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Missing Link is the name of four fictional characters in Marvel Comics.

Publication history[edit]

The second Missing Link first appeared in Incredible Hulk #105-106 (July–August 1968), and was created by Bill Everett, Roy Thomas, and Marie Severin. This story was later reprinted in Marvel Treasury Edition #5 (1974). The character subsequently appears in The Incredible Hulk #179 (September 1974), and ROM #29 (April 1982). The Missing Link received an entry in the Marvel Legacy: The 1970s Handbook #1 (2006).

Fictional character biography[edit]

Missing Link I[edit]

The Missing Link came from a post-apocalyptic Earth which was ravaged by an atomic war. He traveled back in time to get an insight into Earth's past and arrived on an uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean. Three unnamed scientists exploring the island at the time discovered it where they thought he was a prehistoric ancestor of mankind. They managed to bring him back with them to civilization and it took them months to communicate with it. He did not talk to evade meddling with the past. The Missing Link finally broke down and begged for the scientists to take him back to the island. Once they were back on the island, the Missing Link revealed that he came from the future where a great atomic war had changed all of humanity. Before disappearing into its time machine, he begged the scientists to find a way to end all warfare.[1]

Missing Link II[edit]

Missing Link
The Missing Link battles the Hulk. From The Incredible Hulk #179.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Incredible Hulk #105 (Jul 1968)
Created by Bill Everett, Roy Thomas, and Marie Severin
In-story information
Notable aliases Lincoln
Abilities Superhuman strength
Glass-like material body
Radiation generation

Missing Link is a superhumanly strong Neanderthal-like humanoid whose body absorbs and emits radiation. Eventually the Missing Link builds up so much radiation that he explodes, but can then reconstruct his body.

The creature known as the "Missing Link" in modern times was born countless millennia ago. He was sealed in an underground pocket during a volcanic eruption, and somehow survived into modern times.[2]

A Chinese atomic test caused a rift to open in the ground, spewing magma to the surface, and a few days later the creature crawled out, mutating into a radioactive monster. A nomad encounters him, dying a few days later from radiation poisoning. The Chinese captured the creature with sleeping-gas, and placed him in a lead-lined capsule aboard a freighter from another Communist country. The ship's crew launched the capsule towards New York harbor, where the Missing Link emerged and rampaged. It fought the Hulk until the radiation from Missing Link caused Hulk to turn back into Bruce Banner. Major Glenn Talbot then used a Mister Fantastic-designed radiation neutralization device on Bruce Banner so that Glenn could fight Missing Link. It did not last long as Missing Link's radiation ended up turning Bruce Banner back into Hulk. It fought Hulk again until both were captured by Russian Colonel Yuri Brevlov, who flew them back behind the Iron Curtain. The Hulk broke free, which released the Missing Link as well. The Missing Link exploded into thousands of tiny pieces from radiation buildup.[2]

Eventually, its body reconstructed itself in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. The Brickfords, a local family, found him and cared for him. The Brickfords named him "Lincoln", educated him, and got him a job in the mines. The Brickfords also took in Bruce Banner soon after. Bruce recognized who Lincoln was after Jimmy-Jack Brickford fell sick from radiation poisoning due to exposure to Lincoln. Bruce tried to confront Lincoln to get him to leave the Brickfords, but Lincoln did not believe him and attacked. As the Missing Link fought the Hulk, his touch burned the Hulk and he realized that Banner was telling the truth just as he reached critical mass and exploded again. When Hulk and Missing Link crawled from the wreckage, the Brickfords and the other citizens think that the Hulk was responsible for the destruction and the child's sickness as Lincoln was only protecting them. Hulk left the area when Lincoln was no longer a threat.[3]

When Lincoln reformed into a solid form again, he continued to live with the Brickfords and work in the mines. The mines began to leak toxic fumes, making people leave or become sick. Lincoln realized this was his fault, and he hid in the mines. The Spaceknight Rom detected the radiation and investigated, curing the Brickfords of their radiation poisoning. Rom found Lincoln and explained to him that he was a threat to the entire planet. Rom used his neutralizer to purge Lincoln of radiation.[4]

However, the town could not be rebuilt, and the Brickfords were forced to turn Lincoln over to the authorities and they moved out west.[5]

Missing Link III[edit]

The third Missing Link was Ray Morgan and was a member of the Chain Gang whom fought Sleepwalker. He was always insecure and had a difficult time making a decision.[6]

Missing Link IV[edit]

The fourth Missing Link is a member of the Circus of Crime.[volume & issue needed]

Powers and abilities[edit]

The second Missing Link is superhumanly strong, with sufficient might to rival the Hulk. His body is crystalline. When struck with sufficient force, it can shatter, but will quickly fuse back together. His body generates radiation. He can melt concrete or even burn the Hulk's skin. This radiation eventually builds to a critical level, causing the Link to explode.[volume & issue needed] When he reforms afterwards, his radiation level is temporarily reduced.[volume & issue needed]

The third Missing Link had the ability to teleport himself and others.


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