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The Mississippi Valley Conference is a high school athletic league in the Metro-East region of southwestern Illinois. It has schools from the counties of Jersey, Madison, Monroe, and St. Clair. All of its members are class "AA" in Illinois' two-class and three-class systems and "AAA" in the four-class system.

Member schools[edit]

School Location Mascot Colors County Enrollment Year Joined Previous Conference
Civic Memorial Bethalto Eagles           Madison 766 1971 Midwestern
Highland Highland Bulldogs           Madison 967 1971 Midwestern
Jersey Jerseyville Panthers           Jersey 898 1971 Independent
Mascoutah Mascoutah Indians           St. Clair 966 1971 Cahokia
Triad Troy Knights           Madison 1,150 19711
South Central
Waterloo Waterloo Bulldogs           Monroe 838 1997 Cahokia
  1. Triad left to become an Independent in 1978. They joined the SCC in 1985 prior to returning to the MVC.

Former members[edit]

School Location Mascot Colors County Enrollment Year Joined Previous Conference Year Left Conference Joined
East Alton-Wood River Wood River Oilers           Madison 527 1971 Southwestern 1997 South Central
O'Fallon O'Fallon Panthers           St. Clair 2,473 1971 Cahokia 1993 South Seven
Roxana Roxana Shells                Madison 538 1971 Midwestern 1997 South Central


The Mississippi Valley Conference was formed in 1971 and has been one of the most stable conferences in Illinois high school athletics. The MVC was initially formed by Civic Memorial, Highland, Jersey Community, Mascoutah, O’Fallon, Roxana, Triad, and East Alton-Wood River High Schools.

While most conferences in Illinois have gone through many changes in membership, with some conferences expanding while others have disappeared over the years, the MVC has been a beacon of stability. O’Fallon withdrew in 1993 due to a significantly increasing student enrollment and joined the South Seven Conference and ultimately ended up as members of the Southwestern Conference. Triad left the MVC in 1979, but rejoined in 1993. Roxana and East Alton-Wood River withdrew from the Mississippi Valley in 1998 due to decreasing enrollment and joined the South Central Conference, where Roxana remains, while EAWR is now a member of the Prairie State Conference. Waterloo joined the MVC in 1998 to take the place of Roxana and East Alton-Wood River. The MVC currently has six schools, of which five are Charter members. During the 40+ year history of the league, there has only been three instances of schools entering or leaving the conference. This is remarkable stability and something of which the MVC and its member schools are extremely proud.


A listing of the sports and the seasons they are played in:

In addition, schools compete in activities such as bass fishing, competitive cheerleading, competitive dance, and scholastic bowl - though none of those are organized at the conference level.

State Trophies[edit]

Bethalto (Civic Memorial)

  • Competitive Dance: 2nd (1A-2013)
  • Softball: 4th (3A-2011)


  • Baseball: 1st (3A-2008, 3A-2015)
  • Bass Fishing: 1st (2012)
  • Competitive Dance: 1st (1A-2014)


  • Football: 1st (3A-1979)
  • Softball: 4th (AA-1991)
  • Speech, Individual Events: 2nd (1965)

Troy (Triad)

  • Baseball: 4th (3A-2012)
  • Boys Soccer: 3rd (2A-2009)
  • Competitive Cheerleading: 1st (M-2005), 3rd (M-2008)
  • Competitive Dance: 2nd (1A-2015)
  • Girls Soccer: 1st (2A-2011), 2nd (A-2003), 1st (2A-2017)
  • Wrestling: 4th (2A-2009)

Waterloo (H.S.)

  • Baseball: 3rd (3A-2011)
  • Boys Soccer: 3rd (2A-2010)
  • Football: 2nd (3A-1993)


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