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Route 37 marker

Route 37
Route information
Length: 77 mi (124 km)
Existed: 1922 – present
Major junctions
South end: AR 37 at the Arkansas state line

Route 112 / Route DD in Seligman
Route 90 in Washburn

Route 37 Bus. / Route 76 / Route 86 / Route 112 in Cassville
US 60 in Monett
Route 97 in Pierce City
I-44 / BL I-44 in Sarcoxie

Route 96 in Avilla
North end: US 160 / Route 126 in Golden City
Highway system
US 36 Route 38

Route 37 is a highway in southwest Missouri. Its northern terminus is at U.S. Route 160 in Golden City (it shares this terminus with Route 126); its southern terminus is at the Arkansas state line where it continues as Highway 37, though it only runs very briefly before ending at U.S. Route 62 in Gateway, Arkansas.

Route description[edit]

Route 37 begins at US 160 in Golden City as a short concurrency with Route 126. After a few blocks, Route 37 turns south. At Avilla, the highway intersects Route 96 and joins this highway (going west) for one mile (1.6 km) before turning south again. Near Sarcoxie is an intersection with Interstate 44. It will be united with Business I-44 to the east side of Sarcoxie, the two of them following an old alignment of U.S. Route 166. The highway turns southeast towards Pierce City where there is a brief wrong-way concurrency with Route 97.

At Monett, Route 37 intersects U.S. Route 60 and becomes part of the Trail of Tears Automobile Route all the way to the state line. At Cassville, Route 37 produces one of two official business routes and on the south side of the town it intersects Route 76/Route 86 and the northern terminus of Route 112. At Washburn is the eastern terminus of Route 90 and at Seligman is the southern terminus of Route 112. Three miles south of Seligman, Route 37 crosses the Arkansas state line where it becomes Arkansas Highway 37. About one half of a mile south of the state line, Arkansas 37 ends at U.S. Route 62.

Route 37 Business[edit]


Locally signed, not official[edit]

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Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi km Destinations Notes
Barry AR 37 south – Gateway
Route 37 Bus. north – Business District
Route 112 north / Route DD west – Roaring River State Park

Route 37 Bus. south – Business District
Washburn Route 90 west – Jane
Route 76 / Route 86 / Route 112 south / Route 37 Bus. north – Exeter, Cassville, Roaring River State Park

Route 37 Bus. south – Cassville, Crowder College Cassville Campus
Monett US 60 – Granby, Aurora, Monett Municipal Airport
Lawrence Pierce City Route 97 north to I-44 south end of Route 97 overlap
Route 97 south to US 60 north end of Route 97 overlap
Jasper Sarcoxie BL I-44 east to I-44 – Mount Vernon south end of I-44 Bus. overlap
I-44 – Joplin, Springfield I-44 exit 26; north end of I-44 Bus. overlap
Route 96 west / Historic US 66 west – Carthage south end of Route 96 / Historic US 66 overlap
Avilla Route 96 east / Historic US 66 east – Phelps north end of Route 96 / Historic US 66 overlap
Barton Golden City Route 126 west to I-49 / US 71 south end of Route 126 overlap
US 160 – Lockwood, Lamar north end of Route 126 overlap
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi