Missouri Southern International Piano Competition

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The Missouri Southern Competition was a biannual international piano competition organized by the Missouri Southern State University first held in 1987. It was dissolved in 2008 following the retirement of its director, Vivian León.

Selected list of jurors[edit]

Prize winners[edit]

Year 1st prize 2nd prize 3rd prize
Senior division United States Alan Chow Zambia Heather Staves Russia United States Boris Slutsky
Junior division Taiwan Diana Chiang United States Michael Spaid Indonesia Tina Tandela
Senior division Hong Kong Jackson Leung China Cheng Fei Mao China Xiang-Dong Kong
Junior division United States Beau Mansfield United States Kôji Attwood United States Sarah E. Finch
Senior division United States Mia Chung United States Steven Heyman United States Hayuru Taima
Junior division United States Christine Peery not awarded Canada Candice Lee
Senior division Russia Elisabeth Smirnova New Zealand Read Gainsford United States Richard Dowling
Junior division United States Albert Kim United States Andrew Armstrong Japan Atsuko Oba
Senior division United States Carl Cranmer Italy Roberto Corlianò Canada Sasha Starcevich
Junior division United States Melanie Hadley China Shen Wen United States Paul Hadley
Senior division Russia Natasha Khislenko Japan Atsuko Oba Brazil Derison Duarte
Junior division China Jian Liu China Tian Tian Canada Dmitri Levkovich
Senior division Hungary Kriszta Kovács Israel Daria Monastyrski Russia Anton Mordasov
Junior division United States Daniela Bracchi Romania Diana Ionescu Taiwan Wen-Yin Chan
China Yundi Li
Senior division South Africa Petronel Malan Russia Elissei Babanov Japan Yoshikazu Nagai
Junior division China Di Wu South Korea Kyu-Yeon Kim China Chufang Huang
Senior division United States Robert Henry China Li Wang South Korea Young-Ah Tak
Junior division Hong Kong Canada Avan Yu United States Jonathan Ware South Korea Sun-Ho Lee
Senior division China Jie Chen not awarded Italy Sandro Russo
Junior division China Wenbin Jin China Chenyang Xu China Si-Chen Ma
Senior division Russia Tatiana Tessman Russia Sergei Saratovsky South Korea Sang-Il Han
Junior division China Xiaoqiu Xue Taiwan Lo-An Lin United States Mi-Eun Kim
Senior division Hong Kong Canada Avan Yu China Tian Lu Hong Kong Peggy Pei-Zhang Sung
Junior Division Uzbekistan Behzod Abduraimov United States Anna Han United States Yale Wok