle Khan who placed 3rd in Miss World, failed to make the semi-finals in Miss Universe 1996 in Las Vegas, then went on to win Top Model of the World 1998 in Germany.
  • Malaysia competed in Miss Universe 1997.
  • Guam competed in Miss Universe 1998.
  • Zambia and Zimbabwe sent their first white delegates to Miss World. Zambia, Miryana Bujisic, is half-Yugoslavian.
  • This is the first time that the awards for Best Evening Wear (Ghana) and Best Swimwear (Israel) were given.
  • Preliminaries were held at Sun City, South Africa; the Comoros Islands; and in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • Tahiti, Timeri Baudry, would go on and win Miss Intercontinental 1996 in Germany.
  • Thailand, Yasumin Leaudmornwattana, was the 1st runner-up in Miss Thailand World 1994. The 1995 pageant had been canceled in honor of the death of HRH Princess Mother.
  • 7 out of 10 countries who made the semi-finals, were not in the semi-finals last year: Mexico (1981), Bolivia (1983), Trinidad and Tobago (1986), Australia (1991), Israel (1992), Korea (1993), and Bulgaria (first time since its debut in 1988).
  • Macau went on to compete in Miss Chinese International 1996, but failed to make to the semi-finals.


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