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French Malafon Anti Submarine Missile on its turret
American RUR-4 Weapon Alpha naval Anti Submarine rocket launcher (1950s)
South African Ratel IFV with a missile turret for ZT3 Ingwe anti-tank guided missiles

A missile turret is a device used to aim missiles towards their targets before launch. Similarly to gun turrets they have been used on warships and vehicles on the ground. In most roles articulated missile launching systems on warships have been replaced by vertical launching systems. Ship-based missile systems often have centralised guidance systems which eliminate the need for targeting sensors on the turrets themselves.


Aboard ships:

On land:

Combined type[edit]

These are some weapon system that use a single turret for mounting a combination of guns and missiles:

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Information on some launch systems, turreted and otherwise https://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/ship/weaps/index.html