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Mississauga East was a federal and provincial electoral district in Ontario, Canada, that was represented in the House of Commons of Canada from 1988 to 2003, and in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1975 to 2007. It was located in the city of Mississauga.

This riding was created in 1987 from parts of Mississauga North riding. It consisted of the eastern part of the City of Mississauga. The electoral district was abolished by both the federal and provincial governments in 2003 when it was re-distributed into the ridings of Mississauga East—Cooksville (and provincial counterpart), Mississauga South (and provincial counterpart), and Mississauga—Brampton South (and provincial counterpart).

Members of Parliament[edit]

Parliament Years Member Party
Riding created from Mississauga North
34th  1988–1993     Albina Guarnieri Liberal
35th  1993–1997
36th  1997–2000
37th  2000–2004
Riding dissolved into Mississauga East—Cooksville,
Mississauga South,
and Mississauga—Brampton South

Members of Provincial Parliament[edit]

Mississauga East
Assembly Years Member Party
Riding created
30th  1975–1977     Bud Gregory Progressive Conservative
31st  1977–1981
32nd  1981–1985
33rd  1985–1987
34th  1987–1990     John Sola Liberal
35th  1990–1995
36th  1995–1999     Carl DeFaria Progressive Conservative
37th  1999–2003
38th  2003–2007     Peter Fonseca Liberal
Riding dissolved into Mississauga East—Cooksville, Mississauga South
and Mississauga—Brampton South

Federal election results[edit]

Canadian federal election, 1988: Mississauga East
Party Candidate Votes % ±
  Liberal Albina Guarnieri 23,055
  Progressive Conservative Laurie Pallett 20,963
  New Democratic Party Walter Grozdanovski 5,677
Libertarian Sandra Harrington 345
Confederation of Regions Paul Fromm 258
  Independent Adel Di Palma 189
Commonwealth of Canada Trevor I. D. Vining 79
Canadian federal election, 1993: Mississauga East
Party Candidate Votes % ±
  Liberal Albina Guarnieri 32,470
Reform Peter Zathey 9,475
  Progressive Conservative Carl De Faria 6,514
  New Democratic Party John Jackson 1,393
National Michael Patrick Curran 395
  Natural Law Geraldine Jackson 323
  Independent Adrian Earl Crewson 149
Marxist–Leninist Yvon Turgeon 118
Canadian federal election, 1997
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Albina Guarnieri 23,780
Progressive Conservative Michael T. Wojnarowicz 7,852
Reform Peter Zathey 5,617
New Democratic Terry Gorman 2,156
Canadian Action Frank D. D'Andrade 262
Canadian federal election, 2000: Mississauga East
Party Candidate Votes % ±
  Liberal Albina Guarnieri 22,158
Alliance Jainstien Dookie 5,372
  Progressive Conservative Riina Defaria 5,144
  New Democratic Party Henry Beer 1,451
Marxist–Leninist Pierre Chénier 227

Provincial election results[edit]

Ontario general election, 2003
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Peter Fonseca 16,686 48.68 +9.69
Progressive Conservative Carl DeFaria 13,832 40.35 -11.23
New Democratic Michael Hancock 2,479 7.23 -0.01
Green Donald Barber 666 1.94
Family Coalition Gary Nail 358 1.04
Independent Pierre Chénier 256 0.75
Total valid votes 34,277 100.00
Total rejected, unmarked and declined ballots 252 0.73
Turnout 34,529 51.38
Eligible voters 67,198
Liberal gain from Progressive Conservative Swing +10.46
Elections Ontario (2003). "General Election of October 2, 2003 Poll By Poll Results 47 Mississauga East". Retrieved 24 August 2015.
Ontario general election, 1999
Party Candidate Votes %
Progressive Conservative Carl DeFaria 17,688 51.58
Liberal Shan Padda 13,371 38.99
New Democratic James Kafieh 2,484 7.24
Independent Pierre Chenier 469 1.37
Natural Law Greg Mytron 282 0.82

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