Missing Pieces (Biffy Clyro album)

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Missing Pieces
Missing Pieces - The Puzzle B-Sides.jpg
Compilation album digital release by Biffy Clyro
Released 14 May 2009
Genre Alternative rock, experimental rock, post-hardcore
Label 14th Floor
Biffy Clyro chronology
Singles 2001–2005
Missing Pieces
Only Revolutions

Missing Pieces is a digital album by Scottish rock band Biffy Clyro, released 14 May 2009.[1][2] The album features B-sides from singles released from the band's 4th album Puzzle.


The album was released in digital format and is only available in America. The album compiles B-sides from the singles "Saturday Superhouse", "Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies", "Folding Stars", "Machines" and "Who's Got A Match?", along with several demo tracks that were previously exclusive to iTunes UK. The album was subsequently made available in digital format in the UK.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Simon Neil; all music composed by Biffy Clyro.

No. Title Length
1. "A Headline" (Folding Stars) 3:43
2. "Coward" (Folding Stars) 3:42
3. "I'm Behind You" (Saturday Superhouse) 2:34
4. "Kittens, Cakes and Cuddles" (Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies) 3:30
5. "Loneliness" (Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies) 2:33
6. "Miracle of Survival" (Saturday Superhouse) 4:50
7. "Relief or Flight" (Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies) 4:11
8. "Scared of Lots of Everything" (Saturday Superhouse) 3:54
9. "Asexual Meat Kitchen" (Folding Stars) 3:31
10. "Hermaphrofight" (Machines) 3:29
11. "Cracker" (Who's Got A Match?) 2:33
12. "But I'm Serious" (Who's Got A Match?) 3:41
13. "Umbrella" (BBC Radio 1 Live Version, Who's Got A Match?) 2:57
14. "Folding Stars" (Demo, Folding Stars) 4:30
15. "Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies" (Demo, Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies) 5:14
16. "Saturday Superhouse" (Acoustic Version, Saturday Superhouse) 3:22
17. "Who's Got a Match?" (Demo, Who's Got A Match?) 2.25
18. "Classical Machines" (Iain Cook Aereogramme Remix, Machines) 4:34



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