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Miss Zimbabwe
Motto Beauty With A Purpose
Formation 1980
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Harare
Miss World
Miss International
Official language
Mary Chiwenga
Website Official page

Miss Zimbabwe is a national Beauty pageant in Zimbabwe.


Miss Tourism Zimbabwe was founded in 1980 when the national beauty pageant was transformed from Miss Rhodesia after attaining independence.[1] In 2012, the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe was renamed the Miss Zimbabwe (Miss World Zimbabwe) pageant. Basically there are two licenses for Zimbabwe into the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe: Miss Universe[2] and Miss World.[3] Since 2002, the pageant did not send its winner to the Miss Universe pageant due to losing the franchise of the pageant. Automatically, the pageant since 2002 sends the grand winner to the Miss World competition. For many years, Kiki Divaris was the "driving force behind the Miss Zimbabwe competition".[4]

Sash titles[edit]

In 2011, the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe were crowned as Miss World Zimbabwe, Miss Tourism Zimbabwe and Miss Universe Zimbabwe. Specially for Miss Universe Zimbabwe did not allow to compete at Miss Universe by Miss Universe Organization. As the result of 2011, for the first time, Miss Universe Zimbabwe title was competed at Miss International 2011 in Chengdu, China and she was awarded as the most expressive award.


In 2014, according to chairperson Mary Chiwenga, said the reasons for the 22-year-old university law student’s resignation were “a prerequisite to both the Miss Zimbabwe and the Miss World pageants”. Thabiso is understood to have volunteered the information which necessitated her stepping down to the Trust. Thabiso is likely to be replaced by first princess Tendai Hunda.[5]

Zimbabwe in Miss World[edit]

Color key
  •      Winner
  •      Runner-up
  •      Finalist or semifinalist
Year Miss Zimbabwe Hometown Notes
2018 Belinda Potts Harare TBA
2017 Chiedza Mhosva Harare
2015 Emily Kachote Harare Dethroned (Resigned her title to Annie-Grace Mutambu)
2014 Tendai Hunda Harare Miss Intercontinental Africa at Miss Intercontinental
2013 Thabiso Phiri Harare Dethroned
2012 Bongani Dhlakama Bulawayo
2011 Malaika Maidei Mushandu Harare Top 15 at Miss World 2011
2010 Samantha Tshuma Bulawayo
2009 Vanessa Gayle Sibanda Harare
2008 Cynthia Maideyi Muvirimi Harare
2007 Caroline Marufu Bulawayo 4th Runner-up Miss Tourism World 2007
2006 Michelle Tantrum Makanza Harare Top 20 at Miss Tourism World 2007
2005 Lorraine Tsoanele Maphala Bulawayo
2004 Oslie Muringai Harare
2003 Phoebe Tonderai Monjane Harare
2002 Linda Van Beek Harare
2001 Tsungai Muswerakuenda Harare
2000 Corrinne Crewe Harare Top 10 and 2nd Runner-up Best National Costume at Miss Universe 2000
1999 Brita Masalethulini Harare
1998 Selina Stuart Harare
1997 Lorraine Magwenzi Harare
1996 Langa Sibanda Harare
1995 Dionne Best Harare
1994 Angeline Musasiwa Harare 3rd Runner-up at Miss World 1994
1993 Yvette D'Almeida-Chakras Harare
1982 Caroline Murinda Harare Top 15 at Miss World 1982
1981 Juliet Nyathi Harare Top 15 at Miss World 1981
1980 Shirley Richard Nyanyiwa Harare Top 15 at Miss World 1980

Zimbabwe in Miss International[edit]

Color key
  •      Winner
  •      Runner-up
  •      Finalist or semifinalist
Year Miss Zimbabwe Hometown Notes
2018 Tania Tatenda Aaron Harare TBA
2011 Lisa Morgan Harare Miss Expressive

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