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For the computer adventure/strategy game, see Mission Critical (video game).

Mission critical refers to any factor of a system (equipment, process, procedure, software, etc.) whose failure will result in the failure of business operations. That is, it is critical to the organization's "mission."[1]

Mission-critical system — a system whose failure may result in the failure of some goal-directed activity. An example of a mission-critical system is a navigational system for a spacecraft [2].[2] The difference between mission-critical and business-critical is in the global activity and possibility of whole personal life black out.[3][4] A business-critical system fault can influence only to a single company or bunch of them and can partly stop lifetime activity (hours or days).

As a rule in crisis management, if a triage-type decision is made in which certain components must be eliminated or delayed, e.g. because of resource or personnel constraints, the mission critical ones must not be among them.

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