Miss World 2007

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Miss World 2007
Miss World 2007 Titlecard
Date 1 December 2007
Presenters Angela Chow, Fernando Allende
Entertainment Duncan James, Haikou Artistic Group, The South African Mvezo Choir & No. 9 Primary School of Sanya
Venue Crown of Beauty Theatre, Sanya, China PR
Broadcaster E!, Shanghai Media Group
Entrants 106
Placements 16
Withdraws Barbados, Cambodia, Congo Democratic Republic, Guernsey, Liberia, Malawi, Portugal, St. Lucia, Tahiti, Uruguay, Zambia
Returns Albania, Belize, Grenada, Lithuania, Nepal, New Zealand, Paraguay, Sierra Leone, Suriname, Swaziland, Uganda
Winner Zhang Zilin
 China PR

Miss World 2007, the 57th edition of the Miss World pageant, was held on 1 December 2007 at the Crown of Beauty Theatre in Sanya, China PR. It was hosted by Fernando Allende and Angela Chow. Zhang Zilin of China PR won the crown and succeeded Taťána Kuchařová of the Czech Republic. At an official press conference called on 7 July, the Miss World organisation announced that the delegates were expected in Sanya by 2 November. They visited a number of popular spots in mainland China and view the preparation for the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Unlike 2005 and 2006 editions, Miss World 2007 did not have "continental zones" in the selection of the semi-finalists, i.e. all the contestants vied for the 10 semi-finals spots. Another 5 spots were for the winners of the Beach Beauty, Sports, Top Model, Talent, and Beauty with a Purpose contests, but there was a tie in the Beauty with a Purpose contest, so the number of semi-finalists increased to 16. The format was similar to that used in 2004, with the exclusion of the "Contestant's Choice" award.

The 106 contestants recorded the official torch relay anthem Light the Passion, Share the Dream for the 2008 Olympics Games as a major co-operation between the Beijing Olympic Committee and Miss World Limited. The song had its first broadcast to a global audience at the 57th Miss World final on 1 December.

In addition, to coincide with World AIDS Day, the pageant presented a special tribute to the fight against AIDS, with a televised speech from former South African President Nelson Mandela and the presence of his daughter and grandson, along with traditional dancers from South Africa who joined the contestants in a special song.[1] this is the first time China PR won the title of Miss World.


Countries and territories which sent delegates and results


Final results Contestant
Miss World 2007
1st runner-up
2nd runner-up
Top 5
Top 16

Continental Queens of Beauty[edit]

Continental Group Contestant
Asia & Oceania

Special awards[edit]

Best World Dress Designer
Result Contestant

Order of announcements[edit]

* Officially it is Top 16. 6 of them got automatic semi-finals slot as they won a fast track event. They are: Dominican Republic, United States, China PR, Ghana, Ecuador, and Hong Kong China.

Fast Track Events[edit]

Beach Beauty[edit]

The Miss World Beach Beauty was selected on 10 November.

Results Contestant
  •  Dominican Republic – Ada Aimée de La Cruz
1st runner-up
  •  Jamaica – Yendi Phillips
2nd runner-up
  •  China PR – Zhang Zilin
Top 5
  •  Lithuania – Jurgita Jurkutė
  •  Mexico – Carolina Morán
Top 21
  •  Australia – Caroline Pemberton
  •  Belgium – Halima Chehaima
  •  Brazil – Regiane Andrade
  •  Ethiopia – Mihret Abebe
  •  Grenada – Vivian Burkhardt
  •  Italy – Giada Wiltshire
  •  Japan – Rui Watanabe
  •  Korea – Cho Eun-ju
  •  Lebanon – Nadine Njeim
  •  Malaysia – Deborah Priya Henry
  •  Mongolia – Oyungerel Gankhuyag
  •  PhilippinesMargaret Nales Wilson
  •  Spain – Natalia Zabala
  •  Trinidad & Tobago – Valene Maharaj
  •  Ukraine – Lika Roman
  •  Venezuela – Claudia Suárez

Miss Sports[edit]

The Miss World Sports was selected on 14 November.

Results Contestant
  •  United States – Abigail McCary
1st runner-up
  •  Scotland – Nieve Jennings
2nd runner-up
  •  Sweden – Annie Oliv
3rd runner-up
  •  Wales – Kelly-Louise Pesticcio
Top 16
  •  Albania – Elda Dushi
  •  Argentina – Alejandra Bernal
  •  Cayman Islands – Rebecca Parchment
  •  Czech Republic – Kateřina Sokolová
  •  Hungary – Krisztina Bodri
  •  Iceland – Jóhanna Vala Jónsdóttir
  •  Jamaica – Yendi Phillips
  •  Japan – Rui Watanabe
  •  Malaysia – Deborah Priya Henry
  •  Mexico – Carolina Morán
  •  Netherlands – Melissa Sneekes
  •  Paraguay – María de la Paz Vargas

Top Model[edit]

The Miss World Top Model was selected on 24 November.

Results Contestant
  •  China PR – Zhang Zilin
1st runner-up
  •  Puerto Rico – Jennifer Guevara
2nd runner-up
  •  Mexico – Carolina Morán
Top 7
  •  Jamaica – Yendi Phillips
  •  Kazakhstan – Dana Kaparova
  •  Trinidad & Tobago – Valene Maharaj
  •  Venezuela – Claudia Suárez

Miss Talent[edit]

The Miss World Talent was selected on 26 November.

Results Contestant
Miss World Talent
  •  Ghana – Irene Dwomoh
1st runner-up
  •  Scotland – Nieve Jennings
2nd runner-up
  •  Sweden – Annie Oliv
Top 18
  •  Australia – Caroline Pemberton
  •  Canada – Sara Ghulam
  •  Cyprus – Dora Anastasiou
  •  England – Georgia Horsley
  •  Gibraltar – Danielle Perez
  •  Grenada – Vivian Burkhardt
  •  Hungary – Krisztina Bodri
  •  India – Sarah-Jane Dias
  •  Indonesia – Kamidia Radisti
  •  Jamaica – Yendi Phillips
  •  Macedonia FYRO – Jana Stojanovska
  •  Malta – Stephanie Zammit
  •  Moldova – Ina Codreanu
  •  Slovakia – Veronika Husarova
  •  Thailand – Kanokkorn Jaicheun

Beauty with a Purpose[edit]

Results Contestant Cause
  • helps people with a terrible genetic skin condition called ichthyosis
  • helps old people and regularly works at retirement homes. She also has strong ties with UNICEF.
Top 5
  • helps less fortunate children with home schooling, free medical services for babies and young children.
  • helped people recover from a hurricane which hit the island by organising a fashion show and music event.
  • has for the last two years worked with a disabled person who has always been in a wheelchair and unable to do anything for herself.


  • Julia Morley (UK) – Chairwoman of the Miss World Organization
  • Duncan James (UK) – Member of the boy band Blue, now an actor and TV presenter
  • Annabel Croft (UK) – Former tennis star and television presenter
  • Ben de Lisi (Italy) – Renowned fashion designer
  • Li Xiao Bai (China PR) – managing director of New Silk Road Modelling Agency
  • Bruce Zhao (China PR) – Chairperson of the Huayu Group
  • Makaziwe Mandela (South Africa) – Daughter of Nelson Mandela, industrialist and philanthropist
  • Neal Hamil (United States) – managing director of Elite Models
  • Krish Naidoo (Ireland) – Miss World International Ambassador, entrepreneur, works with many charitable organisations
  • Elena Franchuk (Ukraine) – Founder of the Anti-AIDS Foundation of Ukraine





  •  Albania – The Miss & Mister Albania organisation replaced Egla Harxhi, Miss Albania 2007, with Elda Dushi, because of unknown reasons.
  •  Belarus – Miss Belarus 2006 1st runner-up, Yulia Sindzeyeva, was supposed to compete in Miss World; however, she attended the Miss International contest in Japan, where she became 2nd runner-up. A contract with the Japanese organisation prevents her from attending the Miss World contest. 2nd runner-up, Alena Aladka, took her place.
  •  CuraçaoLisaika Everitz, Miss World Curaçao, was not accepted as Curaçao's entry to Miss World 2007 because of not meeting age requirements. She was replaced with Naemi Monte. Since Monte did not turn in the official application to the national organisation before the deadline established by Miss World Ltd, the franchiseholder appointed a new delegate: Mckeyla Richards. After this action, Naemi Monte decided to file a lawsuit against the franchiseholder, Reprod, to regain the right to represent the island at the international pageant. On 17 October, a jury decided in favour of Reprod, ending the dispute between both.
  •  LatviaIna Avlasēviča, Miss Latvia 2006, was competed in Miss World 2008. The organisation sent Kristīne Djadenko, a former Miss Latvia, to that year's pageant.
  •  Vietnam – Miss Sea 2007 as well as Miss Vietnam World 2007's second runner-up Đặng Minh Thu was named by Elite Vietnam as the country's candidate at Miss World 2007. Earlier offered Miss World's ticket to Miss World Vietnamese 2007 Ngô Phương Lan, who turned it down to focus on her studies in Switzerland.


  •  US Virgin Islands – Esonica Veira
  •  BarbadosNatalie Griffith
  •  British Virgin Islands – Leilani Stevens
  •  Chinese Taipei – Yen Chin Li
  •  Guernsey – Hannah McLaughlin
  •  Malawi – Peth Msinska
  •   Switzerland – Amanda Ammann (competed in Miss Universe 2008 and unplaced)

No shows[edit]

  •  Antigua & Barbuda
  •  Cambodia
  •  Congo Republic – Pupuce Ngalla Ibata, national director of Miss Congo (COMICO) affirmed that Congo will not take part in Miss World 2007. The reason being that Miss World Organization never replied to their application for the franchise. However, she will try to get the franchise next year.
  •  Congo DR
  •  Egypt
  •  Honduras
  •  Liberia – The Miss Liberia 2007/2008 is scheduled for 23 November 2007, just one week before the Miss World 2007 finals takes place.
  •  Nicaragua
  •  Portugal
  •  Saint Lucia – Yasmin Walcott, national director of Miss Saint Lucia World, informed that the island won't be represented in Miss World 2007.
  •  Sint Maarten – Fabiana Arnell, national director of Sint Maarten Queen's competition has informed that reports about Shanyra Richardson's participation in Miss World are not true, but she is interested in taking part in future Miss World competitions.
  •  Tahiti
  •  Uruguay
  •  Zambia



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