Missouri Territory's at-large congressional district

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On June 4, 1812, the Missouri Territory was created following the creation of the state of Louisiana. The Arkansas Territory was spun off in 1819. The state of Missouri was separated in 1821 and the remaining land was annexed by the Michigan Territory in 1834.

# Delegate Term start Term end Birthplace Notes
1 Edward Hempstead bust IMG 1503.JPG Edward Hempstead 9 November 1812 17 September 1814 Hebron, Connecticut Did not run for reelection
2 Rufus Easton.jpg Rufus Easton 17 September 1814 6 August 1816 Washington, Connecticut Later served as Attorney General of Missouri
3 No image.svg John Scott 6 August 1816 13 January 1817 Hanover, Virginia Election declared illegal and seat vacated
- Seat vacant 13 January 1817 4 August 1817 Seat vacant until election could be held
3 John Scott 4 August 1817 3 March 1821 Hanover, Virginia Reelected