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Mississauga Transitway
Dixie Transitway Station A03.jpg
Dixie Station and Transitway
LocaleMississauga, Ontario, Canada
Transit typeBus rapid transit
Began operationNovember 17, 2014 –
November 22, 2017
GO Transit
System length18 km (11 mi)
System map

GO bus symbol.svg
Etobicoke Creek
GO bus symbol.svg
Central Parkway
City Centre
Square One
Hurontario LRT GO bus symbol.svg
HOV lanes
bypass shoulders
Highway 403
Erin Mills
GO bus symbol.svg
Winston Churchill
GO bus symbol.svg
Renforth station bus driveway seen from the pedestrian overpass between the platforms

The Mississauga Transitway is a bus rapid transit (BRT) system in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. It comprises a series of newly-constructed bus-only roadways, as well as reserved lanes on both existing city streets and portions of Highway 403, that together form a continuous 18 km (11 mi) route spanning most of the city from Winston Churchill Boulevard in the west to the junction of Highways 401 and 427 in the east, located within Etobicoke, part of the neighbouring city of Toronto. Service on the Transitway is provided by MiWay and GO Transit, some stations have connections to Brampton Transit and Toronto Transit Commission bus services.

Originally proposed in the 1970s, the Mississauga Transit plan has evolved over time. In the 1990s, a serious proposal intended to build a "transitway" from Ridgeway Drive at the very western edge of the city;[1] this was eventually revised to its current state, with construction beginning in November 2010.[2][3] The first stretch of the present Transitway opened between Hurontario Street and Dixie Road on November 17, 2014.[4] Other remaining sections faced delays, and were open in stages until the eastern terminus, Renforth, was opened on November 22, 2017.[5][6] There are plans to eventually extend Transitway service to a new regional bus terminal at the Kipling subway station in southern Etobicoke.[7]

Design and operation[edit]

The plan calls for a dedicated bus-only roadway paralleling Highway 403 from Winston Churchill Boulevard to Erin Mills Parkway, where buses would then use dedicated shoulder lanes on Highway 403 and Centre View Drive to reach MiWay's existing City Centre Transit Terminal on Rathburn road. From just east of Hurontario Street, another dedicated roadway parallels Highway 403 to Cawthra Road and then follows Eastgate Parkway on its south and east side to Eglinton Avenue East, and Eglinton on its north side to just west of Renforth Drive.

Bus services along the Mississauga Transitway operate similarly to that of the Ottawa Transitway (prior to its conversion to light rail), using a mix of express and local routes that call at intermediate stations constructed along the route. Because the Transitway does not directly connect to any major transit hubs other than the City Centre Terminal, all routes that use the Transitway travel in mixed traffic to reach outlying termini.

The Transitway is shared by MiWay standard and articulated buses for intra-city travel, along with GO Transit-operated highway coaches and double-decker buses along inter-city routes. These vehicles travel at a maximum speed of 80 km/h (50 mph) on the dedicated roadway between stations, and at 50 km/h (31 mph) in the vicinity of stations. MiWay buses stop at all transitway stations by request, while GO Transit buses will only stop at certain designated stations.[1][8]

Funding and construction[edit]

The Transitway project, estimated to cost $259 million,[3] is funded as part of the Government of Ontario's MoveOntario 2020 plan, with both the federal and provincial governments contributing up to a total of $173 million.[9] Construction is divided between Metrolinx (via GO Transit) and the City of Mississauga: the former is responsible for the western segment between Winston Churchill and Erin Mills, the portion of the eastern segment between Hurontario and Cawthra along with Renforth Station, while the city is in charge of the rest of the project.[6] Construction on the eastern segment began in November 2010,[3] while Metrolinx launched construction of the western segment in November 2013.[10]

Routes served[edit]


With the opening of the first phase on November 17, 2014, MiWay adjusted three of its routes to use the eastern section of the corridor, with service initially operating Monday to Saturday from 4:30 AM to 10:30 PM. A fourth route, 110 University, began using the Transitway lanes on Highway 403 on September 7, 2015 with the opening of Erin Mills station, which is the only Transitway station served by this route.

On January 8, 2017, with the opening of the new Winston Churchill station, new Sunday service was implemented on 109 Meadowvale Express, expanding service along the full length of the Mississauga Transitway to 7 days a week.

Route Service Type Terminus Service Span
87 Meadowvale-Skymark Local Meadowvale Town Centre Bus Terminal Renforth Rush hour
100 Airport Express Express Winston Churchill Toronto Pearson International Airport Monday–Friday
107 Malton Express Express City Centre Transit Terminal Humber College September–April: Monday–Friday
Westwood Mall Bus Terminal September–April: Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
May–August: all week
109 Meadowvale Express Express Meadowvale Town Centre Bus Terminal Islington subway station All week
110 University Express Express City Centre Transit Terminal Clarkson GO Station All week
University of Toronto Mississauga (short turn) Monday–Friday

GO Transit[edit]

Current GO Transit bus routes that use the Transitway include the following:

Route Stations used
19 Mississauga / North York Dixie, Renforth
25 Waterloo / Mississauga Erin Mills, Winston Churchill
29 Guelph / Mississauga Erin Mills, Winston Churchill
40 Hamilton / Richmond Hill Dixie, Renforth
45/46/47 407 West Erin Mills


Access to the stations along the BRT portion of the route is by means of pedestrian walkways, with Kiss & Ride areas at most stations and Park & Ride lots at selected stations. All stations are wheelchair-accessible (Wheelchair symbol.svg), have heated waiting areas, and loading platforms designed for level boarding, similar to the Züm service operated by Brampton Transit.[11]

The following is a list of stations, from west to east:[8]

Station Opened[12] GO Transit Stop Park and Ride Kiss and Ride Notes
Winston Churchill January 2, 2017[13] Yes 300 spaces Yes
Erin Mills September 7, 2015 Yes 300 spaces Yes
City Centre November 1997 Yes[a] 200 spaces Yes
Central Parkway November 17, 2014[4] No Yes
Cawthra No 60 spaces Yes
Tomken No Yes
Dixie Yes 170 spaces Yes
Tahoe February 16, 2016[14][15] No No
  • originally Fieldgate.[1]
Etobicoke Creek No No
  • originally Fieldgate North [1]
Spectrum May 1, 2017[16] No No
Orbitor No No
Renforth November 22, 2017[17] Yes No

The Renforth station, located one block west at Commerce Boulevard, is currently planned to feature an indirect multi-modal interchange with a proposed western extension of the TTC's Line 5 Eglinton that would terminate at the nearby Pearson International Airport. Originally proposed in 2007 under the city of Toronto's Transit City plan, the first phase of the line will open as far west as Mount Dennis station at Weston Road in 2021. The Renforth interchange would open later, pending the financing for the project,[18] and would feature a full-service below grade BRT station, but only an at-grade median surface stop for the LRT, requiring transferring passengers to cross Commerce Boulevard and descend a set of stairs to access the BRT.[19]


  1. ^ Connects to GO Transit at Square One Bus Terminal across the road


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