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Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT)
Seal of the Mississippi Department of Transportation.svg
MS DOT.svg
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Mississippi
Headquarters 401 N. West Street, Jackson, Mississippi
Agency executives
  • Melinda L McGrath [1], Executive Director
  • Mark C. McConnell, Deputy Executive Director/Chief Engineer
  • Lisa Hancock, Deputy Executive Director/Administration
  • Willie Huff, Director Office of Law Enforcement
  • Charles Carr, " Director of Intermodal Planning"
Parent agency Mississippi Transportation Commission
Website http://mdot.ms.gov/

The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) is the operational agency of the Mississippi Transportation Commission tasked to maintain and improve the highway, rail, maritime, public transportation, and aviation infrastructure in the state.[2]

MDOT Divisions[edit]

  • Office of Administrative Services
  • Office of Highways
  • Office of Law Enforcement
  • Office of Intermodal Planning

Office of Law Enforcement[edit]

The Office of Law Enforcement is made up of over 200 sworn state law enforcement officers. Officers man 32 fixed stationary scales throughout the state and also portable units that patrol the states highways and federal interstate system. Officers must complete a 13 week Field Training Program administered by the departments Field Training Officers. The field training program focuses on the newly hired officers ability to learn and retain knowledge on the departments standard operating procedures, personal appearance, state laws, federal laws, and pre-academy fitness requirements. If the Officers meet a satisfactory score in this program, then they must attend a 12 week basic law enforcement officers training academy to receive P.O.S.T. certification in the State of Mississippi. Officers who have prior certification will still have to complete the field training program but will not have to attend the academy, they are assigned a permanent weigh facility where they will generally work for 3 years until able to apply for a portable unit. All officers who are not certified must report the academy on the next available date which is held at the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers Training Academy (M.L.E.O.T.A.) in Pearl, MS. M.L.E.O.T.A. is para military style academy where officers must stay on campus during the duration of the 12 week academy only being allowed leave time for Friday and Saturday to handle personal issues before reporting back on Sunday. Enforcement officers are responsible for the compliance and enforcement of the state's size and weight laws, fuel tax compliance, federal motor carrier safety administration laws, state safety equipment and traffic law as they pertain to commercial motor vehicles, and the apprehension and arrest of people transporting illegal currency and narcotics, along with human trafficking, in and through the State of Mississippi.


Office of Law Enforcement's Chain of Command

  • Chief (Director of Enforcement)
  • Major (Regional Commander)
  • Captain (First Line Supervisor)
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant First Class
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Officer II
  • Officer I
  • Officer Trainee


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