Mission of the Holy Spirit (Mission de l'Esprit Saint)

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The Mission de l'Esprit Saint (English: Mission of the Holy Spirit) is a religious movement founded in 1913 and located mainly in Quebec. Its ideology is based on the teachings of Eugène Richer dit La Flèche (Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, Quebec, April 17, 1871 - Los Angeles, January 10, 1925) or Eugene "The Arrow" Richer, who, according to his followers, was the embodiment of the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit.[1][2]


Richer taught, and his followers believed, that he was the embodiment of the Holy Spirit, completing the holy trinity. He believed in approaching Christianity as generational, which he believed would lead to better and better generations of people to eventually attain god’s kingdom.

They believe in betterment of the human soul by improving yourself throughout your life and raising better children than yourself by following the example set forth by Jesus Christ.


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