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Route 21 marker
Route 21
Tesson Ferry Road
Route information
Maintained by MoDOT
Length188 mi (303 km)
Major junctions
South endArkansas 115.svg Highway 115 at the Arkansas state line
Major intersectionsUS 160.svgUS 160 in Doniphan
US 60.svg US 60 near Van Buren
MO-72.svgRoute 72 in Centreville
MO-49.svg Route 49 in Hogan
MO-32.svg Route 32 in Caledonia
MO-47.svg Route 47 in Mineral Point
MO-supp-M.svgMO-supp-MM.svg Route M/Route MM in Barnhart
MO-141.svg Route 141 in Paulina Hills
I-270.svg Interstate 270
US 50.svgUS 61.svgUS 67.svg Lindbergh Boulevard
North endMO-30.svg Route 30 in Affton
CountiesRipley, Carter, Reynolds, Iron, Washington, Jefferson, St. Louis
Highway system
Route 20 Route 22

Route 21 is a highway in eastern Missouri. Its northern terminus is at Route 30 in Affton. Its southern terminus is at the Arkansas state line (where it continues as Highway 115). In the St. Louis area, it is known as Tesson Ferry Road, which was named after the 19th century proprietor of the ferry across the Meramec River.

The section through northern Jefferson County, Missouri was considered dangerous. As a result, the road was rerouted and built to freeway standards. Construction to reroute the highway to just south of Hillsboro was completed on December 15, 2008 and Route 21 is currently freeway standard from Route 141 to Highway B. Plans to extend the freeway south to DeSoto have been approved, but funds are lacking to complete this part of the project.[1]

Route 21 from the Meramec River to Route B, along with Route M, make up the Jefferson County Scenic Byway.[2][3]

Major intersections[edit]

Ripley0.0000.000 AR 115 south – PocahontasArkansas state line
8.57813.805 Route 142 west – GatewoodSouthern end of Route 142 overlap
9.82515.812 US 160 west – AltonSouthern end of US 160 overlap
Doniphan11.71418.852 Route 142 east – Business DistrictNorthern end of Route 142 overlap
13.67722.011 US 160 east – Poplar BluffNorthern end of US 160 overlap
Carter36.03157.986 US 60 east – Poplar BluffSouthern end of US 60 overlap
US 60 west / Route 34 begins – Van Buren
Northern end of US 60 overlap; Southern end of Route 34 overlap
Reynolds48.95978.792 Route 34 east – Clearwater Dam, PiedmontNorthern end of Route 34 overlap
Ellington65.112104.788 Route 106 west – Owls Bend, Eminence, Business District
77.088124.061 Route 72 west – BunkerSouthern end of Route 72 overlap
85.027136.838 Route 49 north – Black, OatesSouthern end of Route 49 overlap
Iron98.252158.121 Route 49 south – AnnapolisNorthern end of Route 49 overlap
Arcadia107.967173.756 Route 72 eastNorthern end of Route 72 overlap
Pilot Knob110.072177.144 Route 221 north
119.405192.164 Route 32 westSouthern end of Route 32 overlap
WashingtonCaledonia123.672199.031 Route 32 east – BismarckNorthern end of Route 32 overlap
Potosi135.913218.731 Route 8 – Potosi, Leadwood
Old Mines142.085228.664 Route 47 south – Bonne TerreSouthern end of Route 47 overlap
147.011236.591 Route 47 north – RichwoodsNorthern end of Route 47 overlap
Washington State Park149.523240.634 Route 104 east
150.912242.869 Route 104 west
Jefferson161.379259.714 Route 110 east
Route B begins / Business 21
Southern end of Route B overlap
165.547266.422 Route B northNorthern end of Route B overlap; southern end of freeway
Hillsboro167.854270.135 Route A / Business 21
169.236272.359Hayden Road
172.575277.733Old Route 21 - Goldman
175.162281.896Old Route 21 / Schenk Road
Otto177.733286.034 Route MM / Route M – House Springs, Barnhart
180.341290.231Old Route 21 - Shady Valley
184.555297.012Old Route 21 - Meramec HeightsSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
185.469298.483 Route 141 – Fenton, ArnoldInterchange; northern end of freeway
185.864299.119Meramec Bottom Road
St. LouisConcord190.517306.607 I-270 – Chicago, MemphisI-270 exit 2
191.717308.539 US 50 / US 61 / US 67 (Lindbergh Boulevard)
Affton194.126312.416 Route 30 (Gravois Road)
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Hillsboro Business Spur[edit]

Business plate.svg

Route 21 Business marker

Route 21 Business

LocationHillsboro, Jefferson County

Business 21 follows the old alignment of Route 21 through the city of Hillsboro. It begins at the intersection of Route 21 and Highway B on the southern edge of the city, and continues north to the intersection of Route A and Old Route 21, where it ends. Business 21 is the only way one can now reach Route BB, as the rerouting of Route 21 bypasses the road.

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