Mission: Impossible (1990 video game)

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Mission: Impossible
Mission: Impossible
North American cover art
Publisher(s)Ultra Games
Programmer(s)Nobuhiro Matsuoka
Composer(s)Jun Funahashi
Yoshiyuki Hagiwara
Platform(s)Nintendo Entertainment System
  • NA: September 1990
  • EU: November 28, 1991
Genre(s)Action, Third-person shooter

Mission: Impossible is a 1990 overhead action adventure video game produced by Konami/Ultra Games for the Nintendo Entertainment System based on the second Mission: Impossible TV series.


The objective of the IMF team is to solve a kidnapping case, as a terrorist group by the name of the Sinister 7 has kidnapped both a well-known scientist and Shannon Reed, another IMF operative. The chase will take place through the canals of Venice to the Swiss Alps, and the team is to infiltrate a number of hostile multiple-floor installations in pursuit of the hostages.


The game is played from a top-down perspective. The player gets to control three IMF operatives from the TV series - Max, Grant and Nicholas - all of whom have different skills necessary for completion. The used character may be switched anytime in-game.

On the street at the very beginning of the game, civilians may not be harmed, and such activities will most certainly bring the mission to a highly embarrassing end, as local authorities proceed to arrest the attacker. While infiltrating an enemy's hideout, discretion is advised as detection by the surveillance system will bring security guards.


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