Missing Adventures (Bernice Summerfield anthology)

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This article is about the Bernice Summerfield anthology. For the range of Doctor Who novels from Virgin publishing, see Virgin Missing Adventures.
Missing Adventures
Series Doctor Who book:
Bernice Summerfield
Release number
Subject Featuring:
Bernice Summerfield
Publisher Big Finish Productions
Publication date
ISBN 978-1-84435-278-4
Preceded by Nobody's Children
Followed by The Vampire Curse

Missing Adventures is a Big Finish original anthology edited by Rebecca Levene, featuring Bernice "Benny" Summerfield, a character from the spin-off media based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.

The stories in Missing Adventures are set throughout Benny's early life, from girlhood to the evening before she meets the Doctor in Love and War. The Doctor does not appear.

Missing Adventures was published to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of Benny's first appearance in Virgin Publishing's New Adventures range. Rebecca Levene, the editor, acted as a range editor for the New Adventures, and several of the contributors previously wrote novels in the series.


Title Author
Biology Lesson on Mal Oreille Xanna Eve Chown
The Evacuation of Bernice Summerfield Considered as a Short Film by Terry Gilliam Ben Aaronovitch
The Tunnels to Heaven Andy Bodle
Benny and Louise Cavan Scott and Mark Wright
Charged John Binns
Prime Five Jason Arnopp
Home Peter Darvill-Evans
The Slight Façade Magnus Anderson
Bernice Summerfield and the Library of Books Andrew Cartmel
Postcards from the Edge of Reason Andy Owens
Blood on the Tracks Andy Lane
Thirty Love Eddie Robson

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