Mississippi Petrified Forest

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Mississippi Petrified Forest
Petrified Forest.jpg
LocationMadison County, Mississippi
Nearest cityFlora
Coordinates32°31′15″N 90°19′23″W / 32.52073°N 90.32296°W / 32.52073; -90.32296Coordinates: 32°31′15″N 90°19′23″W / 32.52073°N 90.32296°W / 32.52073; -90.32296

Mississippi Petrified Forest is a petrified forest located near Flora, Mississippi in the United States. It is privately owned and open for public visits. The forest is believed to have been formed 36 million years ago when fir and maple logs washed down an ancient river channel to the current site where they later became petrified.[1] It is one of only two petrified forests in the eastern United States, the other being Gilboa Fossil Forest in New York. It was declared a National Natural Landmark in October 1965.[2][3]

Mississippi Petrified Forest

The site features a museum with examples of petrified wood found in every state and from other countries. The samples include a variety of plant materials, including leaves, fruits, cones and bark. Other fossils and fossil casts are on display, including dinosaur footprints, whale bones and turtle shells.


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