Miss World 1999

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Miss World 1999
MW 1999 - Channel Five.png
Miss World 1999 Titlecard
Date 4 December 1999
Presenters Ulrika Jonsson, Melanie Sykes
Venue Olympia Hall, London, UK
Broadcaster E!, Channel 5
Entrants 94
Placements 10
Debuts Scotland, Wales
Withdrawals British Virgin Islands, Taiwan, Curaçao, Mauritius
Returns Bangladesh, Guyana, Honduras, Iceland, Kenya, Latvia, Madagascar, Romania, Sri Lanka, Tahiti, Thailand
Winner Yukta Mookhey [1]

Miss World 1999, the 49th edition of the Miss World pageant, was held on 4 December 1999 at the Olympia Hall in London, UK. The pageant was hosted by Ulrika Jonsson and model Melanie Sykes. The 1999 pageant attracted 94 delegates from all over the world. The 1999 pageant also marked the first time that Scotland and Wales fielded their respective delegates. At the end of the event, Miss India Yukta Mookhey went on to win the Miss World 1999 crown[2][1] at 22. The preliminary swimsuit competition was held in Malta. She was crowned by her predecessor Linor Abargil of Israel. Protesters gathered outside of the event, decrying it as a "sexist cattle market".[1]


Countries and territories which sent delegates and results for Miss World 1999[1][2][3]


Final results Contestant
Miss World 1999
1st runner-up
2nd runner-up
Top 5
  •  Israel – Genny Chervoney
  •  Liberia – Sebah Tubman
  •  Croatia – Ivana Petković
  •  EstoniaKarin Laasmäe
  •  Norway – Anette Haukaas
  •  SpainLorena Bernal
  •  United States – Natasha Allas

Continental Queens of Beauty[edit]

Continental Group Contestant
Asia & Oceania
  •  Jamaica – Desiree Depass
  •  Israel – Genny Chervoney





  •  Scotland
  •  Wales



  •  Philippines – Lalaine Edson was just a replacement for Miriam Quiambao. Originally Miriam Quiambao was to represent Philippines in the Miss World 1999 pageant but was replaced by Lalaine Edson. Later, Miriam Quiambao who was Philippines' representative to the Miss Universe 1999 was 1st runner-up.


  • British Virgin Islands, Taiwan, and Curaçao did not compete for unknown reasons.
  • Northern Ireland withdrew at the last minute for personal and private reasons.

Other notes[edit]

  • Honduras, Japan, Madagascar, Angola, and Uruguay introduced themselves in their native languages.
  • This is the first time that the contestants were introduced in evening gowns.
  • England, Nicola Willoughby, still represented as United Kingdom in Miss World because of Northern Ireland's last-minute withdrawal.


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