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Missions of the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela
food — housing — medicine
Barrio Adentro  · Plan Bolívar 2000
Hábitat  · Mercal
Ribas  · Sucre
Robinson I  · Robinson II
indigenous rights — land — environment
Guaicaipuro  · Identidad
Miranda  · Piar
Vuelta al Campo  · Vuelvan Caras
Hugo Chávez · Nicolás Maduro

Misión Hábitat ("Mission Habitat") is a Venezuelan Bolivarian Mission that has as its goal the construction of thousands of new housing units for the poor. The program also seeks to develop agreeable and integrated housing zones that make available a full range of social services — from education to healthcare — which likens its vision to that of New Urbanism.[1][2]

According to Venezuela's El Universal, Chávez promised to build 150,000 houses in 2006. In the first half of the year, 24% of the goal (35,000 houses) was fulfilled.[3] In 2013, the Venezuelan government completed nearly 50% of projected homes and in 2014 completed 30% of its target.[4]


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