Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services

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Mississauga Fire & Emergency Services
Operational area
Country  Canada
Province Ontario
City Mississauga
Agency overview
Annual calls 25,000+
Staffing 700+
Fire chief Tim Beckett
IAFF 1212
Facilities and equipment
Battalions 3
Stations 20
Engines 22 (16 pumpers, 6 rescue pumpers)
Trucks 6
Platforms 2
Rescues 1
Tenders 1
Light and air 1
MFES responding to a house explosion (2006)

Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services (MFES) provides fire fighting service for the city of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

The Fire Service was established in 1968 and formed from local departments (Port Credit, Cooksville, Lakeview, Malton, Meadowvale) that existed prior to the creation of Mississauga, Ontario. MFES was mainly made up of the Toronto Township Volunteer Fire Department, itself created from volunteer units in the 1870s. By 1975, Mississauga's fire service was a full-time service.

Mississauga Fire co-ordinates with Toronto Fire Services, Brampton Fire & Emergency Services, and Peel Regional Paramedics for additional help and practicing emergency disaster exercises.

Fire stations and apparatus[edit]

Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon all underwent a region wide renumbering of stations and apparatus in the 1990s. Each station would have a 3 digit number and its apparatus would have a letter(s) prefix. The prefix would identify the type of apparatus, the first digit would identify the municipality, and the last 2 digits identify the station. The municipality numbers are:

  • 1 - Mississauga
  • 2 - Brampton
  • 3 - Caledon

For example, P122 would be a pumper assigned to Mississauga's no. 22 station, S205 would be a rescue pumper assigned to Brampton's no. 5 station and so on. Spare apparatus (for Mississauga and Brampton) would be numbered with a 5 as the second digit in the number (P152, S255, A150, etc.)

MFES currently operates 20 fire stations with 7 more on the way:

Station Neighbourhood Address Build year(s) Apparatus
101 (Headquarters) Fairview 15 Fairview Rd. W (@ Hurontario St.) 1974 P101, S101, A101, AL101, C106, C108
102 Lakeview 710 3rd St. (@ Cawthra Rd.) 1978-1979 P102
103 Clarkson 2035 Lushes Ave. (@ Southdown Rd.) 1984-1985 P103, A103
104 Port Credit 62 Port St. W (@ Mississauga Rd.) 1955 P104
105 Malton 7101 Goreway Dr. (north of Derry Rd. E) 1981 S105, A105
106 Applewood Hills 1355 Winding Trail (@ Dixie Rd.) 2011-2013 S106, A106
107 Erindale 1965 Dundas St. W (east of Erin Mills Pkwy.) 1968-1970 S107, A107
108 Streetsville 2267 Britannia Rd. W (west of Millcreek Dr.) 1979-1980 P108, T101
109 Britannia 1735 Britannia Rd. E (east of Dixie Rd.) 1977 P109, H101
110 Cooksville 2316 Hurontario St. (north of Queensway) 1981-1982 P110, A110
111 Meadowvale 2740 Derry Rd. W (east of Glen Erin Dr.) 1982-1983 S111, A111
112 Erindale Station 4090 Creditview Rd. (north of Burnhamthorpe Rd. W) 1984 P112
114 Heartland 5845 Falbourne St. (north of Matheson Blvd. W) 1990 P114, S114, TR101, SOV101
115 Central Erin Mills 4595 Glen Erin Dr. (south of Eglinton Ave. W) 1991 P115, A115
116 West Malton 6825 Tomken Rd. (south of Derry Rd. E) 2011-2012 P116
117 North Dixie 1090 Nuvik Ct. (northeast of Tomken Rd. / Eglinton Ave.) 1999 P117, CP101, C109
118 East Credit 1045 Bristol Rd. W (west of Terry Fox Way) 1996 P118, CT101, C107
119 Toronto Pearson (Airport) 6375 Airport Rd. 2014-2015 P119
120 (Future Station) 125 Eglinton Ave. W (east of Fairwind Dr.) 2016
121 Meadowvale Village 6745 Mavis Rd. (north of Courtneypark Dr. W) 2001-2002 P121
122 Churchill Meadows 3600 Thomas St. (@ Tenth Line) 2002-2003 P122, RH101
123 (Future Station) Western Business Park Burnhamthorpe Rd. / Winston Churchill Blvd. 2017
124 (Future Station) Dundas St. / Cawthra Rd.
125 (Future Station) Meadowvale Tenth Line / Battleford Rd.
126 (Future Station) Huron Park Dundas St. / Mavis Rd.
127 (Future Station) Lorne Park
1?? (Future Station) Downtown 21
Garry W. Morden Centre (Training Facility) Lisgar 7535 Ninth Line (south of Hwy 401) 2010-2012 P155, P180, C181, C182, C183, C184

Apparatus glossary[edit]

  • Pumper (P) - Rescue pumper truck w. standard equipment (P109 and P180 are quints with 55' aerials)
  • Squad (S) - Rescue pumper truck w. additional rescue and extrication equipment (S101, S107, S111, S114 are equipped with additional special equipment for certain incidents)
  • Aerial (A) - Standard rear-mount ladder quint (A101, A106 have attached platforms)
  • Car (C) - Vehicle for District and Platoon Chiefs
  • Air & Light (AL) - Air & light support vehicle
  • Tanker (T) - Pumper-tanker / water tender
  • HazMat (H) - Hazardous Materials Incident Team
  • Trench Rescue (TR) - Trench Rescue vehicle
  • Special Operations (SOV) - Trench Rescue support vehicle
  • Command Post (CP) - Incident command truck
  • Canteen (CT) - Long-term incident refreshment van
  • Rehab (RH) - Firefighter medical support vehicle

Petro Canada Lubricants[edit]

Petro Canada has their own in-house fire equipment (emergency response team) at their lubricants facility in Mississauga. For major fires or other situations, Mississauga Fire would be asked to assist as primary responders.[1]

Notable fires and incidents[edit]

The MFES has a distinguished record and has fought a number of prominent fires and disasters including:


As of 2006 MFES has 700 firefighters and personnel. The firefighters are represented by Local 1212 of IAFF.

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