Missinaibi Lake

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Missinaibi Lake
Missinaibi Pictographs.jpg
Pictographs on Fairy Point
Location Ontario
Coordinates 48°20′N 83°45′W / 48.333°N 83.750°W / 48.333; -83.750Coordinates: 48°20′N 83°45′W / 48.333°N 83.750°W / 48.333; -83.750
Primary inflows Little Missinaibi River
Primary outflows Missinaibi River
Basin countries Canada

Missinaibi Lake is a lake in Ontario, Canada, about 60 kilometres (37 mi) north of Chapleau. It is the source of the Missinaibi River, which rises from the lake and flows northeastward into the Moose River.[1]

Together with the Missinaibi River, Brunswick River, Brunswick Lake, Little Missinaibi River, and Little Missinaibi Lake, the shores and waters of the lake are part of the Missinaibi Provincial Park. The lake is also in the middle of the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve. There is a Hudson's Bay Company trading post located nearby.


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