Missile Men

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Missile Men
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceMetal Men #1 (April–May 1963)
Notable membersZ-1 and "Advance Scout"

The Missile Men are the name of a villain group in DC Comics.

Fictional history[edit]

A roughly humanoid, missile robot called "Z-1" was sent to a junkyard world. A solar flare reactivated him. "Feeling" lonely, he tried to build a queen for him out of the junk. However, he just created "mindless replicas of himself". So he decided to find himself a queen. He decided that Platinum (of the Metal Men) would be his queen. So he and most of the Missile Men went to Earth falling down like missiles. They destroyed Tin and Mercury (who were later rebuilt). Doctor Magnus used a machine to magnetize the Missile Men into each other. They formed a giant metal "ball" that sank to the bottom of the sea.

11 issues later, the Missile Men still on the junkyard world sent a "super-Missile-Man" (that the Metal Men easily destroyed). So, they build evil replicas of the Metal Men to destroy them, but the real Metal Men easily destroyed them. More Missile Men tried to destroy up the Metal Men (they did temporally destroy Lead and Platinum). But, they were stopped, when Iron and Mercury made an alloy that Gold magnetize forcing them to head towards the Iron-Mercury alloy.

In a two-parter (Issue 54 and 55) the metal-men leave to be on their own. Green Lantern is told by one of the guardians of Oa that the Missile Men are raping planets for metal and are heading for Earth. Hal Jordan picks up signs of alien activity emanating from the moon, as he approaches the moon he is zapped by a Missile Men but is protected by his power aura, he destroys the Missile Man and uses its outer shell to disguise himself as one so he can infiltrate the Missile Men meeting. He discovers that the Missile Man leader Z1 wishes to be re-united with Tina as his queen.

Hal leaves the moon to question the Metal Men about the proceedings on the moon. But as he lands an invisible stream of energy touches their responsometers and they attack The Green Lantern - who now thinks they are in league with the Missile Men. The battle rages on and eventually Gold defeats Green Lantern at the cost of most of the metal men being heavily damaged (This was revealed to be part of the Missile Men's plans).

The Metal Men defeat Z-1 and his army of Missile Men with the help of the unconscious Green Lantern's power ring.

Physical Appearance[edit]

The Missile Men look like green missiles with limbs and faces with yellow eyes.

Other versions[edit]


The Missile Men have heroic counterparts on Earth-Three.


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